Debt Free Letter From A Reader

I received this email from a reader yesterday, and it was so inspiring to me! If you're overwhelmed with your finances, know that YOU HAVE CONTROL TOO. Thank you so much Cathy for allowing me to share and your kind words!

Hi Laurie,  My name is Cathy and I have to thank you so much for your blog.   


My story goes something like this, I was very poor as a child so when I got married I decided that I would not do without to that degree.  So hubby and I proceeded to get ourselves in debt.


If we wanted a new couch and could afford the monthly payments we got it.  We barreled along like that for a few years until we were pretty deep in debt.


Enter the first loan consolidation. 


We continued on this path until 2007 or so. 


I looked at my life and did not like what I saw.  I started researching money saving ideas, frugal hacks, and how to save.


Enter coupons. 


I continued this way on my own for a year or so and then hubby jumped on board.  By this time I had a vision and realized that we could be debt free.  After, five years we were.


We had paid off a little over $55,000.00 for our home, two credit cards and my student loan.  Boy did it feel good.  The only thing is we lost a little bit of our control afterwards and started spending.


We did not get in debt but we spent our whole salaries.  Then last April I lost my job,  but thankfully we had learned how to live frugally.


Now I feel that God is teaching me how to live content in what I have.   It has been a challenge and so far I have had no luck finding a job.


But we can afford to wait. 


It has been blogs like yours, the first one I read every day, which have encouraged me to keep going.  So please keep up the good work.


Guys – Cathy's story is so inspiring to me ~ as I completely know that she's been able to change her finances dramatically, which allowed herpeace during a difficult time. 


If you're in a place where you feel like your finances have overwhelmed you, I encourage you to stop, take a deep breath, and really determine how you want your finances to look.
Determine today to take control, and set things up so that you win.


I have faith in you. Just like Cathy, you can do this. 


Be encouraged right now, right where you are. Today's the day to transform your financial future ~ you can do this!


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