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I'm Laurie, a busy mom to three hoppin' kids aged 15-22, and have been married to my hubby James for a whopping twenty-six (!) years. Since becoming “passionate” penny pinchers when we first got married, I've been amazed at how living frugally, using coupons, strategically shopping sales ads, and constantly looking for ways to pinch pennies has changed our home,  as well as our ability to give to others. I'm excited to help you gain control of your home and finances too . . . I promise, you can do this!


I started blogging on a whim in the fall of 2009, after reading tons of amazing money saving sites over the last few years. In September of that year, my father-in-law contracted West Nile Encephalitis, and I spent many sleepless nights reading blogs while my husband was away taking care of his Dad. The one thing that I didn’t see promoted often on many sites was a push for donations of really cheap and free items, as well as menu planning based on weekly sale ads. So, Publix Penny Pincher (now Passionate Penny Pincher) was born!

Never in a million years would I have seen the next ten years coming. Since starting on blogspot back in 2009, Passionate Penny Pincher has helped millions of folks save money on groceriesAmazon dealsDollar Tree DIY'ing, and making simple frugal meals at home too. In 2019 we launched our first Passionate Penny Pincher products (our first one sold out in 24 hours ~ crazy!) So now in addition to keeping up with all the deals we share each day, we've created a few simple ideas that have helped tens of thousands of women beautifully care for their home, family and finances too.

our first product

Passionate Penny Pincher
Home Planner

In 2019 we launched our first PPP Home Checklist, and sold out of the printed version within just a few hours.  Realizing I wasn't the only busy mom who needed a clear checklist to manage my home, we created the 2020 Home Planner to help families take back control of their homes with a clear guide including simple tips of what to do each day throughout the year. 

In the fall of 2019 our team also created the PPP “Magic Recipe Tin” & menu planning system.  These simple ideas have already helped thousands of women re-claim their homes and their mealtimes every single day. 

Joining other women in our private, online Facebook communities has been simply amazing as they've implemented these do-able strategies. If you've struggled in any of these areas in your home, we'd simple love for you to consider joining us too!

What excites me most about this site is that a portion of any proceeds from this site go directly towards mission work.

Currently we help support local and overseas mission work, including the Tatum FamilyHis Cherished Ones Ministries, His Hands Mission, Go Ministries, and Suffer the Children, Scarlet Thread Ministries and Far East Broadcasting to name a few. 

So, any time you order a deal we post from Amazon, shop a Black Friday Kohl's deal through one of our links, or purchase a Passionate Penny Pincher product, you’re also supporting the work of missionaries in other countries.

Real quickly, here’s a little about me. I love chocolate, I hate grouchy people, my kids drive me a wee bit crazy (but are my very favorites in the very same minute), and I’m married to a fabulous guy who puts up with me and makes me laugh. Coupons make me happy, I talk way too much, and sitting on my back porch with a brand new issue of Southern Living is my idea of a vacation.

Other people may think our family is a little over the top when it comes to frugality, but the truth is our penny pinching has allowed us to save more, give more, and live an abundantly blessed life.



Running a frugal blog takes a few more hours each day than I could possibly manage on my own. In the summer of 2011 I was able to hire my friend Shannon (and rockstar couponer!) to help manage everything. She handles all the store matchups here on PPP, finds tons of extra deals, helps out with recipe suggestions, and does a fantastic job shopping the sales ads herself. (Plus, she shows you exactly how to pinch those pennies too!) She's the mom of two sweet girls (our girls loved hanging out at Chick-Fil-A when they were little we figured this blogging stuff out), and she's been married to her husband (Mr. Shannon) for sixteen years. Her heart is crazy about missions, and it shows up every day in her work.

jamie team pic


Another face you might see around here often is my friend and blog manager Jamie. She's the mom of 4 rowdy boys, has been married 20 years, and is the pickiest eater I've ever met over the age of 8. Jamie loves sharing fun deals on the blog and on Facebook Live, while also working behind the scenes on team projects. She spends her free time drinking coffee, reading YA literature, camping, doing high school youth ministry, and hanging with her boys.

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We've also been super fortunate to have a few other friends including Cheryl, Nicole, Cheree, Staci, Misty, Mary, Ashley, Kristen, Amber, Ash, Holly, and Phoebe to the PPP team. They shop the stores to make sure we find you the best deals, keep up with daily blog posts, answer emails, share on our Facebook pages, create graphics and design, and do all the other things to make PPP run so smoothly. There's no way that I could manage all this by myself, and I feel incredibly blessed to have the sweetest team of women working with me to help us serve you better each day!

Thanks so much for stopping by Passionate Penny Pincher, and feel free to send me an email at contact @ passionate penny (leave out spaces) if you have any questions or when you happen upon any great deals. I'm so glad you're here, and love hearing from you!

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