Laurie’s Kroger Trip: Spent $31.89 For Over $80 in Groceries


I used coupons yesteerday . . . WOOHOOOO! (I know, I know, not all that exciting for some folks, but after over a few months of not really shopping with coupons because of our move, I was more than a wee bit excited as my adrenaline started pumping at Kroger yesterday.) 😉


The stress of shopping a new store, along with two little (helpful?) girls, was just about all I could manage yesterday. I must have counted those dad-gum Mega Sale items at least a hundred times to make sure I had multiples of six, but we finally ended up with what we needed. (Every time I’d get them sorted through, the girls would throw something extra in – does that happen to anyone else???) I’m so hoping I’ll figure out the layout of the stores here soon, because just the size of the store alone has me wanting to stick with Aldi. 😉


(I really wish Kroger’s newer stores stayed just grocery stores instead of selling every item under the sun – they did this in our new store in Alabama as well which was just too much to wade through, so I never shopped there! The Kroger stores here even sell clothing which is just a wee bit too much for me.)

(Sorry, rant over.) 😉


Okay, here’s what I bought:

5 boxes General Mills Cereal, $1.49 after Mega Sale

2 Planters Peanuts $2.49 after Mega Sale
2 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks $1.49 after Mega Sale
1 Pop Secret $.99 after Mega Sale
4 Ronzoni Smart Taste $.49 after Mega Sale
2 Hellman’s Mayonaise
1 Dole Salad Mix $2

2 large Chuck Steaks on sale Buy One Get One Free $9.71

1 Watermelon $5.39 (not the best price, but I didn’t want to have to go to another store!)

1 Tyson Grilled & Ready $4.99 after Mega Sale (I thought this was $2.49 – I would never have normally paid that much!)

1 Capri Sun $1.49 after Mega Sale

3 jars Ragu $1.19 after Mega Sale

2 Creamette Pastas $.49 after Mega Sale

1 Cheezits $1.99

  • Paid $31.19 for $83 in groceries ~ not bad!



And here’s what we’re donating this week. I’m so excited because this is the first time in months that I’ve purposefully bought a few items to donate ~ which is what makes penny pinching so much fun! I haven’t yet found a local food pantry to donate to here in the Columbus (well, North of Columbus) area, so if you have any suggestions on where to donate here locally I’d sure appreciate them.


See all the deals at Kroger this week.

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  1. I read a tip from another blogger on those multiples of 6 ……she opens up reuseable shopping bags in her shopping cart and once she has her 6 she ties it up then opens a new one and gets her 6 there. She says that keeps it straight for her while she's shopping. Hope that helps………..
    "In his heart a man plots his path, but the Lord determines his steps" proverbs 16:9.

    • Hi Anna! I’ve heard that too (and always teach that at coupon classes) , but never remember to bring my shopping bags 🙂 Such a good tip though!

  2. Courtney says:

    The Stowe Center is a great mission in Columbus to donate to. They are located downtown, but our church (and many others) have connections with them. You can even attach your Kroger card to give a certain percentage of your sales to them.

    • Thanks so much for letting me know Courtney! I was betting that they might have a drop off place at one of the churches that we visit. Thank you for the tip!

  3. colleen says:

    dumb question.. Do I need to print 5 Cheerios cereal coupons?

    • Hi Colleen! Yes, you’ll need to print 5 Cheerios coupons (you’re allowed 2 per computer, so you may need to find a friend to help you print some!) Hope that helps 🙂

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