Random Ramblings: The Value Of A Kind Word

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Beware, it's one of those random ramblings kinda days, so scoot on past for the deals if that's what you're looking for, I promise not to be offended!

About ten years ago, I was at a conference with several other women, and after getting ready for our next meeting, a (super cute & always put together…) girl from our group looked at me and said “You know, you've got such a great figure.


Now, in all twenty six years of my life before that, very rarely had anyone commented anything special about this body of mine.  As I've shared before, I was an overweight teenager, and while I lost a ton of weight in college, I still wasn't somebody that often got compliments on my figure.  And while that was okay (really!), it sure did make me feel super cute that day when she said it. 🙂


Fast forward eight years.  I was in a Bible study small group with about ten other women, and there was one in the group that I just kept noticing.  She was beautiful. Not the kind of beauty that people might see quickly, but her eyes were bright, her heart was kind, and her beauty was evident.  Each week I noticed her, and remember thinking, I wonder if she even knows how beautiful she is. My bet was that she didn't.  Finally, after God tugged on my heart one too many times, I bumped into her in the hall and mustered up the courage to tell her how pretty I thought she was.  She was so gracious, and it wasn't until I received an email a few days later that I realized her story.


Not feeling all that beautiful herself, she was contemplating having some surgery done and consulting with a doctor that very week.  God knew just how beautiful she was though, just the way that she was, and cared so much for her that He made sure I took the time to say something . . . those kind words were sent directly from Him right on down to her (I just happened to be the mouth piece!)



This morning as I looked at myself in the mirror, God reminded me of the sweet words my friend mentioned in passing about my figure from a whopping ten years ago. (How silly. . . who on earth cares about a compliment that's ten years old. . . really?)  But, it caused me to re-adjust my thinking, put on a fun bracelet, 🙂 and even feel cute again for a second or two. That tiny compliment that she took time to say impacted me so much, and all it took her was the willingness to say it.


So what on earth does might that mean for you today?  If you notice something special about someone today, tell them.  I know it goes way out of our comfort zone to compliment someone else (I really don't understand why; we all want to hear it!), but today, just go ahead and do it.  You never know when God may use your kind words to change someone else's heart, and maybe someone will speak kindness to you today too. 🙂



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  1. As usual Laurie, I love your heartfelt posts. It just shows how beautiful you are on the inside and the outside. I am blessed to have such a good friend.

  2. thanks for that great thought, you never know how one positive thought can change someone’s day!

    • You’re so welcome Darbe…. I think God meant for me to share a little more kindness, because I’ve found myself thinking on it more all day! 🙂

  3. Thank you Laurie ! I’ve been trying to make a conscious effort to tell people the nice things I think sometimes but don’t always say when my daughter wad
    3ish and even today at 12 if she sees a lady with a pretty blouse ,nice hair ext .. she will tell them I’ve had people tell me later how much that meant to them .So thank you again Laurie

    • How precious Tina! Isn’t it funny how they’re not afraid to say anything and we are? I would love to be like that daughter of yours 🙂

  4. This is something I often think about, how a small compliment … which takes no effort on my part … can do something to change the recipient’s day, outlook, maybe even life. WHO KNOWS?!! 🙂 For years I’ve made a point of telling a salesperson (and other random people in stores – lol) that I like their earrings, shoes, etc. I figure if someone made an effort to make sure they picked out the perfect jewelry or something to match their outfit, it would make them feel so good to know that someone noticed. Granted, I may not be the only one who did, but you never know! This post is so true and a great reminder! 🙂

  5. Also … have you been watching the show Touch? I LOVE IT, and the whole premise is that one little thing has a domino effect for everything and you never know how lives “touching” will change the course of events elsewhere. LOVE IT.

    • I love the idea to tell a salesperson something sweet Whitney! Like you said, we never know how we impact others, so I love that you’re on the lookout for something to compliment. I haven’t seen the show Touch yet … I gotta go find it! 🙂

  6. My older troop is doing the newest Girl Scout journey- Sisterhood. We were actually challenged this past week to give someone a compliment but one that did not involve their physical beauty but their inner beauty. They were amazed by the reactions they got by their friends. And have found that those friendships just took a deeper and closer step. Amazing what a few words can do either way. Just have to remember to use them for good!

    • I love that your Girl Scout troop is doing that Staci! Gosh – remembering to use them for good is the hardest part… (I’m looking back over my day today, and while I was kind to people outside my home, my words needed to sweeten up a bit to my own family….. thanks for that reminder too!)

  7. Laura Pell Schuppener says

    That is awesome!!! Isn't it cool when you receive a compliment, its when you need to hear it the most?? And btw, I think you are super cute and so put together. Really! I know it has been crazy for you, but hang in there!

    • Oh my Laura – you’re one of those moms that I’m terrified to see in public because you’re always so cute and put together and I feel so much the mess! 🙂

  8. Patsy Woody Martin says

    Loved it. We never know when just a smile will make an impact on someones life.

  9. Love. Thank you.

  10. Gail Pettus Johnston says

    Great post. Even God likes to be praised, so it's perfectly normal for us to like it also since we are made in His image. Blessings!

  11. Jennifer Osborn says

    Love this

  12. So many women suffer from a poor self image and confidence in who they are. We need each other to built us up, show appreciation, love and kindness. I think there can so much power in a group of women. I have always complemented people anyplace I go. Now I try to leave a smile. The checker at Wal Mart on Sat afternoon needs some personal comment that brings a smile. I can do that its my way of giving back
    I am like many of you no one said I was pretty. I was tall slender and had a superior air to protect myself. At 35 I got dressed up and had a studio picture taken for work.. I could not believe what a beautiful woman I was…..for the first time.

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