Shannon’s CVS Trip: $2.17 (Plus Tax) for $104.34 in Products

Here is what I grabbed at CVS for the great Black Friday Ad!  This is the shopping trip that we wait for all year. 🙂 I met up with Laurie, her daughter and nephew, Adam.  He's a college student so I gave him my laundry detergent (he swapped his Somnapure for my mission trip) so that's missing in the picture.  I paid almost only tax on my transactions and only used 7 coupons

***Just a reminder ~ if you have people behind you let them go first. 🙂

Here we go: (If you don't have any ECBs to start with, go to this scenario)

Transaction #1

Bought 1 Visine $5.49
Bought Kraft Mac N Cheese $.89
Bought 1 Reese's Pieces Theater Pack $.99
Bought 1 Orbit Gum $1.00
Bought 1 5 Gum $1.00
Bought 1 GUM Toothbrush $2.00
Bought 1 Children's Advil $2.37
Bought 1 Advil 4 pk $.99
Bought 1 CVS Training Pants $.99
Bought 1 Nice N Easy $5.49
Bought 1 Total Home Laundry Detergent $1.79
Bought 1 Ricola $.99
Bought 2 Sparkle $1.00

Transaction #2 

Bought 1 CVS True Diabeties Meter $12.99
Bought 1  CVS Anti-Diarrheal 12 ct $4

  • Used $15 ECB from Transaction #1
  • Paid $1.75 out of pocket ($1.36 tax), Got $16.99 ECBs

Transaction #3

Bought 1 Somnapure $1.99
Bought 1 Mycratine Migraine Medicine $4.99
Bought 1 Listerine $2.99
Bought 2 Starbucks $3.00

  • Used $10 ECB from transaction #2
  • Paid $.90 out of pocket (tax), Got $16 ECBs
Transaction #4 
Bought 1 Probiotic $9.99
Bought 1 Colgate Toothpaste $3.00
Bought 1 Colgate Travel Size $3.29
Bought 1 GUM Toothbrush $2.00
  • Used $.50/1 coupon from the 11/24 Smartsource stacked with $2.50 coupon printing from the Red Kiosk
  • Used $16 ECBs from transaction #3
  • Paid $.12 out of pocket, I do not know how it came out so cheap, Got $15 ECBs back
Transaction #5
Bought 1 Reeses Pieces $.79
Bought 1 CVS Liners $.99
  • Used $2 ECB from Transaciton #4 (I ate $.22)
  • Paid $.16 out of pocket, Got $1.79 ECBs
So I have $14.79 ECBs for next week! I am super excited because there is a great Tide deal! From now on you keep these ECBs rolling so you do not have to pay much out of pocket again!
And here's what I'm donating: 
And, just to embarrass him, here's Laurie's nephew Adam getting his very first CVS card. She's so proud. 😉



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  1. ***Just a reminder ~ if you have people behind you let them go first. 🙂

    I ran into CVS on my way to work to get a coke and something for a headache. I really appreciated Laurie stepping aside mid transactions to let me check out. Although I did enjoy seeing her get some great deals. Love PPP.

  2. At our CVS, they had an unadvertised “Buy $150 prepaid PayPal MasterCard debit card”, get $50 in ECBs.
    NOW…the gift card cost $5.95 to buy and has a $4.95 monthly fee, but it’s still a $40 money maker. You can buy it, activate it right away (if you have a smart phone – it’s easiest to do over the internet or wait til you get home) and use that to purchase your other things. Or it’s great to take grocery or gift shopping and use it up! Not the simplest transaction, but it was worth it.

    And $50 ECBs isn’t the easiest to spend, but if they have a good Tide deal coming up, maybe I’ll use it for that!

    • Hey Jayme! That is a good deal! I agree, that would be hard to spend. The next weeks ad is pretty good, hopefully you can put the ECBs to good use! : )

  3. I tried the B1G1 and there isn’t such a coupon. There is a Sparkle $1.00 off of a 6 pack or more only.

  4. I am having a hard time determining which coupons I am supposed to get from the links. It would be more helpful if I knew what coupons are for which product. Thanks.

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