Swap.com for the Whole Family + 45% OFF Code!

Swap.com for the Whole Family

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Has anyone tried Swap.com?  My friend Shannon tried it a couple weeks back and just LOVED it (so much so her daughter ordered one for clothes she'll need while student teaching!)


If you missed my FB Live you can watch it HERE.


Right now, PPP readers can get an unheard of 45% OFF your first Swap.com Box when you use code PPP45 at checkout.  PLUS –  you'll score free shipping on orders over $10!  (exp 3/27) WOW! 


Reagan really (really) needed some new jeans, and since it's the end of winter here (and I know she won't be wearing them until next year when she'll grow a little more!) I didn't want to pay full price for them. We snagged 3 pairs for under $5 each ~ I'm thrilled with that!


I also got a super cute Ann Taylor blouse that I'll use for layering, and a few Ralph Lauren dress shirts for Jackson to wear. (He loves Ralph Lauren, but we both refuse to pay full price.) This was a great way to get him a few tops I know he'll love, and for less than $10 each I can't be more pleased!


Not a new Swap.com customer?  Head over here and use code SWEET16 to get free shipping on any order over $17! (That is super rare – usually the codes are ONLY for new customers, so I'm thrilled that they're offering this for you!)

Here's a few things we snagged . . .


I'll be honest and share that Reagan (right on Facebook Live video of course), was very vocal that she did not love what I picked for her.

I probably should have had let her pick a few things herself, but I'll be honest and tell you this 10 year old is not loving anything other than leggings and t-shirts these days, and it's enough to drive this momma nuts. Thankfully she has a big sister who at 15 finally cares about how she looks so I know this is just a phase, but goodness, this phase is not easy. 

The rule at our house though is that almost always she wears what she wants (as long as it's appropriate), however on special occasions mom always wins. For whatever reason though the minute that camera goes “live” on Facebook this girl turns on her snark a wee bit (which is soooo not normal for her?) and she definitely let us all know clearly her thoughts on this one!

If you have a ten-year-old-girl-who's-clearly-the-baby-of-the-family you may understand this one too. Whew.
(giving myself and her both oodles of grace on this one today.
And now back to Swap.com (eek) 🙂 

They have Men's, Women's, Kids, Baby, Maternity Clothing, Movies, Books, Baby Gear and even Toys to check out if you're interested!

You can head over HERE  to see Shannon's Swap.com review – and see what she ordered for $91.  Also included are my tips and tricks about how to navigate the website and return policies!


Have you tried out Swap.com yet? I'd love to hear your experience ~ leave a comment to share! And, if you're a new Swap.com user, save 45% with the code PPP45 at checkout + Free Shipping on $10 Purchase. Happy shopping!


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  1. Amber Beckman says

    My 10 year old daughter is the same way as yours……they say we will miss this one day….hmmm?!?!

  2. Ulysses Thomaston says

    Are there any free shipping promo codes still usable at checkout?

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