How $44 Updated Our Boy & Girl Bathroom {& A Cool Bathroom Painting Tip}


I've been putting off updating my kids bathroom now for a mere eight years (I know ~ crazy!) because I just didn't know what to do with it. Because my three kids (two girls and a boy) share the bathroom, deciding on a “theme” has been difficult, so I just let it go (yucky builder paint and all) for entirely too long.


Finally though I decided to just use the paint that I already had on hand (it's the paint that's in the main areas of our home), and see what we could do with it. I took my kids to TJMaxx (note that I did not go to Target where they would inevitably fight over princess, camo colors, or zebra prints), and let them pick out the shower curtain.


My son actually picked out the grey shower curtain (I was shocked!) and I started remembering all the grey and yellow decor I've seen pop up on Pinterest. We then found a cute canvas print, spent a whopping $44, and headed home to paint.  Here's the breakdown of what we purchased:

  • Shower Curtain $14.99
  • “Life is Good” print $12.99
  • 2 white towels with grey trim $3.99 each (I probably need to pick up a few more of those)
  • Shower curtain rings $3.99
  • New trash can $3.99
  • Paint $0 (used leftover paint from the rest of the house)
  • Total = $43.95


Here's the tour (it's kinda small in there, so it was hard to get any good pictures!) 



soooo much better, and even my son loves it!


Here's a tip that a friend gave me last week for painting the bathrooms. 


In a perfect world, one would remove the toilet tank from the toilet prior to painting, however my husband wasn't home when I started painting and I'm not the kind of girl who likes to wait around when the mood for painting comes around.  (When you get the urge to paint, you gotta go fast or it'll be gone before you know it!)  😉   Soooo, cover your tank with plastic wrap while you paint, get as much as you can behind it, and when the paint's dry just remove the wrap. Smart!


An even smarter momma would remove the lid of the tank to give herself a little more room, ummm, but that didn't happen here . . . 



Have you flufffed up any rooms in your home recently on a budget?  I'd love to hear what you're up to! You can also join me on Pinterest (I love that place. . . ) Also, if there’s a craft you’ve seen on a website that you’re hoping to make, feel free to share that link as well (I’m always looking for new ideas!)


See previous Friday Fluff Up projects and ideas . . . and Happy Fluffing! 

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  1. Janine Solley says

    I love it… looks great…!!! Love the color..!! Great job, ty for the tip with the saran wrap.

  2. Love the tip with the saran wrap!!!! Getting ready to paint my throne room and that will definitely come in handy! Thank you!

  3. Thanks guys – I was pretty excited about the saran wrap tip too! 🙂

  4. I thought you had to have a special kind of paint for Bathrooms and Kitchens.

    • The paint that we used is a semi gloss for the whole house (but it doesn’t have too much sheen), and we’ve used it before in bathrooms without any issues. I think they do sell paint that’s specifically for bathrooms and kitchens, but we’ve been okay with regular paint so far (thankfully!)

  5. What was the name of the paint color used in this room?

    • I don’t have the color – it was a match Jill! I’ll send you an email with the info I did find on it (I have a picture of the lid where they matched it.) 🙂

  6. Can use any type of paint finish for kitchen and baths some prefer a satin or semi gloss so it can be wiped down better but with today’s paints as long as you get a good paint and have a good fan in the bath go with the look that you like for a finish.

  7. Stephanie Elkin Piepenburg says

    That price doesn't include the paint.

    • You’re right Stephanie – we had leftover paint from the rest of our house and it’s such a small room that it didn’t take much paint. Hope that makes sense!

  8. Any suggestions for old ugly tile ALL OVER bathroom? One is avocado green, the other funky blue…

  9. they now sell paint for ceramic tile

  10. Another tip for painting behind tank is to hot glue a painting pad to a stir stick (they ones they usually just give you when you buy the paint). Great for reaching those tight spaces while getting a good amount of coverage!

  11. Usually just want to use a semi-gloss or gloss paint, nothing special.

  12. Jerri Faye Powers Neighbours says

    I just saw that on pinterest and thought it was totally genius!

  13. OH I like this site

  14. I didn’t see a price for the molding around the mirror. I want to do my bathroom mirrors. 🙂

  15. Do you have the exact same before / after picture?
    what did u do with the vanity, mirror, and light fixture?
    is the after the paint, shower curtain, towels, and trashcan only?

    • I didn’t do anything with the mirror, vanity or light fixture – just painted and added some minimal decor. Even when there’s not much money to do tons of work, a little bit can help!

      • I’m so so happy that you shared this because your bathroom vanity area looks very much like mine and I want to spruce it all up a bit too. Though, hubster bought one of those glass cutter tools and is determined to cut down the mirror a little so that we can frame it (a little fancier without too much cost). I’m TERRIFIED of letting him try it! I fear that a project that should only cost about $20 will end up costing an additional $50 to replace the mirror!!! lol. But if he can pull it off, we’ll have a BEAUTIFUL trimmed out mirror for not much more than $20 over your project cost listed above. AWESOME!!!

        BTW, I’m still utterly amazed at how much difference a simple coat of paint makes to a room!!

        LOVE THIS!!!

        • I didn’t cut my mirror, but I framed it on top of the mirror, if that makes sense. I just used the mirror I had and put the trim on it using liquid nails. I kept it up with painter’s tape 24 hours, and it has done great. Looks just like I wanted it to.

  16. Love it … I just re-did mine and have a simular mirror … we took trim and painted it white … and kinda framed them mirror … love it !

  17. I just take a trash bag and place over the toilet before we paint. :)t o

  18. Jamie fye says

    What is the paint color called? I love that color!

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