17 Things You Need to Know Before Shopping at Home Goods



If you've been reading PPP long at all you know I absolutely love pretty things for my home, but so hate paying full price! Home Goods is usually my second stop when decorating a space in our home, and I could spend hours meandering their aisles.


If you're looking to shop Home Goods there are a few things to look for while you're there ~ here's what you'll want to watch for . . .



1.Before shopping Home Goods for many items, check out your local thrift store or Goodwill first.

While I've found a ton of deals at Home Goods, I always like to check Goodwill and local thrift stores for basic furnishings (chairs, tables, glassware, etc.) before shopping Home Goods, because you can really save a bundle if you can find the right piece. When you're looking, watch for the size and shape of an item (especially on tables and chairs), and think about whether you can save something extra by just slapping on some paint.


2. Do not step foot into Home Goods without a planned budget in place.

Guys, I love Home Goods. Love. it. But you can so easily fall in love with every single item in the store (and so much of it is priced incredibly reasonably!), so you've got to go in with a budget in place. Know what pieces you're looking for, and before making a purchase be sure you absolutely love it so you don't overspend on things you don't need.

Note: Home Goods return policy is full return within 30 days with a receipt after 30 days you'll get a store credit even if you still have your receipt. 

3. Beware the Home Goods/TJMaxx credit card.

Honestly guys, we've made it a policy in our home that we just don't do store credit cards. We do have a credit card that we use to earn air miles which gets paid off every month, but that's because in twenty years we've never ever (never) carried a balance.


When you get to the checkout lane, it is oh-so-tempting to enjoy that extra 10% off by opening a store credit card. However, if you don't have money to pay for what's in your buggy, go put everything back (I promise you'll thank me one day!) 😉

Okay, now to the fun stuff 🙂 


4. Watch Home Goods for awesome seasonal decor.

Home Goods has such cute seasonal decor, and if you can wait until the end of the season you'll save even more! 

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 10.55.02 AM

I found this wreath that I'd been eyeing for ages for $29 at Home Goods. The same wreath was priced at $89 (eek!) at a local boutique store, so I was thrilled with my little deal!



5. Home Goods has amazing prices on glassware.

If you're looking for inexpensive way to decorate, you can't beat prices on glassware. Check your local thrift store first (and even the Dollar Tree for smaller items), but if you're looking for a piece to make a big statement on a penny pinched budget, the glassware section at  Home Goods is a great place to start. (Just make sure you don't have small kids nearby ~ eek!)



6. Check out small end tables at Home Goods.


Home Goods has great funky end tables priced for way under $100 ~ there's no reason to pay more for these at a high end furniture store!



7. Don't miss the furniture section at Home Goods, and check back often.

Home Goods has amazing furniture priced for a fraction of what a high end furniture store would cost. However, their selection rotates fast, so what you see today won't likely be there tomorrow.


A friend of mine recommended a chaise for my office when I was re-doing it, and found the one pictured above for $900 at a local design store.

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 4.08.28 PM

She then suggested watching Home Goods for one before paying that much. Sure enough I walked into Home Goods several times and didn't see anything for several weeks, until I walked in one more time on a whim and found the chaise above.


It was $399 (half the cost of the design store brand), and I absolutely fell in love with it – in fact I like it even more than the higher end brand. (The desk and lamp are from Home Goods as well ~ see closeup pictures of my office makeover over HERE.)


8. You can instantly change a worn out couch by checking out the Home Goods pillow aisle.

While my first option for updating pillows is definitely the pillow covers at Hobby Lobby, Home Goods has a huge selection of pillows that you don't want to miss. I like to look at the ones grouped together in twos first to get the most bang for my buck.




9. If you need a basket, Home Goods is the place to be.

I absolutely love the selection of baskets at Home Goods! While TJMaxx and Marshall's carry some as well, the selection at Home Goods is just so much larger and worth a trip if you have one nearby.




10. Watch Home Goods for a huge selection of dishes.

If you're looking for unique dishes (or just less expensive dishes), check out Home Goods. We have a basic set of plain white dishes from Target for our every day meals, and since they're white it's easy to find an extra piece or two to coordinate from Home Goods for just a few dollars.





11. Home Goods has very reasonable prices on high end bedding.


If you're looking for quality bedding sets, make sure to see what Home Goods has in stock. These change all the time, so if you don't see one that's right on the first trip, be patient and wait a few weeks for them to re-stock.


guest bedroom makeover on a penny pinched budget ~ the bedding is from Home Goods, everything else is from Goodwill, yard sales, or re-purposed decor we already had in our basement


I usually stick to bedding at Home Goods, so I can fluff it up by changing out the pillows. Home Goods usually has a large selection of white bedding, and you can easily shop their pillow aisle to turn it into the look you want.




12. Home Goods has a huge selection of rugs, but you may have to muddle through them when you're there.

If you're looking for a new rug (either a small floor rug or large area rug), you can find a huge selection at Home Goods. You may have to dig a bit to find one that works for you, but the prices are so much less than designer stores and are usually quality rugs!

13. Also swing by Home Goods for shower curtains and wall decor. 🙂



14. Don't miss the clearance section at Home Goods.

You never know what may show up in the clearance section at Home Goods, so be sure to take a peek when you're there.


15. If you notice an item at Home Goods is slightly damaged but you still would like it, ask for a discount. They may be able to discount your price, and it never hurts to nicely ask!

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 10.57.54 AM

16. Follow #homegoodshappy and #homegoods on Instagram to see what other folks are finding at Home Goods. (I'd sure love for you to follow PPP too while you're there!)
17. Home Goods selection varies a lot by store.

There are some great Home Goods stores and some not-so-great stores. I haven't figured out any rhyme or reason to it, but if you don't find something you're looking for at your regular store and have another one in your town it may be worth making a trip to check it out.

Kilimanjaro (1)

All stores items vary so much every week as they get new trucks in, so don't give up if you don't find the thing you're looking for on your first trip. I'd love to hear what your favorite Home Goods find has been ~ leave a comment to share! Ummm, I might just be on my way to Home Goods right this minute . . . 🙂




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