The Best Bread Machine Dough Recipe

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breadpinimageThis is the best bread machine bread you will ever eat. 


And it's easy.


You're welcome. 😉


I've made it for years about once a month, and every time I pull down my bread machine out of the pantry my family gets a wee bit excited. Last week as I was driving my 15 year old home from band practice before dinner I said “Guess what I made?”


“Chicken and dumplings?”




“Italian Beef?”




“Some chocolate chip cookies?”


Seriously kid? Nope – not that either. Homemade bread! I really am the best mom, right?


“Mmmmm . . . yup, you really are the best mom.” 😉


Folks, this kid is a sophomore so I only have a few more years to convince him my cooking is worth coming home for once he scoots off to college. If chocolate chip cookies, homemade bread and chicken and dumplings do it, you can bet we'll be eating a lot of those for the next few years . . . 


I can't make it more often than once a month because I have very little self control when it comes to a loaf of warm homemade bread in the kitchen, but when I do it's just a happy treat for the whole family. It's so simple to make and takes about 5 minutes of effort ~ so worth it if your family loves homemade bread too!


Bread Machine Dough


  • 1 cup warm water (110 – 115 degrees)
  • 1 tablespoon milk
  • 2 tablespoons oil
  • 2 tablespoons honey (if you don't have any you can skip it and it turns out fine)
  • 2 tablespoons brown sugar
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 3 cups all purpose flour (can also substitute with half whole wheat flour)
  • 2 teaspoons instant active dry yeast or active dry yeast

Bread Machine Directions

  1. Put ingredients in the order above into bread machine (you don’t need to stir it , just dump it in!)
  2. Set bread machine on dough setting, and let it make the dough for you.
  3. Once dough is made (it takes my machine about 1 1/2 hours to make), remove dough and place in loaf pan.
  4. Let rise for about 30 minutes to an hour if you have time – sometimes when I don't I just go ahead and bake it and it works out fine.
  5. Bake in 350 degree oven for 30 minutes, and enjoy!

Note – if you’re away from home during the day you can let the bread machine do all the work for you, I just don’t like the weird shape that my bread comes out in when I use the machine so choose to make it on the dough setting and then bake it in a loaf pan.)


If you don’t have a bread machine . . .

First, say a prayer that you’ll find one at a yard sale (I really do love mine ~ here's a deal on Amazon that may help and is a great price while it lasts!)


Then, go over HERE to see Tammy’s step by step instructions on how to make the dough at home – it really isn’t that hard, and she does a fabulous job giving step-by-step instructions! 




If your family loves bread like mine does, try out some Best Ever Cinnamon Bread too.

So. good.



 If you need a little more menu inspiration, go HERE

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  1. Sounds so good as we head into cooler weather! Do you spray or flour the loaf pan before putting the dough in? Thanks– my family has enjoyed many of your recipes!

  2. Hi Jaime! I do spray the loaf pan with cooking spray before baking ~ I’ll go update the recipe! Thanks for pointing that out Jaime (and hope you all enjoy it!)

  3. Sounds really good. Can this be made with wheat flour?

    • Yes Cheryl! I just updated the recipe – I’ve made it before with half whole wheat flour and half wheat flour and it’s been great. I’m not sure if I’d completely use whole wheat flour but it wouldn’t hurt to try? In fact, I may try 2/3 whole wheat and 1/3 white flour next time just to try a little more wheat flour each time. (If you use whole wheat I would definitely be sure to include the honey in the recipe to sweeten things a bit.) I have whole wheat flour in my pantry right now so I may have to try and see how it goes!

  4. Ty for your reply, Laurie! I think I have the ingredients and may give it a try with wheat flour tomorrow. I will let you know if I do!

  5. I made this the other day with 2 cups whole wheat flour and 1 cup white flour and it was delicious!! Will definitely make this again!!

  6. Can’t wait to try this! I tried to pull up the link for the cinnamon bread machine recipe and I think the link is broken. Can you please send a good link? Thank you!

  7. Hi! It is my first time here and I already loved this site! Just want to ask if this “1 tablespoon milk” is powder or liquid milk. Thank you! xo

  8. I need to know what to set my machine to bake – 1, 1-1/2, or 2 lbs.

  9. Can you just let the bread machine bake the bread for you, or is it better to remove and bake in the oven?

    • Hi Lara! You can, but I have a very old model bread machine, and it makes it in a square kind of lump which I just don’t like, so I swap it over and bake in the oven. Yours may do better than mine though!

  10. Jacqueline says

    Can this recipe be used in high altitudes?

  11. Can you use bread flour instead of AP? Do you have to change anything?

  12. This is probably a stupid question, but did you use vegetable oil in the recipe?

  13. I recently found out that I need to go gluten-free free. Do you have a gluten-free recipe for bread?

  14. When you put it in pan to rise, do you cover it?

  15. Trying this for first time today, what size loaf pan do you use?

  16. Thanks! We’re enjoying homemade bread again 🙂

  17. Can this bread be made with gluten free flour? Thanks in advance.

  18. Just wondering, powdered milk or liquid? Tks 🙂

  19. Prayer Answered;) found my beautiful bread machine for $3 at an Amish yard sale!!
    Ready to make your bread this morning.

  20. I halved the recipe as my bread maker is 1lb, but it still made a very small loaf, so next time I’ll just stick with the original. It turned out great though, it tastes wonderful and was super easy to make! Definitely worth a try!

  21. So the flavor of this is awesome, but my bread (I baked in my machine) collapsed in the center 🙁 what could have gone wrong??

    • I have no idea Shanda – I’ve never heard of that! You did use slightly warm water as well as yeast? That’s so strange (I’m so sorry!)

    • I bet you had it set to 2lb loaf…. I’m making now and I thinking mine isn’t going to rise and going to be way over cooked… we shall see

    • The same thing has happened to me two times. Followed the recipe correctly. Don’t know what the problem could be?? Resetting my settings again. Baked a King Arthur recipe with regular flour and it words. Perplexed.

  22. Can you freeze the dough to use at a later date? If so, do you rise it at room temperature first? I’d also like to let you know, this is the BEST dough I’ve made so far. Thank you for sharing the recipe!

    • Hmmm Denise – I’ve never tried that but would think that would be okay? Would be worth trying once to see how it goes! So glad you liked the recipe – thanks so much for letting me know!

  23. Jordan Sloan says

    Why did my bread come out gooey? ☹️

  24. Lois Gabruck says

    I can’t get the print button to work! Looks like a recipe to try!

    • Jena Osborne says

      Hi Lois! I was unable to get the print button to work as well, so I copied and pasted to a blank word document and printed it from there. Hope this helps! 🙂

  25. This bread is amazing! I have made it twice now, and I really love it. It has a great texture and taste, it’s super simple, and it has turned out perfectly both times. I really wanted to start making all of my bread instead of buying it, and I’m super grateful for a recipe that will make that goal happen! Thank you!

  26. If I let the machine do all the work how long will it take from start to finish?

  27. I followed Otto a T and it was delicious. Well, the part I managed to scrape out of the pan. I know better but I didn’t grease the pan and paid the price. What a lovely bread though. So tasty.

  28. Oh my, this is the best recipe ever! My family absolutely loves it. I’ve tried lots of other bread recipes and by far this is the best. I’ve quit buying store bread and make this instead. I think I am going to try out the cinnamon one this weekend.

  29. This was my first go at making homemade bread and let me tell you, I’m hooked!This recipe was so easy and it turned out amazing! My family loved it. My husband loves bread but he is very picky. We only buy uncut bread from a certain local bakery, like I said, VERY picky. He LOVED this bread. In fact he said it was the best he had ever had and would be happy if I would make this instead of buying again. I have made this a few times now and it never disappoints. So thank you for an amazing recipe that will be used over and over again by our family. 🙂

  30. I used this recipe today & the bread came out great. My only issue was that my bread machine didn’t mix it completely so I ended up kneading it by hand. To get around this, can I use this recipe in a kitchenaid mixer using the hook?

  31. I made this and it turned out great. I even forgot to put the salt in and it’s still good

  32. Hi what can I substitute the milk with to make it non dairy Tx

  33. Just tried this recipe and it turned out amazing! It was perfect! The texture was perfect, it was moist and delicious. Even my mom-in-law who loves to bake her own bread thought mine was great. Thank you so much!

  34. I’m eating my first slice….It is seriously AMAZING!!!! Thank you so much….it’s perfect and so easy.

  35. Could this recipe be used to make rolls instead of loaves?

    • So far this is the only way I’ve made this recipe. It turned out great! I baked the rolls for 7-10 minutes at 350 or until they’re golden brown.

  36. This is amazing! On my 4th batch! I love it so much i a man making for my neighbors. Will continue making it. Thanks!!

  37. Thank you for this recipe!!! I had stopped making bread and was ready to take my bread machine off the counter and put it away. I decided to give it one more go and found your recipe online. My previous attempts at bread making produced flavorless bread that was dry and crumbly a day later. But this recipe is flavorful and still moist on day three when I made toast from the last slice. I like simple ingredients and knowing what is in my food. This will be my family’s bread from now on.

  38. I have made bread for many years and so far this is the best recipe of all the many breads I have made. It was quite a hit with the family. Thank you– BeBe

  39. kim yates says

    Will you please recommend a yeast? This will be the first time I have made bread with yeast. Also, how do you check the temperature of the water? Thank you for all you do with PPP! I look forward to your videos and emails.

  40. Perfect! Tastes wonderful. I baked it in my extra long commercial loaf pan. Lift and wonderful tasting.

  41. OMG tried this recipe and like it very much. The first time turn out a little dry so after talking with my daughter she suggested to add another tbsp of liquid and to use lard instead of oil and that really mage a huge difference. Turn out to be moist. Next I am planning to let rough rise 3 times for a thinner crust. This,was my first time making bread at home and got hooked cause is,way more affordable and fresh all the time.

  42. Thank you for the recipe. I bake mine in the machine. For this type of bread I like the squate slices for my sandwiches.It’s so easy…got one baking now

  43. Fresh longer then most breads I have baked. Love the taste.

  44. Angela Haddad says

    What is the best way to store the bread??

  45. Lorraine Shackleford says

    I just made this with my bread machine dough cycle and finished in loaf pan in the oven. It’s delicious and will be my go to recipe from now on. Thank you for sharing. I’m going to make the cinnamon bread recipe in a couple of days.

  46. I’ve made this a few times now and it is by far my favorite recipe! I forgot the oil this time, but I had topped it with butter pieces before baking it and it still turned out amazing. Thank you for sharing.

  47. I recently bought multigrain blend bread flour and was wondering if I could substitute this for the white flour.

  48. What setting would you recommend for the machine ? Basic cycle perhaps ?

  49. This is the only bread recipe I use. It is awesome. I bake usually 2 loaves every week. My neighbors love it! Thanks for sharing!

  50. For a dairy free recipe, can I substitute soy milk for the milk?
    Or can I take the milk out completely (or substitute water or something else?

  51. Alethea Crossman says

    Enjoy your site. So wish the Printer Friendly button did that…prepared just the recipe for printing. I’m on an Android phone & got a 52 page file which was not Printer Friendly.

  52. Erica Smith says

    O.M.G I am so glad I stumbled on this recipe today!!!!!! I had to use Almond milk to make is safe for my dairy allergic son but that didn’t seem to make the bit of difference. We all LOVED this bread and I have a feeling it will be requested again soon, it was by far the best part of the meal 🙂

  53. I just found this recipe and am anxious to try it based on all the positive reviews. I’m wondering if there is a modification for a 2lb loaf? My machine is that size, and since I’m new at this, I unsure if it will work. I am worried it will burn, or not turn out right. Any suggestions for modifications? Thanks!

  54. Susan Gros says

    I just made this exactly as written. It came out fantastic. I just used the machine for the dough itself, baked it in a loaf pan. Just added some melted butter on top before and after baking. Great recipe. Will try the cinnamon bread next.

  55. Hey Laurie, clearly I’m late in the train here but I’m wondering what is the best way to transfer from bread machine to loaf pan. Got a little smushed when I tried to transfer and a little stuck from the bread machine. You don’t grease both pans do you? Third question, have you ever tried to score the top or is this not the type of bread to do that with? Thank you! I didn’t have time to let mine rise but it was still good!

    • Hi Torri! Okay – let me see if I can help 🙂 –

      – I just used my hands and pull it out of the bread machine, then plop it into a well greased loaf pan. I didn’t grease the bread machine pan though (but have never had issues with it sticking?)

      – I don’t score the top but you totally could!

      Hope that helps- it really is my favorite (you just inspired me to make this one tomorrow … I can’t wait!) 🙂

  56. Ellen Doucet Perreault says

    Hi! Laurie,
    My girl friend sent me this recipe for best bread machine dough,
    I just bought a new bread making machine,
    in the booklet it says avoid perishable food such as milk, egg and cheese,
    I really want to try your recipe, can I make the bread in the machine without
    transferring the dough to a pan, or is it best o bake in the oven,
    this is my firs experience. Thank you so much, Ellen
    P.S. the recipe is from

    • You definitely can Ellen! The only reason I move it to a loaf pan to bake in is because I have a VERY old bread machine and the loaves turn out like an ugly square when I make them, and I like a pretty loaf. Hope that helps ~ and ENJOY!

  57. This bread is the best I’ve made yet! Thank you for the recipe

  58. Can you make this Keto for all of us out there that follow the ketogenic life??

  59. Priscilla says

    Hi! I just wanted to say I love this bread recipe! I’ve made this a lot for my family & they love it over any store bought bread. It’s such a simple recipe and make our home smell like heaven! Thank you for sharing this!

  60. Lindsey says

    If I just make the dough in the bread machine, how long and at what temp do I cook it in the oven?

  61. Genevieve says

    I just made this last night and set it for 1.5 lb loaf and it turned out great! Thanks for the recipe!

  62. Lorraine Shackleford says

    I just made another loaf of your amazing bread recipe. I use Bread Flour. I spray a glass pan with cooking spray, put the dough in and cover with wax paper to rise. Then bake according to your instructions. I’ve had my Oster Bread Machine since 2002 when I began making everything from scratch for my husband who had liver cancer. I can say that this is the Best Recipe I have ever used!! I make it all the time for myself. I just cannot eat store bought bread anymore. It just isn’t the same. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful recipe.

  63. I always freeze my dough. I tried to bake with it right out of the freezer. It makes the bread a little tougher and harder for the ingredients to mix in. So either let it sit out or I put it in the microwave for about 6 minutes on 80%. That worked for me, my micro is 1100 doesn’t hurt the plastic it’s packed in either. So,room temp is best!!

  64. Where did this recipe go

  65. Christian McCulloch says

    I love your recipe thank you! Can i brush the tops with egg wash? and should i do this before the 30 minute rise or after?

    • So glad to hear that Christian! 🙂 I think you could totally use an egg wash if you like! (I think you could do it before or after the rise ~ if brushing after the rise, just be gentle so as not to deflate the loaf!). Hope that helps!


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