22 Secrets You Need To Know Before Shopping Aldi


Y'all know I talk alot about shopping Aldi to easily save big for your family, and just last week a reader emailed to thank me because she was saving so much more each week just by shopping there. 


But, if you've never shopped Aldi before there are a few things to know before you shop, and if you're a seasoned Aldi shopper I hunted down a few hints that may surprise you. I'm going to pretend you've never ever set foot in Aldi before, and give you the nitty gritty on saving big while you're there!


Honestly, what makes me happiest about shopping Aldi is watching a super-cute-pulled-together older couple pull up in their BMW to shop. I manage to see one every. single. time.


If you don't have to pay for more, why on earth would you?


Aldi shopping is for all the smart folks out there. 😉 


Here are a few secrets you need to know so you can join in too. 


1. Aldi only accepts cash, debit cards, and EBT cards.

Most Aldi stores do now accept credit cards. 

2. Aldi’s requires you to bring your own bags (or you can purchase them for $.06 per bag at the store.)


3. You’ll need to pay a quarter to use a cart at Aldi’s.

When you return the cart, you’ll get your quarter back.

4. Aldi’s does not accept manufacturer coupons.

However, very occasionally you'll find an Aldi store coupon in your local paper, especially when a new store opens in your area.


5. Aldi’s sale ad varies some by location.

To view your local store’s ad, go HERE.

6. Aldi almost always has the best price on milk and eggs you'll find in your area.

Sometimes milk and eggs at Sam's or Costco are a few cents less, but if you don't have a Sam's or Costco membership, shopping Aldi can save a bundle without paying membership fees at those stores.


7. Aldi carries a ton of gluten free foods.
8. Shopping at Aldi is EASY.

Especially if you have small children, Aldi shopping is just a wee bit easier than shopping other stores. I love that I can get in and out in less than 20 minutes (even for a big grocery trip), because Aldi doesn't carry all the clutter that other stores tend to keep.


9. Use cashback apps at Aldi to save even more.

Mobisave and Checkout 51 both allow you to get cash back when you purchase items at Aldi, which is such an easy way to save! Yesterday when shopping I was able to get $.50 back on bread, $.50 back on milk and $.30 back on milk just by scanning my receipt on my Mobisave app. Love it!

10. Watch for store coupons inside Aldi.

Every once in awhile you'll luck upon a store coupon at Aldi, usually on items that are reduced in the meat department.


11. Watch for Aldi Holiday clearance.

After any major holiday (Valentine's, Christmas, Easter, etc.) your store should have a few items reduced pretty significantly. My store still had Christmas clearance on sale when I shopped yesterday!


12. Aldi and Trader Joe's are the same brand.

If you love Trader Joe's, you might as well shop Aldi. Your shopping experience will be a little more bare bones, but you won't pay inflated prices for a fancier store.

13. Aldi only hires people aged 18 and up (and pay very well.)

My 15-year-old has been looking for a job, so yesterday while shopping I asked for more information (they had a sign up looking for help.) The cashier said she loved working there, and that “full time” at Aldi is considered 30 hours per week, which means she gets a generous health benefits package.

At our store starting pay is $12/hour, and our cashier really was pleased with her job there (I loved hearing that!)


14. If you don't like an item at Aldi, return it.

If you purchase an item at Aldi and aren't pleased with it, return it for a double back guarantee. Go HERE to learn more.

15. Aldi keeps their prices low by keeping things bare bones.

Nothing's fancy at Aldi.


Like, nothing. 


When you check out, no one's going to bag your groceries for you, you'll return your own cart to keep their prices lower, and the entire store is geared toward cost efficiency.
The plus side to that is that you save money because of a no-frills experience ~ which is worth it for me.

16. Watch for price reductions.

Aldi regularly has certain “price reductions” available throughout the store. Watch for those savings to save even more!


17. Buy meat on Wednesdays (and produce too.)

Watch for special meat specials available on Wednesdays only as well ~ these quickly sell out so if you shop too late you may miss this one.

18. Meat isn't always a great price at Aldi.

I honestly haven't found meat to be a great price at Aldi, so usually stock up at Kroger or Fresh Thyme Market (Sprouts.) Be sure to know your stock up price on meat before shopping so you never pay too much at Aldi (or anywhere.)


19. Name brands are typically priced too high at Aldi.

Aldi carries very few name brands, and what they do carry is usually priced to high. If you absolutely love name brands Aldi probably isn't the best place to shop ~ instead wait for your favorite brands to go on sale at your local grocery. 


20. Find out when your sale ad starts to get the best price on produce.

By shopping the day  your sale ad starts you'll get the pick of the best produce at Aldi. If you have to shop later in the week, ask your cashier when that day additional produce trucks normally come and shop soon after the truck delivers.

21. Most Walmart stores will price match Aldi as a competitor.

Learn more HERE. 

22. Bonus tip ~ Aldi originated in Europe, and has great chocolate. 🙂

Check out more Aldi history over HERE.

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 1.46.39 PM

And, if you love shopping Aldi, you can learn to make 12 freezer friendly meals at Aldi for just $70 with this handy dandy listI love that you can so easily walk into the store and stock up on everything you need for a few week's worth of meals. Head on over HERE to check it out ~ just $2.49 for the menu plan package right now!


Here are a few more Aldi menu plans as well . . . 




Do you love shopping Aldi? I'd love to hear any other tips you have when you shop! It's definitely a favorite place for me to quickly get in and out of, and for the most part I've been incredibly pleased with everything I've bought there. Leave a comment to share your thoughts!



Looking for more info on Aldi? Here you go . . . 

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  1. I have noticed that you always say Aldi requires you to bring your own bags or you have to purchase them. That is not actually true. You are free to take your purchases to the car in the cart to unload, pick them up in your arms, or snag the boxes that are often available on the loading shelves just past the checkout registers. I have actually had one Walmart manager who said Aldi is not a legitimate competitor because they make you pay for bags and shopping carts. Naturally I set him straight on that.

    • That’s a great point Lynda – you’re exactly right (and I can’t believe Walmart would use that as an excuse!)

      • Walmart shouldn’t have said that about the bags. I have lots of family and friends and military and in most states Walmart makes you pay for those thin plastic

    • Yes exactly! 🙂 I actually place empty laundry baskets in my trunk and place my groceries in them. Dont have to pay for bags and much easier to bring in the house.

    • So, just to set myself straight, if I bring my own bags, use their boxes, cart my groceries out to the car I don’t have to pay for bags, right? Now if I don’t do that, I would have to pay for bags, right? If I don’t return my cart I lose a quarter. I don’t go to Walmart often, but when I do, the bags and carts are free to use. Looking forward to trying Aldi’s though.

      • Hi Jarrod! Yes – bring your own bags or use boxes and you won’t have to buy bags, and as long as you return your cart you’ll get your quarter back. Hope that helps!

        • If you think of it the quarter used for carts is smart ,
          Carts don’t roll all over parking lot to damage or scrape paint .
          And cars bashing into carts will damage carts , now store has added expense of buying new carts to , this keeps prices in store lower

  2. We just got an Aldi in our area and was so excited to check it out. I went for my first trip last week and was very happy. First, I went with my own bags and cash but like Lynda stated above, there were many people getting empty boxes there and using them. Our cashier was very friendly and said our store accepts credit cards as well as cash, debit cards and EBT. I was surprised to see how many items were organic at a low price-considering it is very expensive to buy organic anywhere else unless marked down, in my area. I only did a small shopping trip to check it out but most of the things I bought was good. My kids really liked the microwave popcorn. I tried some and it definitely was fluffier and lighter than the other popcorn we usually purchased. As for the chocolate, my youngest who loves chocolate and candy, did not like her chocolate bar she bought for herself. My youngest, 11 1/2 year old, who has autism and hates going out to stores or the mall to shop went with me and she said she loves Aldi. she even said she would go back again to help me shop. Great that it is smaller and less chaotic so less chance of feeling overwhelmed as we are in and out in a short time-other than this first trip as we were checking everything out. She liked putting the quarter in to get the buggie and then getting it back when she returned it. Milk price was was cheaper than any other store. It is a drive to get there, 35 minutes, but it is about the same as driving to the commissary. I live in SE Virginia, stay at home mom of 5, 2 adults and 3 still at home ages ranging from 11-16, plus 2 grandbabies ages 3 and 5 I watch from time to time.

    • Thank you so much for sharing Sabra! I’d never thought about the difference of shopping there for a child with autism, but that makes so much sense – there really is so much less there to be overwhelming.

      Thanks so much for sharing – so glad you’ve got a new one in your area – might be worth the trip every two weeks or so! 🙂

  3. Just be careful…i guess it can happen from any store.. but i have brought home roachs from aldis.. from when i pick up a case of can goods

    • Ok, I love Aldi and I enjoy your blog but this is pure clickbait to title this “22 secrets you need to know before shopping at Aldi”. None of this was a secret and you give the impression you’re going to share ways to make shopping there even more beneficial. Really disappointing. How about just call it “a helpful guide to shopping at Aldi”.

      • Hi Jennifer – I should have said in the FB mention that it was secrets if you weren’t usually an Aldi shopper. Every time I teach a coupon class I talk about Aldi, and there are always a few folks there who have no idea that you need a quarter, they don’t take credit cards, or have any idea that Aldi prices are high on name brand items.

        As I mentioned at the top of the post this was for people who really don’t know anything about Aldi (I’m always surprised that there are so many people out there who just haven’t tried it?) so that’s who the target audience was. BUT, I can definitely see your point and so apologize for probably wording it the wrong way. I hope that makes sense (and am so glad you’re here!)

  4. Am I the only person on the planet who doesn’t love Aldi? I WANT to. I really do! But much of our produce is organic (the “dirty dozen” for sure). Their organic bananas are $1/lb (usually more)! And any non-organic stuff we do happen to buy there is rotten in a day or two at most. UGH! Needless to say, I don’t buy produce there often unless its on a mega sale and I can dehydrate it or can it (like mushrooms). In that case, I will buy $40-50.00 worth. I do pop in once a week to check for ‘mark downs’ and buy organic apple juice there (apples are number one on pesticide list). Occasionally they have other organic canned or packaged items I would use or love. But as a whole, they really don’t work for me. I’m really bummed, because many friends love the savings. Just not my store 🙁

    • I met a farmer whose company sells produce to Aldi. He explained to me that the reason Aldi’s produce turns so quickly is because they do not use refrigeration for their produce. Another way they keep the cost down. When the farm picks the produce they flash chill it to prolong shelf life, then Aldi turns around and stores it at room temperature which then shortens the shelf life. So as was stated in the blog, its best to purchase your produce on delivery days. Also, if you haven’t taken advantage of their inexpensive artisanal cheeses, eggs, and organic milk you are seriously missing out.

    • thekelleyjb says

      I agree. I never buy produce from Aldi’s. I could never go into Aldi’s and get everything I need and be done, which is a bummer. There are some items that I have found that we really like and I make a separate trip to get these items every couple of weeks and do the bulk of my shopping somewhere else.

      • I can *always* go into Aldi and get everything I need. I eat almost exclusively fruits and vegetables and each week, I stock up on whichever ones Aldi has put on sale.

  5. Great news at our Aldi. They now take credit cards!

  6. They now accept credit cards, as well! So the savings is even greater if you have a cash back card or a points card..yayyyy!

  7. I always been a brand name snob but now I have to be more cautious on how I spend my money. I tried Aldis and fell in love ! I am not one for pre packaged foods but I decided to try their chicken salad with cranberries and OMG so good ! Plus their brand cereal taste exactly the same as name brand. The low calorie bread , tastes better than Sara Lee low calorie bread ! I do 90% of my shopping there and tell everyone they should atleast try it.

  8. I love Aldi, I save so much $$$, their products are good quality and has a lot of variety. Nothing can’t beat Aldi

    Loveeeeee it…..

  9. Janelle Topik says

    I live in Utah and so i don’t have an ALDI around me, but we visited Florida this last year and found they have amazing gluten free stuff! My 4 yr old has celiac and finding things a 4 yr old likes is rough. My mom travels back east a lot and has found ALDI around her and brings home suitcases of stuff for my daughter! I wish they would come to Utah!

    • Jean Millburg says

      What kind of grocery chains do you have in Utah just curious? Maybe you should send an e-mail, write them or give them a call and express for the love of their affordable gluten free products that you have had a chance to experience by by visiting another store in another state and your mother in-law bringing you items. Would be nice if they open one of their stores in your area in Utah. Can’t hurt to let them know. Here the contact information to our corporate office in IL.

      Aldi Corporate Office Address
      Aldi US
      1200 N Kirk Rd
      Batavia, IL 60510
      Contact Aldi
      Phone Number: (630) 879-8100
      Fax Number: (630) 879-8114
      Website: http://www.aldi.us
      Email: Email Aldi
      website link:

  10. Patti Schoggins says

    LOVE ALDI! Unfortunately McAlester,OK does not have one. Love the idea of a deposit for a cart. No carts in the parking lot or pushed up somewhere close to the building. What a GREAT way to have the carts put away nice and near! My daughter has ALDI stores in her neighborhood, always shop there while visiting. KUDOS for a job well done. Keep up the good work.

  11. Connie Geist says

    I love shopping at Aldi. I’m there at least once a week

  12. Jay White says

    Just wanted to add something from a male perspective. I love going to Aldi for the gadgets and tools. I have added a ton of extras to my shopping list from hand tools to kitchen appliances to electronics. There have only been a few items that just didn’t work for me and they were returned with ease.

    Something that wasn’t mentioned though. Get the Aldi app on your phone or tablet. Or just check their website for upcoming deals. All the next stuff is on the shelf on Wednesdays.

  13. Lisa Richardson says

    I love shopping at Aldi’s and go every month for my monthly shopping trip. I love that there’s no carts everywhere, and my store is very rarely packed. One thing that I did notice about your post that could possibly updated, is that Wal-Mart no longer price matches.

  14. I’ve alwalys knew Aldi but never paid too much attention until I decided that I needed to put my self on budget and keep eating healthy at the same time. I love how I spent 110 on same items that were costing me about 150 to 170 elsewhere. Highly recommend Aldi did not noticed much different on quality.

  15. Lisa_stx,
    I work for Aldi. FYI- Aldi receives refrigerated produce and keeps it refrigerated until moving it to the sales floor. The newer stores keep most produce items refrigerated on the sales floor as well as in backstock.

    Aldi implements eco friendly practices as well as keeping prices low for you, the customer. I.E bags, carts, employee efficiency. You don’t have to agree with it all, but these are the decisions Aldi has made to keep product prices so low. Bags may be free for you at a competitor store, but that store is putting that money back into the products on the shelves that you pay for. Aldi is different! We do everything we can so that you can purchase our products at the lowest possible cost. And also, Aldi has their own brand name. It doesn’t sell “generic” items. I love working for this company and I love the products! Hope this helps everyone!

  16. I never paid attention to shop at Aldi before but over the past year, I started to shop at Aldi and love their products and cheaper price. It It is the same quality like the brand names except the barissimo ground coffee. I didn’t really like it’s taste. The organic milk is cheaper than costco except for the organic eggs. My kids aged 18, 14, and 10 love to shop with me at Aldi.

  17. Michelle says

    Idk if anyone has mentioned this before, but my local Aldi’s Typically has great prices on various housewares year-round. Even clothes sometimes. And not just housewares but outdoor supplies as well.

  18. Jane Mortimer says

    When shopping at Aldi (I’m in Romford, UK), it’s worth comparing prices within the store. I was tempted to buy a pack of pre-cooked, herby, buttery baby potatoes. In the next aisle I found a bag of baby potatoes with a lot more in it for a lot less buck, so I bought it and spent a few minutes picking and chopping herbs from the garden while they cooked. By the time I finished that all I had to do was drain them and toss them in butter and chopped herbs. Not only were the plain spuds cheaper, but I had the equivalent of 3 punnets of herby tatties for a lot less money. Sometimes Aldi have more than one version of the same thing, packed on a plastic tray or loose in a cellophane bag for example, so it’s worth taking a few minutes to shop around in a small space. Another great thing – I’d been paying through the nose for tiny portions of sea bass in restaurants, and our local Aldi sells a pack of two fillets for £3.19. It’s simple to cook and works out about £10 cheaper per portion, which means when I go out I can order something I really, really would never do at home.

  19. Paulette says

    I was told about Aldi years ago. I buy many items that I like as much or more than other stores. Canned goods are a great price. Also great because it is small if you can’t walk far or just need a couple things. One store nearby has a bakery for fresh bread, donuts, etc.

  20. Jennifer says

    Walmart no longer does any sort of ad matching as of last year so you’ll have to take that part out.

  21. What do you look for when building in a town?

  22. Mobi link didn’t work after several attempts, wanted to give you click thru credit but couldn’t because I kept getting message site can’t be reached.

  23. For those brand name snobs, brand name companies make Aldi’s products for them and put the Aldi’s brand label on it. Aldi’s is ‘very’ selective about what has their Aldi label . For example SimplyNature products have 125 ingredients you won’t see on the label, like high fructose corn syrup, artificial dyes and flavors, methylene chloride, etc.

    Yet another good reason to shop at Aldi and to select their store brands.

    • I agree Lisa! I buy EVERYthing generic and love it – it just makes sense when the items are almost always identical (except Aldi chocolate chips – I think Kroger and Nestle still taste better!) Thanks so much for sharing though – such a great reminder! 🙂

  24. I like Aldi but my town has a Ruler Foods (owned by Kroger) and an Aldi – I prefer Ruler. I read an article that stated Aldi is NOT the same as Trader Joe’s. Aldi Nord owns Trader Joe’s in the US and the Aldi stores are ran by Aldi Sud – two different companies, two brothers that split ways.

  25. Karina Greff says

    That was a bit funny for me to read. I’m from Germany (sorry for the grammar mistakes!) and for me it’s normal to bring back items I don’t want and get my money back – not only at Aldi. It’s possible in every store. And yes, Aldi isn’t fancy. Aldi Nord (North – only in north Germany) is even more uglier than Aldi Süd (South). 😀
    Can you purchase Milchmäuse (Milk mice) in the USA? 🙂 I really love this kind of chocolate!

  26. Oops, looks like the Aldi Menu links are broken 🙁 Can I download them somewhere else?

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