7 Items You Should Always Look for at Goodwill {Before Shopping Retail Stores}


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Love thrift store shopping? Depending on your area, your local Goodwill store (or favorite thrift store . . . ) probably carries some fantastic savings you've never even thought about, and are worth swinging by before paying full retail price.


While some things at Goodwill may not be what you're looking for, you may be surprised with what you find. And, if you go in with an open mind you might just turn another man's trash right on in to your treasure! Here are the things I watch for every time I walk in the door . . .

Goodwill picture frames


1. Picture Frames

Most picture frames you find at Goodwill probably won't be for you, but with a little work you may be able to paint it, or just put a new picture in to get a whole new look.

$10 Goodwill Frame Upcycle Collage

Last winter I spent a whopping $10 updating two frames I found at Goodwill to use in our home with very little effort. Matching prints would have cost well over $100 in my favorite Ballard Design catalog, so this was a great way to save!


Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 12.03.56 PM


2. Lamps.

Lamps are easy to find at Goodwill, and you may be lucky enough to find one that works just perfectly with only a new shade, or something you can easily spray paint. (Make sure to check and see if the lamp works before bringing it home.)


I updated these out-dated lamps with some spray paint (it was so easy!), and spent a fraction of what a similar lamp would cost me at a retail store.

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 12.03.49 PM


3. Bedroom furniture.

You can easily find bits and pieces of bedroom furniture at Goodwill, especially in kids bedrooms where furniture often takes a beating and may not get seen by anyone all that often. (To pay full price for high end furniture when your kids are little seems crazy to me!)

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 12.26.46 PM

And you can find great furniture for just about any room in your house with a little vision. This summer I noticed a slightly beaten up sleigh bed at Goodwill for $48, and was able to easily freshen it up with a little homemade chalk paint. It took me less than an hour to complete, and I absolutely love the finished results!



4. Chairs

Goodwill always has quite a few odd ball chairs which you can usually pick up for $10 or less. 


I got this one for just $2.50 (my favorite deal ever!) 🙂 and all it took was a little paint to freshen it up.

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 12.04.03 PM

5. Glassware & silver platters

Goodwill stores always have tons of glassware, which may be the perfect piece for you with just a quick deep cleaning. I've found pieces that are almost exactly the same as what's at our local Home Goods store for a fraction of the cost.



You can also often find silver platters & dishes for as low as just $1 (which probably aren't real silver, but you never know.) Give them a good cleaning and save them to use during the Holidays.



6. Books, DVDs & video games

Goodwill is a fantastic place to find books on just about anything you're interested in. Find cookbooks, children's books, novels, how-tos and more, and be sure to watch for used DVDs and video games as well.



7. Name brand clothing & formalwear

love checking Goodwill for their clothing racks, where I often find clothes for my kids (and sometimes myself too.) Especially for my high school son, I've picked up Ralph Lauren, Abercrombie, and Banana Republic brands all for $4 or less, and after he's seen the prices on clothing at the mall he's willing to try them out for me.


Last fall I found this Ann Taylor denim jacket at Goodwill for just $5, and Lands End sweater for $3. Be careful to watch for stains when you shop ~ I rarely end up buying more than an item or two while I'm there but you have saved a bundle by taking a few minutes to look through their clothing racks.



Update: I found the frame in the picture at the top of the post at Goodwill, brand new from Target, then we used it when we updated our alcove! I forgot to include to watch for brand new merchandise also when you're there. I've found a ton of Target items and even some Crate and Barrel brand new items as well. Definitely worth watching for!

What would you add to the list? Leave a comment to share! 



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  1. jeans is one of the things I look for with hubby & 2 sons that’s one area I can really save a lot in.

    • You know, I’ve never looked for jeans there but will start watching the next time I go – thanks for sharing Karen!

    • All of my daughter’s Justice & Abercrombie jeans come from goodwill. You can’t beat $2.99 a pair!

      • celina boulanger says

        here they are 5.99 but they have half price on certain colour tags . so 3.00….totally worth it…some great stuff in there…i’d brought a measuring tape to measure the waist as diff. brands have diff. measurements

        half price means i mainly look at those tags…but if i find something that fits perfect on my list..i’ll pay full price….

        • Great price for jeans. They are 7.99 here. They used to be 5.49 but went up, like everything else! The prices at our Goodwill are ridiculous…

          • I make a habit to go the first Saturday of the month in Indianapolis is half price day at goodwill but be there when the doors open. Have been known to go late the evening before and scope out things I’ll pick up the next morning. Check with them about special days. FYI salvation army’s is every wednesday

          • Christine S says

            I have noticed this disturbing Trend as well. We have a nice new shiny Goodwill store and the prices jumped up a lot. I will see items from the Dollar Tree that are at Goodwill for $3.25 and more. Kind of silly when there’s a Dollar Tree 5 stores down.

    • I have found 7 for All Mankind, Silver, and other premium brand jeans at our local Goodwill that I was then able to sell to Plato’s Closet or other resale shops for a profit. It’s a great way to add to my family’s clothing budget even when none of us will fit in a particularly great find.

    • I loved our good will until they started selling new items. Not so fun anymore.

  2. My daughter and I love to shop our Goodwill. In fact, it’s very hard for us to shop the mall or other retail stores, when we find such bargains here. I have decorated my house with lots of GW finds, including some silver pieces. One of my favorite finds is always holiday, especially vintage items. My daughter has filled her closet with name brand items, and we both have scored many pieces for her two children. And the best part is, my $$$ spent go to a good cause, and now that they have implemented bonus bucks, shopping is even sweeter!

    • My store has coupons as well Judy when you donate any item you get 10% off your next purchase. I love that you’ve been able to get so much, thanks so much for commenting!

    • celina boulanger says

      i agree..i also find it great to find VARIETY, instead of one style in 6 colours…and for my 14 yr old, i can find more modest items..(shorts that are not so short…she hates them..her choice..which i agree on…)

    • barbara dobson says

      Goodwill does very littke to help people. This can be verified at Snopes.com .The CEO of Goodwill makes a huge salary. Salvation Army is a true CHARITY! The head of Salvation Army makes $17,000…hardly too much.

      • I don’t shop at Goodwill to help people – I do it to save money.. I’ve heard others say this about the CEO. Thinking the CEO of JC Penney, Walmart, etc are pulling in big bonuses as well.

      • Sallie Ann Benford says

        I love salvation army! They actually helped me and several others after the 2011 tornado that destroyed my town . If I have anything or know of anyone getting rid of stuff I always tell them to take it there.

      • Deborah Ruffner says

        Where do you find Salvation Army shops?

  3. I shop our Goodwill often. I have found lots of name brand clothing that are in great shape. I collect milk glass and I can always find a piece there I like. Our Goodwill has a clothing sell about every other weekend for a designated time period where each clothing article is only $3.00. I scored a Clavin Klien dress for $3. Great deals!

    • That’s great Pamela! I’ve also heard of stores having a half price day but I’ve never been there on those days – so many great extra ways to save!

      • The first Sat of each month at Goodwill, everything in the store is half off but be prepared to shop with wall to wall people. They always have a color of the week. Say the color of the week is blue, everything with a blue tag is half off for that week. Then on Wed. and Sat. all blue tagged clothing is 99cents per piece! It goes for any color (blue, green, yellow, red or orange) the same way.

  4. Rachel Ellis says

    I have gotten lots of toys at our Goodwill. I’m paying a tiny fraction of normal retail for them. Most times I only pay 50 cents to $2 for the items.

  5. Toys are another big hit in our house. I found a Fisher Price loving family mansion like new for $4, plus some of vintage Little People for cheap. There’s very little in the way of home decor that a coat of spray paint, fabric, and staple gun can’t fix!

  6. Marina Sereda says

    I always look for fabric. I have fabulous red/pink plaid wool from Goodwill for $1 a yard! Craft items also great. But be careful with furniture. Once I opened a drawer on the chest of drawers in there and it was full of cockroaches. Yuck!

    • Great tip Marina – thank you for sharing!

    • Good point, Marina, about the furniture. They caution, too, that bedbugs can live in crevices of furniture. Fabric is something I always look for, too! I’ve found great vintage cotton prints for quilts and other pretty, expensive upholstery fabrics for crafts.

  7. Mandy Tirado says

    Cloth napkins, vases, baby clothes, baskets, Christmas ornaments, silverware (unless you’re particular and “need” a matching set), drinking glasses, baby/toddler dishes, greeting cards, tablecloths, sports equipment for home use, toddler shoes, Halloween costumes, Easter eggs, Christmas wreaths (you’ll need to fix most of them up, but it’s cheaper to buy an old one to repair sometimes), holiday decorations – all holidays, costume jewelry, kid’s first cameras, purses, luggage, swim suits, cookie jars, dog collars, flower pots, hand tools, most organizers, pool toys, Bibles, tea pots, lap blankets, knick knacks

  8. My favorite deal ever? A brand-new, never-worn, still-with-the-tags-on pair of Birkenstock shoes ($130, at the time) for $13. Wear them daily… Yay, thifting!

  9. Don’t buy used furniture or books unless you can be CERTAIN there are no bed bugs in them. Bonus bedbugs are not a bargain.

    The goodwill near me has astronomical prices. They get stuff from Target’s clearance and mark it up higher than the Target tags on the item. Last time I was in the store, I bought nothing. Kid’s clothes were $4.99 each. Women’s shirts were 7.99. Women’s pants and skirts were 9.99. This is in Ohio, not like Beverly Hills or something. I do a lot better at rummage sales.

  10. Lori Ewart says

    Great article! I have found Corning Ware replacement lids, crockpot replacement inserts, lots of craft items, and many new items for Operation Christmas Child. It pays to check on a regular basis. I recently learned that Goodwill in our small town puts out about 1500 items or more per day.

  11. Disney store had Elsa dresses today, two for a whoppin’ $99.95! We love finding dress up clothes there at Halloween. Some are REALLY worn, but if you go early, you can find darling Disney dress up dresses for under $6.

  12. I had never thought about getting picture frames at Goodwill. Great tip! You can also find some decent Christmas decorations during January.

  13. Christine H says

    I always look for clothes especially since I work with little children and am on the floor repeatedly. also look for childrens toys which I have found many good buys for Mr. Potato Head, Fischer price farm set, and some out door toys. also holiday decorations are always good deals! I usually wonder for hours looking at everything!

  14. I need to frequent Goodwill more often. I used to be on the pricing team at Target, and whatever clearance items don’t sell, get donated to Goodwill.

  15. I call our Goodwill my therapy. Among other things, I frequently browse the shoes and boots. I have found several brand new pairs of Converse tennis shoes for daughters. My greatest find is a brand new pair of ankle high, black suede boots. Not recognizing the brand name, La Canadienne, I looked them up on Amazon and they were on sale for $350.00. We donate almost weekly, and get a receipt that includes a coupon for 25% off a purchase up to $100.00. I love, love, love me my Goodwill!

  16. Sheets! For $1.99 I could buy queen & twin size sheets. It depends on what thrift store you buy from but some of the items you mentioned, like chairs or bed frames,even picture frames I was never able to find. I really believe it depends on location.

  17. I love this post. I never thought of spray painting lamps and chairs – what kind of spray paint do you use? They look fabulous!

    • Thanks so much Christine! I used just plain old spray paint – nothing fancy for some, but on the metallic looking ones I used Krylon Looking Glass paint (read more here – https://passionatepennypincher.com/2015/03/goodwill-lamp-makeover/)

      The one thing I had to be careful of with that though was to use several really thin coats, because it has a tendency to run. Hope that helps (it works so well and is a great option!)

      • I have spray painted lamps and end tables (a little to blackened after a house fire to refinish) with automotive spray paint! think O’reillys, or Auto Zone…and in a metallic. This is a more durable finish, and goes on metal like lamps very very well. beautiful shades.

      • Another paint I’ve heard a lot about but never tried is Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. No sanding or priming required, they say! It’s expensive, though

  18. celina boulanger says

    the secret (imho) is that every store has their own niche….ours has great clothes…ok glasswear…hit or miss furniture…lousy on sheets, fabric and toys..

    the other location, same distance but diff direction, better toys…didnt love their style of clothes…

    so check them all out

  19. I would NEVER buy used furniture from Goodwill since the possibility it also comes with the added bonus of bedbugs.

    • Marilyn Tsigaris says

      Then buy all wood and/or metal and glass pieces. That way you are assured that there will be zero chance of bed bugs!

  20. I’ve found real pewter candlesticks at our Goodwill. And YES to the painted kids furniture! Great post.

  21. I work at Goodwill and with 5 children at home I start our shopping there for school supplies and clothing before we go somewhere else. We’ve found a lot of name brand clothing there that I would never be able to afford otherwise & 20% discount it’s a plus too

  22. Laura Thornton says

    My favorite recent purchase was a Bursley ware bowl from England I got for $1.50 I know is worth at least $20! I also bought 3 Wedgewood Christmas plates last year for 77 cents each! On Tuesdays we have senior days and we save an additional 25% on everything not already on sale. My friends and family all laugh that they know where I am on Tuesdays!

    • Me too…..Senior Tuesdays! Love it! And, at least at our Goodwill stores, you can return things if price tags are still attached for store credit. Sometimes you just change your mind when you get it home so that’s nice.

  23. Sandi Memmer says

    My daughter bought a beautiful long gown for homecoming during the summer for $1 and it was beautiful. In fact a friend liked it so much that she wore it to a dance at another school.

  24. Good post.How do we know which items are new from Target?

    • julie haines says

      Our Goodwill has Target marked as TG and they are never on sale at our GW. Senior price day also does not apply to TG goods.

  25. You might like Mr. Goodwill Hunting on You tube to see what he find and how he makes it over.

  26. Ellen Keyes says

    I always browse/scour the fabrics, too, because you can find nice pillow cases and fabric remnants to put in your picture frames, among other things.

  27. The thing I’ve lately been snatching up is older table cloths, duvet covers and really nice Portuguese matelasse covers. Obviously check for stains and holes, but I’ve found Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel (and other higher end quality brands) duvet covers for like $5. These are easier to launder and since I have a dog- it’s easier to to switch out and wash a duvet cover than a comforter all the time. I’ve also got a small collection of older tablecloths. You definitely have to look for stains on those- but if you are a stain guru- sometimes it takes a bit of elbow grease and patience. Plus, they do NOT make them the same quality they used to and classic styles and if you find them- they are sooooo expensive! I haven’t had much luck with clothes. Our GoodWill tends to overprice the heck out of stuff – brand name or Wal-Mart. Value Village is a little better. Oh and my favorite is a single- hole in the wall thrift shop, but it only takes cash, but the prices are freaking amazing and items are really a mixed bag of interesting finds and it’s kinda stuck in the middle of a rural area surrounded by tiny towns so the donations are not picked over and filtered to different locations like GoodWill does.

  28. This is fabulous, our Goodwill has brand new furniture frim Target too. I love buying books there! I hope you will linkup this post with our Small Victories Sunday linkup going on all week, our readers love money saving posts!

  29. Lace or faux lace curtains and tablecloths. I like vintage style window treatments and have found beautiful valances, tiers, and drapes for 4.99 or less. And a month ago I scored an awesome matelasse coverlet to make a custom window treatment for my HUGE kitchen garden style window ( which absorbs immense outdoor heat from summer sunshine).

  30. Love our Goodwill’s, and now that they have implemented bonus bucks, can save even more. They also have Senior Day on Wednesday, and if you are over 62 can save 30%. The first Saturday in the month, everything in the store is 50% off…..we have 2 stores, and they are both great places to shop!

  31. I want to share that I bought a gorgeous full length formal dress, burgundy, with a sheer lace and embroidered and beaded over top, Alfred Angelo, like new, priced at $12.99. but it was half price day for sr. citizens, so I got it for 6.50. I wore it to my niece’s wedding in Guadalajara, Mexico, surrounded by very wealthy people, both Mexican and Americans. I had to laugh when I got so many compliments and was asked where I got my stunning dress. I have had many fun and fine purchases at Goodwill, my favorite place to shop!

  32. I love shopping Goodwill! But to be clear only 8 cents from a dollar goes to “charity” at Goowill. They pay their employees minimum wage and the CEO makes 2 million dollars a year.

    • Read this from Snopes…
      Goodwill: Goodwill Industries International is not a business that takes in donated items and resells them for a profit. It is a not-for-profit organization that provides job training, employment placement services and other community-based programs for people who have disabilities, lack education or job experience, or face employment challenges. Goodwill raises money for their programs through a chain of thrift stores which also operate as non-profits.

      The CEO of Goodwill Industries International is not Mark Curran, nor does he make $2.3 million a year. The current President and CEO of Goodwill is Jim Gibbons, who in 2011 received a total reported compensation of $725,000.
      Hope this helps.

  33. Best find that I have ever found was the American Girl Bitty Baby set. It was a large bundle set with wicker basket and clothes in perfect condition. Everything you can imagine. They had it marked at $20. When I got to the register she gave me a 25% discount and scanned a coupon. I walked out of there only spending $12 on the whole set.

  34. i love the goodwill – 1st Saturday of every month is 1/2 off day. Got my oldest son a pottery barn kids anywhere chair (usually over $100) for only $5 – I felt like I won a game show – I was so excited. Also from birth til about 3 or 4 I got all of my sons Ralph Lauren clothes there. Even found fancy- expensive church clothes for $1.99 it’s fantastic.

  35. Check furniture carefully for bedbugs!

  36. I like to sew for my 3 little girls. Rather than buying expensive fabric by the yard, I can often find clothing that can be upcycled into cute original clothing items for my girls.

  37. I work for a non-profit that has amazing thrift stores. I highly suggest find thrift stores that put the money right back into their ministry. My kids and I find all name brand clothes- Ann Taylor, Talbots, Nine West etc. I do very well finding clothing and shoes. As well as books.

  38. Stuffed toys for the dog are a must. Don’t know that I would buy them for small children, but the dog loves them; especially the ones that talk or squeak. Almost always for under $2, compared to $8 and over in pet stores. Just stay away from the toys with the bead filler; they make a terrific mess if they get torn!

  39. Check if your location has a GW Outlet. Ours (Virginia), sells by weight … clothing around $1.15 a pound; housewares usually less than $0.70 a pound. For less than $30.00 I usually walk out with several garbage bags full of both … ie. a pair of jeans runs less than $1.00, while a cotton top … $0.25. Large items are individually marked. Scored a perfectly good upright Bissell vacuum cleaner with attachments for $8.00.

  40. I just found this blog from a pin on Pinterest. Must go back send look at other posts as I, myself, am all about saving my pennies! Another thing to add to this list would be kitchen utensils. They are so expensive in the store and I always look at the thrift stores first when I need something. And I never leave without checking the bedding department for quilts! I have found handmade, vintage patchwork quilts that I’ve used to make tote bags if they’re not in good condituin. And I’ve found some very nice newer ones for cozy winter snuggling! Recently I found one for $4.50 that is in the current Pottery Barn catalog for, I think, $129.00!

  41. My sister is a big crafter. She makes purses and bags and we started going to the thrift store for her material. You can get a quite a bit of really pretty fabric out of a long skirt for a couple bucks. Much cheaper than the fabric store. I have fun tagging along and finding pretty patterns for her 🙂

  42. I love to buy baskets that are in good shape, usually for $1.99. I spray paint them and add a bow along with some cloth lining or tissue paper. I fill them with small gifts for baby showers, wedding gifts, or birthday presents. A pretty painted basket with a burlap bow, mason jar candles, wooden spoons, and country tea towels make a nice kitchen shower gift!

  43. I find that the Salvation Army thrift stores have better prices. They do a lot of good for others, and their CEO is not making millions. I recently heard that Goodwill is not a non-profit organization anymore. This could be why their prices are not competitive anymore.

  44. Maggie Mae says

    My favorite find was curtains for the kitchen..it’s not easy to find white cotton curtains or vintage print..I get most of my baby clothes there. Carters for $2! Awesome! Love love love the Goodwill..

  45. I once found [at a Goodwill store] two wall organizers from Pottery Barn with matching rails. They were in like new condition so I grabbed them and paid a total of $16. When I got home I priced them from the PB website for a total cost of $160! My best savings ever!

  46. Here in Sacramento we have the Goodwill Outlet store. I think it’s the last place things go before they go to who-knows-where. We call it “dumpster diving” because everything is in huge shallow bins on wheels. When a bin is pulled out the people stand around like vultures, ready for the new bin to come. Merch is sorted by hard goods, soft goods (clothes, bedding, etc), shoes, books, furniture. Hard & soft goods are sold by the pound $1.50 so a pair of jeans is about $1.75, depending on your size! Other things are flat rate price. Must allow minimum of an hour to shop and be prepared to shift through a bunch of junk. Treasures are there to be found!

  47. I also check for good wool [ some cottons as well] sweaters, they can be up-cycled into many useful items, such as throw pillows, mittens, stocking caps, cowls, boot socks, tote bags……
    I also watch for dressers that can be up cycled into entertainment centers, bathroom vanity bases, or even kitchen islands …so many things can be up-cycled!!
    Thanks for your list

  48. Just a heads up to some of you frugal shoppers… Lands End and Cabelas clothing are lifetime
    guaranteed. So if you find something at GW from either one of those places with a stain or holes, get it and send it back to the company and they will give you a gift card!

  49. Last January I found 9 boxes of pre-lit decorated 9 ft garland that was from Costco. They were $9.99 each. Told the lady that was putting them out I wanted all 9 boxes. They asked what I was going to do with them. Told her we have to restaurants that need decorating. We just pulled them out last week getting ready to decorate for the holidays. Love my Goodwill.

  50. My husband got a permit ion at his job and we were headed to the company Christmas part. How
    Exciting, the promotion for sure then the Christmas party, with free room and big
    Dinner. Howev my husband found out 2 weeks before the me wear suits, with ties. Omg. He didn’t own one. Only time he wore one was when we married 11yrs ago.. Being the holidays and other issues this promotion couldn’t have come at a better time. So were did I find a suit. Yep at good Samaritan. Not goodwill I know,but that was my next stop. 3 suits,5$ each the right size, bit alterations needed that cost 28$. However 3 suits , 2 that were 3 peice would have cost no telling
    How much. I always check goodwill and goodsamaritan 1st for things. Even decorations for the holidays. Especially things to get myself and kids involved in making ornaments or cards for family and friends…

  51. I like to shop at thrift stores for hair scarves, overcoats, table place mats and xmas decorations and ornaments. I always find old style decorations that are expensive to buy new. Other things I like to shop for is nice bowls, teacups, tins etc for my garden to plant succulents and items I can use for art craft projects like photo frames, wool, felt, and trinkets where I can use the beads for mobiles and lamp shades etc.

  52. Kathryn Wells says

    On Sundays, clothes with the color tag of the week are 50 cents each. I would like to make a quilt made of satin and velvet (expensive fabric). Currently, I’m buying up formal dresses for the satin, and clothes made of velvet, all for just 50 cents each. Just think of all the money I’m saving!

  53. My two best scores at GW: a large sterling silver compote I use for flowers. It was so tarnished it was sad but I knew as soon as I picked it up it wasn’t plated. And it was hand engraved. It cost me $4 but is worth $250! The other is an old frame that was missing the glass but had a watercolor in it. I paid $2 for the frame but what I removed the mat from the picture it revealed the artist’s signature, and a little research found the artist sells at a local gallery!

  54. vases are great to find and spray paint….. I’ve also found Patagonia and northface jackets before for my kiddos. I love walking down the wicker aisle too…… I have gotten some great baskets for nearly nothing!!

  55. Fantastic list!
    We’ve been shopping like this for years in South Africa… I whole-heartedly agree with looking for denim jeans, jackets, even dresses or skirts etc.
    The only thing I want to add, is what worked for me: shopping for good quality curtains – you often get some in very fashionable colour & pattern but I normally stick to off-white or beige*

  56. Great post! I love shopping at Goodwill and all the various thrift stores where I live. I’ve made some amazing scores, too. Tea pots for under $3, TVs for $5. I came across a pair of Tecnica apres ski boots in my size once for $8. Looked them up & while I couldn’t find the exact pair, I found a similar pair for over $400!! I also show horses & show clothing is ridiculously expensive for what it is. Collectively, I’ve found a hunt coat and several pairs of breeches, all brand name and all in my size, worth probably $600 or so that I spent maybe $30 on.

  57. Great ideas! Thanks for the post. I have a bunch of metallic spraypaint waiting to be used one day for some of these purposes.

  58. Tuesday is Senior Discount Day……..25% off…..

  59. Juana Andujo says

    My sister from Corpus Christi shops their frequently. I love it. However, she gets lots of different color tag sales on clothing. I am from Freeport, TX and our Goodwill is located in Lake Jackson, TX and the only sales are colored sticker on everything except clothing.

  60. Going to NY for my sisters birthday. Found amazing Downton Abby hats for a few dollars. Now we are ready for the carriage ride and high tea……

  61. I just bought a brand new scrap booking album for $3 at a thrift store. Great find for my project.

  62. In the Mentor area, I recently found NEW work pants from The Limited for $1.50! Best find ever.

  63. Michele Shaw says

    I know you mentioned clothing in your post but I would stress to first time parents that checking for baby clothes is a MUST at thrift stores. Almost all of my sons clothes until he was about 2 came from GW or Target clearance (which is often times just as inexpensive). At GW or SA we found tons of baby clothes with tags on them for never more than a $1 each. Considering how quickly little ones outgrow these clothes, it just isn’t worth spending a lot of money on them. Just be safe and wash/disinfect the clothes before use (even if brand new).
    We got a $40 Havertys dresser (beautiful) that had a small scratch on the top…we fixed it for cheap and found out that Havertys was currently selling that style for $400. I still use it today almost 10 yrs later. **I agree w/ other posters about purging the bedbugs before bringing it into the house.** I loved your furniture/chair redo. I’m gonna steal that because I’ve been wanting to find oddball chairs and paint em fun colors to update my boring kitchenette. Thanks so much!

  64. Shannon M. says

    I buy a lot of those painted scrap wood signs. You know the ones that would say Peace Live Laugh etc. Anyhow rarely do I find one that is perfect for me or a friend. I bring them home, re-paint them and add my own sayings. Way easier than trying to find nice distressed wood. 🙂

  65. Your ideas are fantastic, my only issue is that you are promoting Goodwill stores Goodwill only profits the owner..The Salvation Army and Kwanais ( and others ) are cheaper and the money actually goes to help people..Just a thought…
    Have a great day

    • Several people have posted now about who makes how much and who is a charity etc
      Perhaps you should just look at it this way – regardless of if they are making a profit,
      and regardless of who makes how much, they are still cheaper (often WAY cheaper)
      than retail, which keeps more money in YOUR pocket to spend as you wish.

  66. Don’t forget to look for jewelry! Also brand name sneakers.

  67. I have purchased lots of sterling silver jewelry at GW over the years but unfortunately our local stores now only sell jewelry on eBay. There’s still lots of things I love to look for though: vintage silk scarves, leather bags, coats, socks, pajamas/robes, skirts – sleepwear, skirts and bags are only $3 – work shirts for my husband, towels and blankets. I have found new Eddie Bauer towels several times and pillowcases are only fifty cents on half price day, they are perfect for storing purses and shoes. Kitchen utensils are good finds too, especially quality knives that just need sharpening. I keep a selection of half price spoons and servers on hand to take to potlucks, they are cheaper than disposables and not an issue if they get lost. My best ever find was a small, engraved glass piece on a silver stand, kind of an oddity, I used it as a soap dish. It was seventy-five cents and turned out to be sterling silver. I sold it at a cash for gold place for over a hundred dollars.

  68. Janet Taylor says

    I always check out the toys for the grandkids. I found a keyboard that was like new for .75. Four years later, it still works great. However my greatest find was a set of Noritake China (service for 12 with all the serving pieces) for $27.00. That day most things were half price and then it was also senior citizen day, so I really scored.

  69. Michelle Foskey says

    I refuse to shop at Goodwill. It is NOT a Non Profit. I would rather shop Salvation Army who gives back to the community.

  70. Ginny Cole says

    A lot of the Goodwill Stores that I have visited on Sunday’s if you are over 50 years old all items are 50% off the marked price.

  71. My brother shops at Goodwill every weekend. He has found jewelry, silver, and sports memorabilia that he has resold for hundreds of dollars. On a sad note, I was preparing to move out of state and we donated several truckloads of amazing items. The guy at the store told me that they had more inventory than they could process, and most of our donations would end up in their dumpster. He said that actually happens all the time.

  72. Cherlyn says

    I have found many amazing buys at Goodwill but my favourite was a Freepeople silk dress for $1.00. My daughter loved it. Looked for a similar dress on their website -$600.00

  73. I found a pair of black leather pants for $6.00, a $3 lamp that I spray painted and redid the shade. I have had to replace my entire wardrobe since I lost over 100 lbs since September because of an illness I have. My wardrobe has come from pretty much from Goodwill. Alot of which are name brand clothing. Beautiful, many still with the tags on. Goodwill is a great place to shop for many things.

  74. Goodwill in my area reduces color of the week to 50% off mon-thurs. On Fri and Sat it goes to $1.00 then on Sun it goes to .50€. I have found very nice sometimes new items for .50€ $1.00. I see many Banana Republic, Aeropostale, Ralph Lauren and many more brand names all the time. It’s my go to store for buying just the reduced items. I rarely pay their full asking price unless it’s something I know will go quick. I have seen lots of Target clothing with tags still on them. I guess Target donates unsold clothing to Goodwill.

  75. I have gotten all of my baking dishes at thrift stores. I have a full set of rectangular-shaped graduated sized glass casserole dishes, metal mixing bowls and graduated sized glass pyrex bowls with lids. Also all of my pots, cast iron pans, cooking utensils, and plastic containers

  76. I volunteer at a St. Vincent De Paul thrift store and we have great prices. I bought a bag of jewelry for $3 and got a Quicksilver, Roxie, Panama Jack and 2 other watches. All good condition they just needed batteries. Don’t forget to look at jewelry and we have tons of Christmas decor. I would never buy Christmas items new again.

  77. Corrinne berkland says

    I buy pantyhose there- still in the package. Most women don’t wear them anymore & I do!

  78. elizabeth says

    I too shop Good will.This is no category that I have not found something,I use the jewelry to create or mend for my customers.Cloths for me and fabric for quilting ,sheets for the fabric,great jeans,cashmere sweaters and angora,a leather couch for $10.00 and a beautiful yellow love seat from the 1960’s with no wear on it for 24.00 and when I went to buy it, the price had just gone on sale for 19.99 .Score! I found a vintage chest of drawers that my daughter used and finally gave her children when she grew up.I do watch for local sales and senior days,etc. I also shop the outlet store.Another great score. New stuff added all the time here locally. I noticed our Salvation Army priced themselves out of business. But I imagine that they are also different in each area. We also have a Saint Vincent de Paul in port Orchard that is unbelievable cheap. And a local thrift shop that supports the local food bank is super cheap.I should say I live in western Washington.

  79. Pat Castro says


  80. Our GOODWILL Has a AS IS store …. clothing and linens 1.39 a lb. I find all sorts of treasures an some JUNK… Vintage treasures for home or to flip on EBay… recently a 1909 Kodak camera for $2… eBay 175.00 a vintage ice cream curb/ dasher also $2.. sells for $30. Doggy door, gates , stainless dog dish $1 ( $15.00 @ Walmart) Bass pro Dishes for my brother $20… (EBay $270 replacements.com $500)

  81. HrdWrknLady says

    My sister and I used to shop at Goodwill too…It was ok but we shop at Savers…I donate about 6 bags/boxes at a time and that gets me 30% off! They also have 10% off if it happens to be blue tag day or whatever the color is…vets get a discount on weds…the best part? All proceeds go to the local epilepsy association!

  82. I always buy frames when I see them…the inexpensive frames at Walmart that use tobe wood are now plastic…sometimes I find really cool vintage stuff…I found some descoware cook pots.. and I buy all of my books there…I like to decopauge and Ifound an old book with advertising signs etc…fruit crate labels…I photocopy and then I can use again…old art books are also fun…

  83. I am always looking for old unique tea cups and saucers.

  84. Yarn Yarn Yarn I found lionsbrand homespun at lomeast 80$ worth I couldn’t believe how lucky I was I even found a super chunky yarn worth 10$
    On bad part about it the yarn was so thick I has to buy new crochet hooks !!!!

  85. Judie bromsey says

    I also shop at thrift stores and find amazing treasures ,like your website

  86. cindy brock says

    I will shop for EVERYTHING from Goodwill EXCEPT clothing.I totally HATE (harsh word) the way they organize by color and not by size.

  87. Linens and baskets and craft supplies and tools and candles and small appliances I have found lots of great stuff at Salvation Army furnishes a whole house but I visit it twice a day but people are amazed at what I find

  88. I have discovered that one of my favorite thrift stores has an outlet now which mean even Better bargains! Most recent find, a one quarter karat double heart diamond pendant ! a sterling silver wedding band! A vintage pair of Nike dunks aloha tennis shoes! All a great value!

  89. This was a good read! Goodwill is a great place if you have something in mind that isn’t too specific!

  90. We have a Good Will Clearing House in my town. Almost everything is weighed and sold by the pound. I can get almost anything for 79¢ a pound. Talk about a bargain. I can’t begin to tell you how much I have saved on things buying them this way.

  91. I’ve been a thrift store shopper for years but the very best deal I got was a midsize Lovesac $1000 with a leopard print cover $250 for $70. That is less than the tax in my state. It was at a Good Wii store. I got brand new Uggs $160 for $15 on half price day at a local state run thrift store. Most of my clothes are from thrift stores. My teenage granddaughters love to have me take them shopping at thrift stores for their birthday. Any clothes they like but maybe need a little tweaking to make it perfect I can do with a needle and thread. They get lots of compliments on the outfits. Add lunch and it’s a great way to spend one on one time with them building a great relationship.

  92. Our GW changed when it moved into a new building. Expensive and junky. Used to love now go to local shops that support the community. Always get complimented on clothing, never buy new. Change clothing with new buttons, trims, etc. These changes make it yours. Enjoy the hunt.

  93. Andrea Mulholland says

    I’ve been shopping Goodwill since I was 12 and am 60 now. I have gotten many nice items there and have even found craft supplies that were still packaged! One thing I will caution people about; if you find something old/antique, keep your eye on the cart because people will try to steal it.

  94. Connie S Rhodes says

    I shop the GOODWILL often
    3 times a week

  95. GoodwillBunny says

    Because custom framing is so expensive, I buy BIG picture frames—the frame shop can cut them down/resize them and add a new matte.


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