How to Coupon the Lazy Way! (Just got this app and love it)

Wanting to learn how to coupon the lazy way?  This little app is my new best friend for saving big bucks without the hard work!

How to Coupon the Lazy Way

Jamie here!

I used to be an extreme couponer – until my life got too busy to keep up with it.  Now I see all the good deals whooshing past me each week and I feel so left out – I want to save money too!!

But also, I don't want to commit to printing, clipping, buying newspapers, mapping out the stores to hit each week, etc….

I want to be a lazy couponer!

Well, I recently got the app, and it's helping me do just that.


The app has lots of the same manufacturer coupons that are on their classic site.  But all you need to do to use them is click on the coupon and it loads up to your store loyalty card.  (Walgreens, here I come!)

For stores without loyalty cards – think Target and Walmart – you just take a picture of your receipt afterwards and submit it to get your coupon savings added to your Paypal account.

Here's the video of my store trip if you want to come shopping with me!

I took my app on a test run today to Walgreens – and I feel like I'm back in the savings saddle again!  I got Pantene for 66¢.  Do you know how long it's been since I was able to get shampoo for those prices?  (I think my youngest was still in diapers!)

I got Arm & Hammer Laundry Detergent for 99¢!

Overall I save $17 off my total with the least amount of work possible.  My cashier was amazed when we watched the total drop for $45 to $28, she said “Hey… what App did you use again??” 😂

My PPP Team friend Shannon is a fan of traditional couponing.  She is great at prepping for trips and squeezing the most out of every deal opportunity.  She is definitely NOT a lazy couponer…. 🙂  However she had these things to say about the App. App Benefits:

  • A lot of the coupons that are in app are coupons that are no longer available to print (or their exclusive to the app)
  • There is a coupon of the day coupon
  • This is good if you forgot your coupons and shopped you can still get your savings.
  • Or if there is a really good deal on something you can use your printables and app to get 3 of that item.
  • You can use this with Ibotta rebate


Here are a few deals Shannon recommends at Target this week.  Since Target is NOT a loyalty card type of store, she submitted her receipt afterwards to get her money.

She wanted to mention that it took several tries for her receipt to go through, and when we contacted they said this is an iPhone bug they're working on.  You can always reach out to their support team directly at if you have issues!

Target Deals

Bic Balance Disposable Razor – $5.49

Colgate Essentials Toothpaste – $4.99 

Axe Body Wash – $3.99

Schick Disposable Razors – $5.99

Mrs. Meyers Laundry Booster Softener – $8.99

***Extreme Couponer Scenario***

Spend $20, Get $5 Gift Card when you spend $20 or more on 

*Deal Idea*

Buy 1 Bic Balance Disposable Razor – $5.49
Buy 2 Oral B Toothbrush starting at $3.49
Buy 1 Colgate Essentials Toothpaste – $4.99 
Buy 1 Rimmel Eye Liner or Lip Gloss – $3.99

In summary – there are lots of great coupon apps out there  (You can get one for just about every store you shop at!) But the App is versatile in that it can cover most of your stores with just one app.  And at stores with a loyalty card you will see your savings INSTANTLY which I love!


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