7 Secrets You Need To Know Before Shopping Lowe’s




If you love shopping Lowe's like we do (especially now that Spring is almost here!), there are a few secrets you need to know to help you pinch a penny every time you shop. Here are my favorite tricks for saving while I'm there . . .

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1. Get free text message alerts from Lowe's.

Go HERE to sign up for free text messages from Lowe's, and occasionally you may get a free coupon as well. To sign up, go to the bottom of the page on the right hand side and click “sign up for free alerts” (text message rates will apply.)


2. Military discount.

If you're currently serving in the military, a retired veteran or a VA Recipient (including their immediate family), show your military ID at checkout to save 10% off your entire order at Lowe's.

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3. Rebates.

Lowe's offers rebates every month on dozens of items in the store, which is a great way to save on major appliances! Go HERE to see all the current rebates available this month.


4. Buy Lowe's gift cards at Kroger.

If you have a major Lowe's purchase to make, swing by Kroger before Lowe's and pick up gift cards so that you can earn fuel points on your purchase. You'll get double points every day at Kroger on gift card purchases, and occasionally they offer digital coupons for 4x Fuel Points to help you save even more. 


5. Save on Lowe's gift cards at eBay.

You can also often pick up discounted Lowe's gift cards on eBay when they're on sale. Go HERE and watch for a $50 gift card for $45 to save $5 ~ not currently available but hopefully we'll see one soon!

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6. Watch your receipt.

If an item you purchase goes on sale within 2 weeks of your purchase, take your receipt back to Lowe's and they'll refund the difference. 


7. Take advantage of Lowe's price matching policy.

If you find a lower price at a Lowe's competitor on the exact same item, Lowe's will give you 10% off the competing stores price.  To price match, visit your local Lowe's customer service desk.

I've heard they'll also price match online prices (such as Amazon) if you show them the price in the store. Definitely worth trying out if you find a better price online but want to pick something up locally!



It really never hurts to haggle. 🙂 Especially when buying appliances or big ticket items, nicely ask a Lowe's employee if they'll consider offering a reduced price. A great way to make sure you're getting the best price is to check the item online at using the Amazon App and the Lowe's website, to make sure you really are getting the best price. If you find a better deal somewhere else, ask for Lowe's to beat that price!


What other ways have you been able to save at Lowe's? I'd love to hear your tips ~ leave a comment to share! 




Looking for other ways to save at your favorite stores this spring?

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