Sock Clips ONLY $4.80 on Amazon! (I need these in my life!)

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While I was doing my Facebook Live this morning talking about our Be Awesome in April challenge – when reader Lana commented that she uses sock clips to keep her socks from getting lost in the process.

If you're like me and are wondering where to get sock clips for yourself – we found these very inexpensive ones on Amazon that have good reviews:

Sock Ring Holders 10ct – $4.80  or get more in this pack of 48 ct Helping Hand Sock Locks – $8.40

Or how about this one?  It gets the best reviews of ANY of the other types!

Sock Dock 2pk (Holds 18 pairs of socks) – $16.99

If you're interested in getting more on top your household chores for Spring – we did an awesome challenge last year (and we're going to be going through it AGAIN this year) called Be Awesome in April.  I would love it if you'd sign up and go through it with me – you can do it ANY month, it's just geared towards Spring Cleaning time 😉


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  1. My mom had those sock clips back when I was little…I graduated high school in 1990 . Our washer and dryer ate the clips, and continued eating socks! It’s an ongoing battle.

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