41 Keto Foods to Buy at Aldi!

When you're new to Keto it's incredibly helpful to have a keto shopping list on hand so you know what to look for in the store.  I was so impressed with the variety of Keto supplies at Aldi – here's a list to help you find all the best Aldi Keto goodies!

Keto Shopping List for Aldi (37 Food Finds!)

Jamie here! I first started Keto on January 9th 2019 – and as of today I am *still* (knock on wood!) really happy with my progress.  I've lost 8 inches in my waist (woohoo!) and am down 37 lbs.  I feel so much better in general!

Some of you have been following my progress from the first week I went Keto ,to the third week, when I found the comfort of sugar-free sweets 😉

So my latest update is a little bit different – I wanted to help all you Aldi shoppers by sharing some of the AWESOME Keto-friendly foods I found at Aldi!  Keep in mind I'm “dirty” Keto – so what might be fine for me, maybe not be right for you 🙂

There are lots of things you THINK might be Keto (and aren't) which are a huge bummer.  But there are also several hidden Keto-friendly items you may not have considered!  Here are lots of Keto Diet-friendly foods you can find at Aldi (Please note that some of the processed foods mentioned below are not recommended more than once in awhile.  Take that for what it's worth!)

Keto-Friendly Dairy

  • Heavy Whipping Cream
  • Butter

I can't even tell you HOW MUCH CHEAPER cream and butter are at Aldi than Walmart, Target, and other stores!  I love picking up staples like this at my Aldi 🙂

  • Cheese

Aldi has SO MANY KINDS OF CHEESE!!  And it's all pretty inexpensive.  Cream cheese to Irish Cheddar – you could go crazy on stocking your fridge with tons of cheese varieties!

  • Specialty Cheese

I felt like their cheese deserved two mentions you know?  Because really Aldi has THREE cheese sections.  There's the regular bags of shredded cheese, then there's the fun kinds next to the lunchmeat section, and THEN there's a third area you can find cheese… the specialty section!  Look for a special case that usually houses hummus, guacamole, etc…  You'll find hard cheeses and seasonal cheeses that will make your Keto heart happy 🙂

  • Eggs

Aldi has the best price in town on eggs – and if you're doing Keto, there's a good bet you're going through more eggs than normal.

  • Kerrygold Butter

This is a recommended grass fed butter and it's SUPER EXPENSIVE some places – but just $3.59 at Aldi 🙂

  • Ghee 

Ghee is an ultra clarified butter – and it's even MORE SUPER EXPENSIVE at some places – but not too bad at Aldi!

Keto-Friendly Produce at Aldi

  • Avocados

Avocados are a good source of healthy fats and lots of Keto folks love to incorporate them into their daily meals.  I think the week I was shopping, avocados were only 59¢ each!  This varies widely by region and season – but it's a good bet you'll find a nice deal there 🙂

  • Cauliflower

While I will never be fooled into thinking cauliflower with cheese is macaroni and cheese – some people are better at pretend than me 😉

  • Squash, Zucchini, Peppers, Fresh Green Beans, and everything else you might want

  • Onions and Mushrooms

I actually go through a lot of mushrooms to add an extra texture to my omelettes, meat dishes and soups.


  • Berries Galore!

Blueberries, Rasberries, Strawberries and more are available seasonally at Aldi.  While lots of fruits have too many carbs to eat much of, berries are a bit more Keto friendly

Aldi Meats

  • 100% Grass Fed Ground Beef

When you're trying to go grain-free (part of the Keto diet) – eating corn fed beef kind of defeats the purpose.  If you're looking to switch over to grass-fed beef, Aldi has their own Simply Nature brand that is pretty affordable!


So maybe you're not all the way grass-fed, Aldi still has you covered with a nice variety of pork, beef, chicken, ground turkey, and more!  I have heard people say they don't buy their meat at Aldi – but I have no idea why.  I've bought chicken, beef, turkey and roast there a number of times and it's always been great!

  • Salmon

Look for Salmon as well as other fresh and frozen fish – varies seasonally.

  • Bacon

Are you even Keto if you don't buy your pack of bacon every week?? (Just kidding!)  Aldi carries a few different types of bacon – some more fancy, and some that are really inexpensive.  Check the back of the package to make sure there are no sugars added in the flavoring process!

  • Cheddar Brats

These are one of my favorite lunches, along with some green beans!  I slice them diagonally into medallions and fry them up with some frozen green beans.  Yum!  I believe they only have 2 carbs per link.

  • Chicken Sausage

Switch things up a little with this one!

  • Pepperoni

I like to make my own little pizzas on my almond flour coffee mug bread – so I like to have pepperoni in the fridge always 🙂

  • Salami

Some people love salami – I'll admit I've NEVER had it but if you need some – they have it!

Aldi Keto Snacks


  • Chocolate Chip Muffins

I WISH!!  Haha – just checking to make sure you were paying attention 😉


  • Elevation Snack Bars

So many people told me about these things I had to buy a couple boxes!  They're only 2 grams of carbs each – but I have to admit, I don't love them.  If you're in a pinch though, they'll work!

  • Pork Rinds

Not a fan!  Moving on…. (But I mean they are cheaper here than some places….)

  • Cheese Crisps

One of my favorite snacks to grab (and they go well with guacamole or keto-friendly salsa too!)

  • Pecans

Aldi has LOTS of nuts – including roasted and salted varieties, and raw varieties.  They're SO much less than my local grocery for a big bag.  Pecans are my favorite for Keto – they have lots of fat, medium amount of protein, and the lowest carb count I've found yet!

  • Organic Guacamole Singles

These are only 2 carbs per tub!


  • NOT Keto Cheddar Puffs!

I got SO excited when I saw these white cheddar puffs – I totally thought they were going to be like Moon Cheese.  But ALAS!! They're made with rice flour or some such nonsense 🙁  Don't be fooled!


  • Olives and Pickles

I love snacking on briny olives with little sharp cheddar cheese cubes – and Aldi has a few varieties of jumbo stuffed olives as well as plain ones!  Plus if you're a pickle person, or need the juice to cure your Keto Flu – they've got you covered!


  • Fit & Active Water Flavors

They come in little squeezy bottles for on the go – or mix in powders.  Either way, if you're getting tired of water it's a nice change!

  • Gatorade Zero

Lots of people also recommend drinking Gatorade or Powerade Zero during their first couple weeks of trying Keto.  It replenishes electrolytes to help stave off the Keto flu!  I drank a Powerade Zero a couple times in my first week and my second week, and never got the Keto flu!

More Aldi Keto Finds


  • Bone Broth


  • Fair Trade Coffee

I drink a lot of coffee on Keto since I'm mixing my MCT Oil and Collagen into it each morning.  (I have to space out my scoops over a few cups) The Aldi Fair Trade coffee is so good and it's only around $3.50 per bag!

  • Riced Cauliflower

Lots of Keto Recipes sub out noodles, rice and more with Riced Cauliflower.  Aldi has large bags for under $2!


  • Stevia Packets

Now that we have to stay away from sugar, get your stevia for your morning coffee!  Although for baking and bigger recipes – you'll probably want to order Swerve or Monkfruit sweeteners 🙂

I know this list isn't exhaustive by any means – but I hope it helps you make your Keto shopping list before you head to Aldi!  And guys – I would just LOVE to hear about some of the Keto friendly items you normally grab at the store.  Leave me a comment below and I may go try out your suggestions!

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  1. shaun rogers says

    Awesome, thanks for the info, I am new to Keto, going shopping tomorrow to my local aldi here in London, England.

  2. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I will be at Aldis this week. Can you also recommend a keto friendly wine at this store? Thank you!

  3. Before I went to Aldi I read this. I checked out their “carb conscious” elevation bars and they are not Keto. Heads up they have maltitol in them. Everything else was great!

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