Clean The Pantry {Part One}


Know what I love? Abundance. I've been couponing seriously for six or seven years, but even now when I open my cupboards to a full stocked pantry, I can't help but get a tiny adrenaline rush. (Have I mentioned lately I'm a penny pinching nerd?) 😉


While our family really has always had enough, there were so many days prior to couponing when we had just enough. Because we've always tried to live within our means, there were many days when it was all I could do to stretch our grocery budget from paycheck to paycheck, but there really wasn't plenty.


So, I'm not going to complain one tiny bit about cleaning out my bulging pantry. (Really, who can complain about that?) Instead, we'll spend the next three  days getting the pantry cleaned out, and hopefully you'll do a little pantry clearing out too. I'd love to hear how you do (and you can send me an email also if you'd like to share your pics!)  While it's great to organize simply to have some control over the clutter in your home, organizing is also so important so that you can shop wisely at the grocery store. (More details on that tomorrow. . .)


Enough chit chat, here's just how bad it was (go right ahead and prepare to be shocked at this disaster . . .)


Before. . . 

YIKES! Why on earth do I show this stuff with you all???

After. . . 

Tip: My kids brought home cardboard standing magazine files last year from school, which help keep our pasta boxes from toppling over. I also love this smart tip for organizing canned goods (perfect with all those great Coca Cola sales at CVS this week!)

And here are a few items I found to donate .. . those bottles of Grape Juice have been in there since New Year's 2012, but no one in my family will drink the stuff, so surely our church's food pantry can find a new home for it! 😉

Your turn now! If your pantry needs it, determine to spend the next few days really getting it cleaned out. Take on bite-sized pieces each day, and I promise it'll feel so good to have it all done. I can't wait to hear how you do, and if you have any tips on cleaning out the pantry, I'd love for you to leave a comment to share!

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