What Should You Buy At The Dollar Tree?

What to Buy at The Dollar Tree


What Should You Buy at the Dollar Tree

Have you ever wondered what you should buy at the Dollar Tree, and what's not really a deal?  One dollar is often easy to spend, and it's easy to put things in your cart without really knowing if you're getting a good deal.

But, after you factor in the size of the item your price may not be as good as you think it is. (More and more manufacturers are making smaller sized packages to sell at the Dollar Tree, which definitely can affect your savings!)   Here are a few items we feel are totally worth picking up at your Dollar Tree store.

Personal Care Items

1. Epsom Salt (1 lb) $1 Compare to $5-$6 for double the size at Kroger or Target – even after getting a smaller size this still is a great price

2. Q-Tips (250- 350 st) $1 Compare to $3-$4 in most stores

3. Pregnancy Test $1 I work at our local pregnancy test center, and have learned these are pretty accurate (and cost $10-$15 each at other stores!)

4. First Aid Products: Band Aids & Gauze – $1

Educational Resources & Office Supplies

5. Envelopes $1 These range $1-$3 at other stores

6. Post It Notes $1 Compare to $2-$3 at other stores

7. Dry Erase Markers & Sharpies $1  Compare to $2-$3 at other stores

8. Learning Books, Coloring Books and Word Searches $1 Compare to $5-$6 at other stores

9. Preschool/Kindergarten Manuscript Tablet $1

Hair Items and Other Household Items

10. Hair Wraps, Clips, Headbands & Other Hair Care Products  $1 Compare to $3-$8 at other stores

11. Trash Can $1 (perfect for bedrooms or bathrooms) Compare to $3-$5 at other stores

12. Plastic Bins & Storage Containers $1 Compare to from $2-$4 at other stores

13. Sponges $1 Compare to $2-$3 at other stores

14. Vinyl Gloves – $1 Compare to $3-$5 at other stores


15. Project Display boards & Poster Boards $1 These usually are a little smaller than you'll find  at the office supply stores, but you'll pay $1 instead of $8-$10 per board ~ if your kiddos has a class project, these work perfectly!

Party Supplies

We've always purchased all of our party supplies at the Dollar Tree – they have a great selection, and the kids usually don't care what the plates look like to begin with!

16. Gift Bags $1  Compare to $3-$5 at other stores

17. Party Invitations & Party Hats, and Decorations $1 Compare to $3-$10 at other stores

18. Party Hats $1 Compare to $3-$5 at other stores

19. Greeting Cards are only $.50 – $1 Compare to $3-$5 at other stores


Groceries are very hit and miss at the Dollar Tree, but there are a few deals to be found.  Be careful when shopping for groceries at the Dollar Tree to consider the price per ounce to make sure you're getting a good price, and don't forget they do accept manufacturer coupons which can make for some really great deals!   

20. Spices $1 Compare to $2-$6 at other stores

21. Movie Theater Candy $1 HUGE savings! 🙂 Head to the Dollar Tree before going to movies and you'll save a whopping $4-$5 per box of candy – crazy!

22. Soymilk (Quart) $1 Compare to $3-$5 at other stores

23. Glassware $1 Compare to $2-$4 at other stores (perfect for birthday party favors and seasonal decorationals – see more HERE and HERE)


24. Holiday decor (see more HERE and HERE)

25. Small gift ideas (see more HERE)



What else do you regularly buy at the Dollar Tree? We'd love to hear what you would add to the list ~ leave a comment to share!

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  1. The 2/$1 and $1 and all manufactured and stocked by American Greetings. There is little difference between a $1 card and a $5 card other than the weight of the paper. Often they use the same design on both types of cards. Dollar a General also has a better selection of cards, especially during holidays.

  2. Keep your eye out for homemade “uncrustables” maker. I bought a wonder bread one at my Dollar Tree and it works great! Also tons of Disney items at Dollar Tree. These are great for parties or cheap souvenirs.
    This reminds me it has been way too long since I’ve visited a DT. Thanks for posting! I need to look for one of those school poster board displays! 🙂

    • Hi Mary – just saw those at the Dollar Tree in Lewis Center a few weeks ago! I never thought about the Disney items and forgot bread ~ great tips! 🙂

  3. Kathy Ausburn says

    I picked up 2 bar packages of Dial and Zest soap for a dollar.Those ate usually much more than that.

  4. i always find great deals on whole wheat bread at DT. My store
    Consistently has Natures Own brand for a buck!! A steal compared to the $3+ at the grocery store!

  5. Glennis Griner says

    Sam’s Club beats Dollar Tree on:
    Post It Notes $.47+ per pad vs $.50
    Sharpies $.62+ vs $1.00
    Dry Erase Sam’s over $1

  6. Meredith says

    I recently broke my mop and needed a new one. At other stores the cheapest I could find was $5. I decided to check at DT and sure enough, I purchased TWO mops, different styles and after using the first one I don’t think my floors have been cleaner!! …except for when I scrubbed them on my hands and knees!!

  7. I found reusable K-cup filters here and they work better than the ones I bought on Amazon!

  8. I buy all my tissue paper (the kind you stuff in those awesome $1 gift bags!) at Dollar Tree. Plain white I think is 35-40 sheets, glittered 20 sheets, and colored 20-25 sheets. Also, rolls of wrapping paper – especially at Christmas, and the jumbo plastic gift bags that you can fit those oversized toys and things in. Sesame Street/Disney board books for my baby grandson, super hero coloring books and crayons for my little neighbor.

    Another “hidden surprise” is their frozen food section. Seven cheese sticks for a buck? Heck yeah! Jimmy Dean, Marie Callender individual size breakfast items, half a dozen eggs (fridge section) are a good deal since they’ve been running $2.29/dozen or more at Publix. Oh – and scissors! I’m forever losing them, but at $1 I keep a pair in every room lol!

  9. cheap spices are actually known to be filled with chemical fillers. It’s better to spend a little more to know what u r actually injesting. 😉

  10. I love the batteries and the zip top bags!

  11. We bought 6 huge wine goblets at the Dollar Store and used them to dye Easter eggs. They each held an egg perfectly, and we could see the egg through the clear glass to sort of guess at the level of tint. Now we use them around the house as sort of a joke to drink ice water in the hot summer. =-)

  12. Sometimes you can find bowl covers(kind of look like shower caps) where aluminum foil and such items are.

    MYLAR BALLOONS….they have been known to last three months in my house! Best you can find and only a buck! Do bring your own weight or you can buy one there. Tie it to your bag if you forgot until you get home.

  13. hildegaard abbott says

    I buy all my laundry items at the dollar store. I don’t need fancy laundry items, I NEED clean clothes. I have been buying them at the dollar store for years. They work just fine, I swear by them. Also Betty Crocker kitchen items. Books…they sometimes have a great selection. My tip for getting the good books is if you shop at the Dollar Store, 99 Cent store, etc. and they sell book take a mental note of when the section is looking empty. Normally within 2 weeks they will receive a new shipment with a load of different tiltes. You never know what to expect but I have found books that at regualr price would sell for $25.

  14. Reading glasses! If you buy the OTC ones anyway you might as well buy them for $1 each. They also have sunglasses. And kits for repairing glasses, and other items like cases to carry them in.
    I’m sure there are lots of people reading this who are grateful for you sharing what you know about the pregnancy tests. I know I’ve noticed them before and wondered about the quality. Thanks for the info.

  15. Ear buds for a dollar !! My son, a teacher, asked me to buy these and donate them for his class.T here are other cell phone accessories . I also buy the sugar free Wyler’s drink mix just like Crystal Light, love the lemonade and orange. I always buy several boxes.

  16. Beware of their cheese and cream cheese; neither has any “real” ingredients!

  17. Terri Bolander says

    Canned fruit, peaches, apple, pineapple.
    I make dump cakes, fruit pies and throw in salads.
    Larger cans and money savings. Just bought Orchard Blend cranberry juice 64 ounces.
    Pretzel sticks and JIF peanut butter individual size. 3 pack.

  18. Cindy McDaniel says

    They have an “off” brand of the powdered OxyClean that works just as well, I always get the orange scented, and every once in a while they have the dustpans with the long handles so you don’t have to bend over when you use it, lol, and they last for a long time.

  19. Annette Stephens says

    I really like the scented 4 gallon trash bags we use them for pooh bags to pick up dog poop and then put it in the diaper pail and they cut down on the smell

  20. Tina Granger says

    I buy the hand wipes in the individual packets for your purse and the larger packs, hand sanitizer individual and pump bottles, laundry and cleaning products, vitamins, cold and cough medicine. I have a huge weakness for all the colorful organizing items and baskets. So many things I buy on a regular basis that we keep a dollar tree list. One real great bargain I’ve found is the pads for swifter mops. They normally cost around 50 cents each, at dollar tree there are 4 in the package for $1!!! When you find them grab enough to last a while, they’re hard to catch in stock. Light bulbs are another item we purchase there, they’re very expensive these days.

  21. Linda Robinson says

    Dry onion soup mix has 3 packets in the box vs 2 packets in other stores and is cheaper. I always stock up.

  22. Also, Yardley soap is a good buy—quality & nice smelling.

  23. Frozen fruit for smoothies are cheaper there. I buy several bags which is cheaper than the big bag at my local grocery store

  24. Some of the best buys I’ve found are the long fire starter lighters and plastic dome cake platters. They’re perfect for bake sales.

  25. Stephanie Estrada Nocerino says

    Facial Tissues (Scotties, Kleenex, Puff Tissue), Purse size tissue(comes in packs)Napkins,
    Brown Paper Lunchbags, Carefree (brand)pantyliners

    Thank you for your tips! they’re great!

  26. I always buy the stuffed olives….compared to $4 dollars at Walmart, I stock up.

  27. Cheryl odonnell says

    You ladies are so helpful thank you for all you do. I love the ideas for dollar tree never thought about spices until now.

  28. I buy many items at the dollar tree but recently found Prego spaghetti sauce in an 18.5 oz can, two of them are still cheaper than the 24 oz jar.

  29. Kitchen utensils & tools!! They have a huge variety that are surprisingly good quality.

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