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If you struggle remembering what your top prices are at the grocery store, this is for you! You can now print my free Grocery Stock Up Price List printable when you “like” Passionate Penny Pincher on Facebook.  As I've shared before, it's so important to know your best prices when shopping (so you never pay too much), and this is just a guideline of my target prices after using coupons.  

Here's how to get yours:

Don't have a Facebook page?  Learn how to create a coupon only Facebook page over HERE.


Go HERE to download your free printable list.

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  1. I cannot have a FB account at this time, so I was wondering if you would be so kind as to email this printable to me. 🙂

  2. Is theres specific store or place to use the coupon.Im here in east bay.

    • These are our general prices of what I aim to pay for groceries (I’m in the Southeast.) They’ll vary some by area, but it’s just a starting point to work towards on grocery prices after coupons. (Hope that helps!)

  3. I liked you on fb, and it immediately took me to the "Thank you" page…..but I don't see where I'm supposed to go to get the download? I checked my email as well, and I feel lost! Lol, help!!

  4. Randi Stones says

    Love this – thank you!

  5. Do you think these are comparable for New England?

    • Hi Moira! I think your prices will be a little bit higher, so just use this as kind of a starting point (and maybe watch for the lowest prices in your area to start knowing what to watch for.) Hope that helps!

  6. Michelle Johnson says

    Moira Bundschuh somewhere in the Cape Cod Coupon Club, I posted something similar from -maybe that will help.

  7. T. Alexander says

    Thank you so much for the list as it, but is there a way to get a blank copy to get our own prices from our different areas? I live in West Central Texas and prices are different that east. My daughter is in Florida and her prices are different too. Is there a way to get a blank working copy to use? It says that it is cr protected but does that mean we can not use a blank for our own household use? let us know. thank you

  8. can you tell me where you got these prices? I am in the NY/NJ Metro area, and even buying generic or store brand does not even come close to these prices. Our prices are exponentially higher.

  9. Has this been updated since 2013? If not, that would be cool if you updated and reposted it.

  10. I liked you on Facebook but it didn’t take me to a page to download the file to print.

  11. I already liked! Years ago..How can I get it!

  12. Amanda Barrois says

    I’d like to like your page so I can get this printable, but nothing comes up when I click the link! 🙁
    It says the page isn’t available!

  13. Hi I liked your page but not taking me to the page to download it. How can I get it?

  14. I’ve clicked all the links but FB keeps saying the page isn’t available.

  15. Vera Hancock says

    Your Facebook page keeps saying unavailable. Could you email me a pritable copy? Thank you

  16. Kimberly K Kendall says

    I have liked your page but did not get the stock up list

  17. Luci Townsend says

    Not working for me. It is unavailable.


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