Aldi Finds | Winter and Baking Fun!

All the BEST Aldi Finds down the middle aisle this week – so you can head in store to shop them!

Aldi Finds

Aldi Finds – New Seasonal Steals This Week!

Want to know my favorite part about shopping at Aldi?  (Besides their great produce prices…)  The middle aisle!!

The Aldi Finds section is full of new seasonal goodies each week that I can hardly ever resist (I always have to get one or two things).  It's seriously the Target Dollar Spot of grocery shopping!

Here are our teams's favorite SEASONAL picks from this week's this week's Aldi Ad.

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My FAVORITE deal this week……


Huntington Home Holiday Candles – $4.99

Huntington Home Cinnamon Broom – $3.49

Easy Home Boot, Shoe, or Glove Dryer – $14.99

Crofton Turkey Roasting Rack – $6.99

Crofton 12 inch Copper Non-Stick Pan – $16.99

Advent Calendars – $1.39 – $14.99

Royal Class/Serra Men's or Ladies Lounge Pants – $10.99

Royal Class/Serra Men's or Ladies  Sherpa Quarter Zip – $12.99

Rangemaster 2 pack Multi-Purpose Lighter – $3.99

Easy Home Wall Outlet Ceramic Space Heater – $14.99

Easy Home Double Draft Door Seal – $4.99

Easy Home Under Sink Shelf or Caddy – $12.99

Crofton Mini Ceramic Baking Dishes – $2.99

Ambiano Digital Probe Thermometer + Timer – $12.99

MORE Aldi Finds from Last Week

Singer Sewing Machine – $79.99

Easy Home Mini Sewing Machine – $14.99

Timber Wick Candle – $5.99

Crofton 3 Piece Cookie Sheet Set – $8.99

Crofton Cupcake Baking Kit – $6.99

Crofton Soup Mug or Bowl – $3.99

Crofton Silicone Baking Mat – $4.99

Aldi Collapsible Box Bag – $5.99

Serra Ladies Bootie Slippers – $9.99

Lily + Dan Children's Sherpa Lined Hoodies – $12.99

Serra Ladies Winter Boots – $24.99

Royal Class Men's Sleep Pants – $7.99

Royal Class Men's Slippers – $5.99

Easy Home Bottle or Travel Mug Organizer – $6.99

Lily + Dan Children's Insulated Rain Boots – $12.99

Easy Home 12 Drawer Rolling Cart – $34.99

Easy Home Sewing Kit – $4.99

Lily + Dan Toddler Low Cut or Crew Socks, 6 ct – $3.99

Crane Men's or Ladies Touchscreen Gloves – $7.99

Leather Wristlet – $9.99 

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  1. Did you know that Aldi now accepts credit cards?

  2. I would like to buy 2 more of the 3 tier urn planters can you please tell me where I can find them or can they be ordered

  3. It’s interesting to see some of the items your Aldi’s is selling. My Aldi’s (Orlando area) does not have all of the same items.

  4. Sharon Donovan says

    The hangers at my store were 2.99.

    We also got an ice tea/cold brew coffee son wanted this even though we dont allow him to drink coffee. Marked down to 14.99 from 29.99 but we called corporate to ck price ….I didnt it buy it the 1st time I went…they told us they are closing out summer stuff soooo got it for 10.59

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