When Life Just Isn’t Easy

Time for a (very!) random rambling – if you’re here just for the deals I COMPLETELY understand ~ scoot on to the next penny pinched post! 😉 



Have I mentioned lately (ahem ~ today?) that we recently moved







There’s really no way to sugar-coat it ~ this move has been H.A.R.D. on our family.


Truth be told? It’s been hard on me. 


I’m not good at leaving behind wonderful friends. I miss my home. I miss my office. I miss my neighborhood. I miss my church.


I (really) miss my life.




Honestly? I didn’t expect this moving thing to be so hard on me. I knew that logistically it would be tough ~ coordinating movers, packers, un-packers, enrolling kids in school, finding new places for the kids to do their extracurricular activities, setting up a new home ~ I pretty well guessed that all that would not be easy. What I didn’t expect though is that I’d come here and feel so . . . just . . . lost. And overwhelmed. And anxious. And ~ terrified?


My kids aren’t in school yet, so they haven’t figured out their place either. They don’t know yet where they fit. Or if they fit. Or if they ever will fit.


They don’t know where their place is, and I don’t know either.  I don’t know what to tell them.


I’m still clinging tight to the hope that God has a great big ole’ plan here. And my husband’s job is fantastic. (Seriously folks, how many people would give anything just for that, and really when we have so very much what business do I have complaining?)


Much (much) of the things that have been difficult in our move have been made worse by some quirky things. We had lots of furniture damaged in our move (meaning our home feels even less like a home), we have no grass or landscaping outside which has been really hard on my we’d-rather-play-outside kids (hopes are for landscaping at least this week ~ praying!), and in general moving to a brand new home has definitely come with a few glitches.


I’m trying to remind myself that sometimes things are just hard. Moves aren’t always easy, illnesses don’t always heal, and some days things just don’t easily work out the way that we think they should.


But that doesn’t mean there isn’t value in the hard thingsWhether you’re going through something physically, mentally, financially or any other way, remember the truth that you (and I) are learning something right here and right now that cannot be learned any other way.


I was reminded though yesterday that I am so ridiculously fortunate that I have absolutely no business whining (at all.) Not too far from our home I saw a family who had nothing. Not too far from my circle of friends I know people who’s children are struggling with major illnesses. What business do I have complaining?


So, I’m praying peace today to you wherever you’re at, and for me right here. And if you’ve moved recently (or just gone through something difficult), know that someone else has probably been there too. (I keep seeing people who seem to be moving so easily, and wondering what on earth is wrong with me ~ so this is my reminder to all of us that things aren’t always as easy as they look!) Hang in there, know that there’s a plan (really!), give yourself grace, and be blessed.



Note ~ I drafted this post earlier in the week, but already our days are feeling a little less painful ~ it’s amazing what a few days can do to just change your perspective! I decided to share it though because if you’re going through something difficult I really do want you to know others have been there too.  Watch next week for a few things that we’ve done already to make life just a little more liveable. 😉


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  1. Trish Ruschke Rice says:

    Thanks Laurie! My sweet hubby and I are going through a major upheaval right now, so I really needed to hear this. We're not moving – but I expect we'll be losing touch with some of our friends and our weekly routine will be much different. I know God has a plan for us and in the end we will wind up with so much more than what we'll lose…but it's just a hard, sad time for us right now. I allowed myself a little boo-hoo session and saw your post literally as I was wiping the last tear away. Thank you for reminding me that God is good, others are worse off, I have much to be grateful for, there are people in the same boat I am in right now, and the sun will come out tomorrow. Praying peace for us all. Blessings!

  2. Valencia says:

    Thank you for sharing. Know that you are not alone. There are many of us in that same boat. Your honesty makes me feel like I’m not so alone.

  3. Julie Hamilton Grondzik Thiel says:

    You're going to make it…..I can tell because you are asking God for His help! It's going to take time but everything will fall into place. Going through stressful times makes us stronger!!

  4. Shannon says:

    I moved to AL 7 years ago and still do not have friends, partly my fault for not finding a way out there. We live in such a small town that friendships here are decades old and I feel I don’t have a place here. My kids adapted well once school started and now love it here. I do love it here but as a stay at home mom its hard to get out and meet people and I miss my friends back home so much! I don’t sulk in my sadness everyday, today has just been hard, so I needed this even after 7 years.

    • Oh Shannon – I’m so sorry (that has to be so difficult!) I’ll be praying that you get the courage to get out there (it is SO hard), and particularly that the right friend or two cross your path. Thanks for your honesty (it is just hard to move, and some times it’s hard for a long time.) Hang in there!!!

  5. Shawn Shamali says:

    I've been there Laurie. 5 + times, each for my husband's job. Sometimes it's more difficult than others. Each time I started by learning the area. I would pick out garage sales and map each one out. This might also be a good way for you to replace some of those damaged items. Chat up the ladies who hold them, ask where their kids have EC activities. Have you found a new church yet? Ask the garage sale ladies. Google flea markets and chat up the people there. You'd be surprised the amount of information they have on the area. It gets easier, it really does. Hang in there!

  6. Laurie I’m sorry that your havin a rough time but I’m glad it is getting better. We all miss you too. The neighborhood is just not the same without the Hises. I needed that message though so thanks for posting. We’ve been having a rough week if you saw my facebook but I need to keep it in perspective and try to see what God is teaching us through all this

    • Hang in there Liz (just read your Facebook post!) We just miss the community that was there so much – I know things will get easier here but in the meantime we were very blessed to be there for 9 years. Praying I’ll feel the same after living here a little while (I’m sure I will, just not there yet!)

      Sometimes, really, life just isn’t easy. Hang in there!

  7. Cheryl Leigh Horlick says:

    Funny you should write this today. I was just thinking about you this afternoon and was going to ask you if things were settling down. We miss you! Hang in there!

  8. Thanks Cheryl! We're making it, it's just such an adjustment! Madison's a great town (but you already know that) 🙂

  9. I’m literally sitting here at my desk crying my eyes out. Thank you for this post. My husband recently had surgery and has been on short-term disability. A few days before the surgery my father-in-law totaled our truck adding to this difficult time. Like you said, things don’t always go easy so on top of this the short term disability company has had a mix-up with his check and we’re heading in to week #6 without a paycheck. The overwhelming sense of doom upon me right now is almost unbearable. But I feel comfort in your words. Knowing that other people are fighting battles too reminds me I’m not alone. Thank you so much….and prayers during your rough time as well. It will make us stronger, right?

    • I’m so sorry Sara – hugs to you!!! Sometimes life’s just not easy, and there’s no way around that. I’ll be praying for you and your family as you get through this, and be encouraged that things will look up and there SOOOO is a plan ~ praying peace foryou this morning!

  10. I moved from the South to the same place you are now. I lived there for 5 years. It is a wonderful place really. I don't know what area you are in, but the parks are awesome! COSI is AWESOME!!! the zoo! It is difficult to move from the Southern culture into the midwest. It is such a cultural shock. But you'll see how rich the area is.

  11. being an Air Force Brat all my life… my Dad retired when I was 17. I moved so much it was crazy, I don't know how my Mom did it. Even if we managed to live in a city for more than 4 yrs, you can bet that we would move at least once sometimes more… new house, new schools… ugh. I say take the first step… buy or make cookies/ brownies put them on paper plates and have the kids take them to the neighbors. My Mom would take out a map.. (before GPS) and say lets go get lost…we would drive and each of us would get to pick left turn or right turn… drive for 2 hrs and then find where we were and plot the way home. Along the way if we saw something that we wanted to check out we would pull over. It was always a good time! You all will be just fine.

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