14 Things You Need to Know About Shopping Amazon

14 secrets you need to know about shopping Amazon


Okie dokie folks, with the Christmas shopping season right around the corner it's time to get ready to do some savvy shopping! As y'all know, I love shopping Amazon for Christmas deals (in fact probably 80% of my Christmas shopping the last few years has been done through Amazon), but there are a few things you need to know about Amazon shopping to get the most bang for your buck.


1. Amazon prices change fast.

This can be so frustrating as a shopper, but literally a deal can change within minutes. I post things here on PPP as soon as I see them, however sometimes they last only a matter of minutes. (Yesterday I posted these and the price went up thirteen minutes later!)

If you see a good price on something you've been waiting for, it's probably worth grabbing it sooner than later. While Amazon does occasionally drop prices on just about everything, many of those big price drops don't last long so you'll want to act quickly before the deal's gone.




2. Amazon will refund your money if an item drops in price within seven business days of delivery of your purchase.

This is only valid on items shipped and sold by Amazon, but if you see something drop in price within a few days of purchase, contact Amazon to get a refund of the difference. (One more reason to order when the price drops . . . if it drops even further you'll be refunded the difference.)


And, if you find a lower price elsewhere on another qualifying website after purchasing something, let Amazon know and they'll refund you the difference.

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3. Every day Amazon updates new Gold Box deals which can offer some serious savings.

Find today's Amazon Gold Box deals over HERE, and be sure to keep up with their daily Lightning deals as well. 


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4. Amazon offers lots (lots) of coupons.

Go HERE to see Amazon's coupon page, which is a great (easy!) way to save. My favorite deals with Amazon coupons are their diaper, toilet paper, and health & beauty coupons (things like Cover Girl, Pantene, and Tressemme), and typically by waiting for a decent Amazon sale on these I'll spend less than I would at the grocery store using coupons.


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5. Some items at Amazon are considered “add-on” items which require a  minimum $25 purchase to get that price, however, there may be a way around that.

Amazon's add on items occasionally offer great savings, however you have to spend a minimum $25 to get that price. However, if that item happens to be offered as a “subscribe and save” deal, you can subscribe to the item and skip the $25 minimum.


If the add-on item is not offered as a subscribe and save item, there are usually great paper product deals offered regularly which are a great way to stock up on toilet paper and paper towels, and tack on your add-on item to the order. I usually have a few basic things that we buy from Amazon on my list, so when I see an add-on item I order everything at once.

Note – if there's something available to pre-order that you're willing to wait on, go ahead and pre-0rder it and THEN add the add-on item to your cart. The add-on item will ship now, and then the pre-order item will ship when it's available.


6. Share your Amazon Prime benefits between two adults and four children.

This doesn't seem all that exciting to me since the 4 other family members need to be in your home, but it can make for some easier Christmas shopping. Share your Amazon Prime subscription with up to 4 other people in your home so they can take advantage of free shipping as well.


To share your prime benefits, go HERE, click “share your prime benefits” at the bottom of the page, and add up to four people in your home.


UPDATE: I'm reading through the specific rules on Amazon Family and I *think* you may be able to share it with people that are family members even if they don't live in your home? Read more HERE and if you've tried this please let me know what you've found out. 



7. Take advantage of Amazon Mom and save 20% off diaper purchases. 

And, if you're a student with a valid .edu address, enjoy 6 months of Amazon Prime for free. 

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8. Every day Amazon offers free games.

Go HERE to see updated free apps on Amazon. New ones are added every single day (mostly priced $3.99-$4.99), so this is a great way  to save.


9. Watch your shipping date guarantee and you might score an Amazon credit.

If you're guaranteed two-day shipping from Amazon, make sure it gets there in time. If it doesn't arrive by it's ship date, take a minute to contact Amazon customer service and they may give you a credit on your account of up to $10. Love that!





10. Take advantage of Kindle daily deals.

Each day Amazon offers special Kindle daily deals. These are priced at $1.99-$2.99, and more than 50% off. Go HERE to check them out.


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11. Amazon makes it fairly easy to return items.

If you get something that's not what you expected, Amazon makes it pretty easy to return it. Just log into your orders, explain why you're returning it, and print a return shipping label. Depending on the reason for your return (if it's something that was Amazon's fault), Amazon may also pay the return shipping costs.


If something sold by is delivered broken, Amazon will usually replace it for you without you having to return the item, just let a customer service agent know. 



12. Amazon Prime (may) be worth it for you.

Read more on this over HERE, but it's totally worth trying Amazon Prime out for a month for free, especially during the Holiday season when they offer tons of big price drops. Here are a few quick features:

  • Amazon Prime Free Movie and Television Streaming.
  • Free Kindle eBooks.
  • Amazon offers unlimited photo storage for Amazon Prime Members through Amazon Cloud Drive.Amazon Prime members can take advantage of Pantry savings.
  • Amazon Prime Music offers free streaming of millions of songs.


Read more HERE.

Subscribe & Save Image


13. About subscribe and save . . .

Okay, this could be an entire post on it's own, but here's a basic rundown of how to take advantage of Amazon's subscribe and save program. 

  • Basically, when you subscribe to a subscribe and save item, you'll save an additional 5% on your order.
  • Want to save more? Subscribe and save to 5 or more items in a given month and you'll receive a whopping 15% off all your subscriptions. (TIP: If you want multiples of the same item on subscribe and save, don't change the quantity. Do multiple subscriptions of the same item which will count towards 15% off your total order. If you order more than 1 of the same item it will only count as 1 subscription. Thanks so much Cynthia for sharing!)
  • To take advantage of these offers, I typically subscribe and save for an item with the next shipment beginning 6 months from now. 
  • Once the order has been delivered I cancel my subscriptions because the price may not stay the same and I don't want to pay too much if the price does increase.
  • Be sure to check your subscribe and save order page every few months to make sure nothing new is coming that you don't expect!



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14. Don't forget you can make money with Amazon. 

Take a minute to see how Amazon will actually pay you for things you already have at homeSuch a great way to earn extra cash without having a yard sale!


One thing I didn't cover here was the benefits of Amazon Prime Pantry – but that's a whole other post! I'll be working on that one soon and share a few of my secrets to getting the best bang for your buck there too. 🙂 


10 (7)

Don't miss Amazon's HUGE Razor Scooter sale going on today – it ends tonight (December 3rd, 2015), and my bet is many of these items won't last long, so shop soon!

What other tips do you have about AMAZON? Leave a comment to share – I love hearing from you! Here are a few more Amazon savings you may want to check out:


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  1. My mom and I signed up for Amazon prime when it was $67. We live in two different cities, but have been able to share the prime free shipping through using Amazon household.

  2. I love shopping at Amazon. I have Pirime. The only issue is that I pay the full price (for the last few years) and if I remember correctly it is $99 per year. For “new” members it was $67 to sign up. I tried to renew at that price but guess what…..I’m already a loyal member. Reminds me of Comcast…new members get the deal. If you are loyal and are grandfathered in…..too bad. You don’t get the deal. I’m not normally a Debbie Downer but things like this really annoy me.

  3. I share my prime with three other family members in other states and have for years without any problems!

  4. We share amazon prime through four family membrs (mother, two daughters, and son-in-law) with out any problems. Have for quite awhile.

    • Another thing I like about Amazon is if you use Amazon Smile, they will donate a percentage to a charity of your choice. It works just like the regular Amazon site. I have been donating to a local charity, Cancer Freeze. They raise money for Cancer patients and all the money goes for the cause. I can donate every month by using subscribe and save and on every order I place. If you have a charity that really means something to you, check it out.

  5. I love Amazon Prime for the free music I can download. I have over 350 songs and/or albums for which I paid nothing. As well, you can see many TV shows and movies for free if you belong to Prime.

  6. I share my prime membership between myself, my mom, mother in law, sister in law, and best friend’s wife. At $99 per year, it’s an awesome deal for us. My SIL lives in Los Angeles, while me, my mom, and my MIL live in Arkansas. My MIL uses it regularly for birthdays and holidays to send gifts out to LA. Honestly, I think she usilizes the shipping benefits more than all the rest of us combined lol. I’ve shared it with them since I first signed up in 2012, and honestly, we love it. I use the subscribe and save for things like diapers and wipes so I have one less thing to run to the store for. None of the others I share the membership with are interested in the other prime benefits (music, kindle, etc.), so we all just split the $99 and it works out perfect for us.

  7. Once, I had a “scheduled shipment” that failed to arrive, and I didn’t even hear from anyone that it wasn’t going to make it…. I contacted customer service, he (who was amazing) did all the leg work, figured out what had happened, rescheduled it, AND gave me a $50 credit for the inconvenience. (Granted, the item was 900 that was supposed to be delivered.) I’m usually really impressed with Amazon customer service.

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