7 Secrets You Need To Know Before Shopping At Michaels


Need a Michael's coupon? Go HERE to print yours (and you can just show them on your smartphone too. Love that!) 


Love shopping Michaels Craft Store? Goodness, I do too! And I love that Michaels is coupon friendly, so you can save big every time you shop.

Here are my top 7 secrets you need to know before shopping at Michaels:
1. Use store coupons.

Michaels offers new store coupons that you can find in the Sunday fliers in your newspaper as well as online every week. You can print the coupon or just show them the coupon on your Smartphone.


Michaels often randomly offers a very high value coupon for one day only, so watch for those savings as well. When I hear one of these pop up I always post the information here on PPP, so be sure to subscribe to daily emails or follow PPP on Facebook so you don't miss those savings!

2. Check out Michaels Mobile Alerts & App.

Sign up for mobile text alerts from Michaels by texting the words JOIN2 to 273-283. Standard text message rates do apply, but they send out coupons as often as 8 messages per month.

You can also download the Michaels app to your Smartphone to easily get coupons to show in store. I just checked, and found the following coupons available (which are the same coupons you can find on their website🙂

  • 20% off entire purchase (including sale items)
  • 60% off framing
  • 40% off regular price stickers & embellishments by Recollections
  • 40% off regular price stringing, cording and tools by Bead Landing

(These will vary by week and are just an example of what's currently available) 

3. Take advantage of competitor coupons.

Michaels will accept coupons from the following stores (as long as they're in your area):

  • ACMoore
  • JoAnne Fabrics
  • Ben Franklin
  • Hobby Lobby

Michaels will accept a competitor coupon up to 50% off any single item, however they won't allow coupons for a percentage off your entire order (i.e. 25% off your entire purchase.) Depending on the management at your store, you may be able to use a competitor coupon AND a store coupon in the same transaction.


4. Don't miss Michaels special one or two day sales.

Michaels frequently offers special short term deals, which you can find when you check their weekly ad online or sign up for their daily emails. This is a great way to save, and I've found fantastic prices on mason jars, canvases, and photo boxes watching for these sales.

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 12.27.24 PM


5. Shop Michaels “dollar” bins & big savings aisle.

All Michaels stores have dollar bins (really $1.50 bins) near the front of the store. These often go on clearance, and are a great way to stock up on seasonal decor, cute muffin cups, thank you notes, gift tags and lots more! I always make a beeline for this section of the store as soon as I walk in the door.

There's also an aisle in most Michaels stores that has special gift items, kids activities, teacher gift ideas and more. I've seen these aisles clearanced 50% as well, which is a great way to stock up on inexpensive gifts, birthday treats, cute buckets and so much more while you're there!

6. Watch for seasonal clearance at Michaels.

Michaels offers huge clearance savings, especially on seasonal decor. I've found great deals on Christmas decor, fall decorations, items for Spring and more by taking advantage of their clearance deals.

(Recent video of my clearance savings at Michaels – you can save so much by watching for those clearance sales!)


If you watch closely, they often clearance out items that are not specifically seasonal so you can save big on things you can use year round (for example, last Spring they clearanced cute paper straws that work any time of year.) So, watch those clearance bins because you never know what you may find!


7. Enjoy Military, Senior & Teacher Discounts.

Are you a member of the military? If you have a military ID card you can save an additional 10% off every single day when you shop Michaels. You can also save 15% every day at Michaels if you're 55 or older.  Love that!

Teachers also save 15% at Michaels every day on participating items.  If you're a teacher, save 15% at Michaels on products designed for your classroom. See the store management at your local Michaels to find out what's included in this promotion.

Not sure crafting is for you? Michaels offers classes too!

Michaels also offers in store classes including classes for kids and adults. A few of their classes are free (however you may need to buy supplies), and some of their paid for classes start at just $2 per class. Go HERE to see what classes are offered at your local store.


Go HERE to read Michaels coupon policy, and if you've come up with other ways to save at Michaels I'd love to hear about it! Take a minute to leave a comment to share ~ I love hearing from you.



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  1. Just throwing one more “secret” out there about shopping at Michaels- you can buy gift certificates to Michael’s at cardcash.com (totally legit, I’ve done it may times!) and they are usually 20-30% off face value. Stack that with a coupon and sale and you can get some GREAT deals! 🙂


      I do this as well. Caution though, check your card balance as soon as you get it. And don’t carry it around a couple of months before you spend it (really? like who can hang on to it that long?). I use giftcardgranny.com to find the best deals on cards. I have been known to download one on my phone in the store before I buy! Be sure you check / know the difference in ecards and physical cards though.


        oh and one more thing. You can’t use coupons on books/magazines at Michaels. So use the same principles at Hobby Lobby where you CAN use their coupon on books/magazines unless their policy has changed recently.

  2. Check your Michael’s receipts for opportunities to fill out surveys for $5 off your next $15 purchase. You can use these in conjunction with coupons just have the checker apply the coupons first then your survey code works like cash.

  3. ….I can never use coupons at Michael’s there are so many exclusions that I just can never find anything I want or need that I can actually use a coupon on. I don’t shop there anymore because of this.

  4. I work at Michaels and we do have a way to use competitor’s coupons such as 25% off the entire order. If the cashier doesn’t know how to do it, the manager will. The manager has special scan aides they can use. Happy shopping!

  5. There are exclusions on the bottom of the coupons for legit reasons. The manufacturers of those products have an agreement with Michaels Corporate that Michaels won’t accept any sort of Coupons on Their products. Don’t fault the employee’s. Their hands are tied… Also, it is NOT the place of the store to provide You with a Coupon if You “Left Yours at Home, Forgot it out in the Car, Threw it out with Your Recycling…” etc. Does Your Grocery Store provide You with Coupons when You forgot Your Stack of Them at Home on the Kitchen Table? I highly doubt it… ALSO… if You are going to use the Mobile App, or look up the Coupons and Savings online on Your Phone, please try loading them BEFORE you get up to the Register… It is also not the employees place to show You how to operate Your phone. They can’t touch Your phone to load it for You. ( They would be held liable if something happened to Your phone.) There are Awesome savings at Michaels!! I would rather get 50% off something versus feeling the need to use a 40% coupon just because I have one!!!!

  6. I quit shopping at Michaels after a coupon incident. They sent an email stating 30% off an item (yes it did and I double checked and saved the email and screen saved the webpage pic). I printed the coupon it said 20% off. I took it to the store and tried to use the coupon explaining the email said 30% off. I told the manager and he basically blew me off and gave me customer service #. I called customer service and they said they would get back with me (they never did). After waiting for Michaels customer service to call back I checked the website page and they had changed the percentage off, but not the image name (hover over the image and a name or whatever pops up). It showed 30% off even tho the picture had been changed to 20%. That really ticked me off. I don’t appreciate being treated the way they treated me that day. I have never encountered this issue and treatment anywhere but at Michaels.

  7. My only issue with Michael’s is that they’ve joined the long list of retailers opening on Thanksgiving Day. I’ve significantly reduced my shopping at their store because of it and tend to patronize other craft stores that are still closed that day.

    • Trust me, the employees hate it too. but it’s even worse when the people who come to shop that day complain that we are open. Gr

    • Why is that an issue? Not everyone has family events happening on Thanksgiving.. The Michael’s that I work in asked for volunteers to work on Thanksgiving. We brought in food, and it was an enjoyable evening.

  8. Did you know that if you are a military soldier or even the wife of a soldier – you qualify for 10% off your entire order too! Just show your military ID or even your spouse can show their ID. This discount is generally better than the coupons, because you receive it off the entire order. I have even had clerks give me the military discount and give me a coupon discount on one additional item. I love Michael’s just for showing military love to our soldiers and families that have sacrificed. The other big arts and crafts chains don’t offer this and so I only shop at Michael’s because of their appreciation for the military.

  9. Dee Lafrenz says

    Actually our Walgreen’s does provide you with manufacturers coupons. Some of the clerks cut them out of the papers they get, and if they see a customer with the products, they give you a coupon. I saved $12 one day because of the clerk. I needed razor blades, and she had 2 coupons. But this is NOT the norm.

  10. Dee Lafrenz says

    I also did not know their Senior Discount was every day. LOVE coupons, and saving any way I can. Thanks for the heads up! This will save me lots. I crochet for birthdays and holidays for friends and family.

  11. Did you know Aaron Brothers is owned by the same company that owns Michael’s? Because of this you can use a 50% off coupon for Aaron Brothers at any Michael’s, which is great because if you get on A.B’s mailing list, you almost ALWAYS have a 50% coupon in an email from them you can print and use at Michael’s.

    • TiffanyLC says

      thanks for sharing that! I just signed up for AB mailing list. The only AB by us is over 20 miles away but I can certainly use the coupon at Michaels!

  12. I was told the senior discount was only one day a month, and I was also denied usage of my Joann Fabrics coupons. They said they did not take them. Next time, I will take a copy of their coupon policy with me. I walked out without my order because of it. That was in the Woodbury, MN store.

    • I am in MN as well and usually got to the Burnsville store. They have always taken the JoAnn’s coupons for % of one item, but not the % off total purchase ones. I can’t speak to the senior discount. I hate it when companies are not on the same page and store managers seem to make up rules. Argh!

  13. Tiffany Vandeford says

    Our store also makes $2 grab bags with their clearance stuff if it doesn’t sale for whatever they mark it down for. You can find a lot of great stuff and who cares if one bag is crap, it was $2 and you more than make up for it with others. I’ve gotten a bag before with over $75 worth of paint brushes in it.

  14. Sallie McDaniel says

    I stopped shopping at Michael’s because they got rid of most of their counted cross stitch and embroidery. I go to Hobby Lobby and Joann’s because they carry a great selection to choose from and have great coupons as well. I was really disappointed in Michael’s because it was my go to store for that, not anymore.

  15. I worked at Michaels as a manager for a few years. You ca. Combine discounts, such as military and a coupon for 50% off one item. Always have them scan a coupon, eve if you buy all clearance- once in awhile the system is messed up and won’t mark the new price as clearance so the register will take more off. The $1 section upfront is seasonal, even if they look like the same items. Heck the price label- it has the date it was printed in the corner, so you’ll know about when they will go on clearance(switched 5 times a year). Adult use of the classroom while there is not a store event is now free; if the managers are nice sometimes they’ll let you use the store tools. If you ever take a class’s and are having trouble finding the supplies based on description, ask someone with a price gun to help- the 6-digit codes on your supplies list can be used to find the exact location( this is especially helpful for jewelry classes). All Michaels should now have WiFi: connect to this when you come in and the app works way better for the coupons(this is also updated weekly regardless if there is a paper ad or not). If you have trouble getting the coupon to scan at the register make the screen brighter. Michaels matches prices on identical items; this can be combined with coupons usually. With on the store, there are identical items in different packaging and sections- sometimes the price is different, or one may be on sale(like floral wire. We carry the regular stuff in floral, but there is also usually some in the seasonal sections that go on sale with the items of the same packaging). You can use 1 of each type of coupon per transaction, per person; 30% off regular total,50% off an item, and military 10% off everything(these work with sales btw). (I used to have a lady who would bring her 4 kids in so they could each use a coupon.) The $2 grab bags go FAST and are only done when we have an extreme surplus of clearance, usually 90% off is pulled from the floor. ., typically within 3 weeks of a big clearance event. if you buy ribbon, they can make you bows at the floral desk, but there is a fee. Micheals usually will accept any competitor coupon, not distance-related (I read in someone’s comments they wouldn’t accept your Joann coupon bc there wasn’t the store in your town). Clerks remember the nice customers and the mean ones! We are more likely to help you, especially when it comes to discounts, if you are the former type. Please read the exceptions on the coupon before shopping- they are cooperate policy, and while it May seem like a lot, there’s nothing we can do to override and that is your responsibility- don’t take it out on the checkers. One last thing- don’t be one of those hypocritical morons who come in to shop on holidays and then complain to the employees that the store is open, especially on thanksgiving!!

  16. If you are a non profit you can get tax exempt card. Did this for church and Girl Scouts.

  17. Love this article, I shop at Michael’s frequently and never new they accepted competitors coupons! Thanks for posting, I will be sharing!

  18. Stephanie says

    Just so you know, the military discount has been increased to 15% off!

  19. I’m an employee at Michaels and there is no way that you’ll get 30% of your entire purchase, including sale items. Also, the highest discounts go is to 80%. If you keep giving your email you are helping out the employee buy giving them more work hours. By this you can receive special coupons for yourself, if you keep buying wilton items you’ll get Wilton coupons! Also please be nice and they might even surprise you with a coupon!(:

    • TiffanyLC says

      I just want to clarify on the email: Everytime I go into Michaels (probably weekly, ahem) the clerk asks if I’m signed up for emails. I say yes (because, of course, i’ve been signed up for years). You are saying that I should say no and give them my same email and they get rewarded? I don’t mind doing that if it helps them out (they’re usually nice). Or, do i need to give them a different email everytime for it to count toward helping them? That would be hard to do after the 3rd week 🙂

  20. Leann m lewis says

    I just came home from Michaels. I’ve never had a problem before, but I tried to use a Joann coupon tbats a 2 day thing for 60% off one item. She said no we dont take those, only up to 50% off one item. I asked why, she said because Michael’s doesn’t offer coupons that high, so they don’t accept them either. Then she said…also another reason is because joanns doesn’t carry that watercolor paint. I think she was wrong, most certainly she made up that last part, it was a national brand paint, not a store brand. I’ve half a mind to go back. Joanns on the other hand will take your phone from you and find more coupons for you to use.

  21. I just went there and they refused to honor a 25% off all purchase and military discount. They wouldn’t stack the savings. 🙁

  22. Jessica Bach says

    It’s the middle of June and the spring home decor is currently 60% off, does anyone know when they bring it to 70 and 80% off?


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