10 Things You Need To Know Before Shopping TJMaxx

10 Things You Need To Know Before Shopping TJMaxx


Do you just love shopping TJMaxx? 


Me too!


Here are some things you should definitely look for at TJMaxx before paying full price elsewhere, as well as a few secrets to TJMaxx shopping you may not have known before.


1. Want to save big at TJMaxx? Shop Wednesdays.

TJ Maxx offers their biggest savings on Wednesdays when they mark down merchandise. This does vary some by store, but this is generally the best day to watch for markdowns as well as new items because they typically re-stock shelves during the week.

Several folks have shared that this is no longer true. If you know any insider tips on this one, I'd love to hear them! 


Watch your TJMaxx clearance sections to find the biggest savings, and since Wednesday is typically their markdown day you'll guarantee things aren't too picked over when you shop.

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 5.30.41 AM


2. Shop TJMaxx for high end shoes.

I didn't expect to see the kind of savings that I found on shoes at TJMaxx, but you can save big at TJMaxx in their shoe department! My daughter was with me, and found two pairs of Nike Sneakers that she liked. We did a little price checking, and here's how their prices stacked up:

  • Nike Women's Dual Fusion Run $49.99 at TJMaxx, $87 at Amazon (crazy!)
  • Nike Women's Dual Fusion Run 2 $39.99 at TJMaxx, $78 at Amazon


 3. TJMaxx has better prices on the same brand clothing that you'll find in big department stores.

TJMaxx purchases the same items as Nordstrom or Macy's, because they're an “off-price buyer”. If a vendor like Polo or Lucky Jeans produces 300,000 items but the big stores only purchase 250,000, they'll sell the remaining items to off-price buyers like TJMaxx, which means you'll save on current season clothing!


I've found Ralph Lauren Men's Polos for my son for as low as $19 at TJMaxx, compared to $30 at the outlet stores (or even more in department stores.) Prices definitely vary, but just like you find a “stock up price” at your local grocery store grocery stores you can determine your “stock up price” on items your family regularly buys. (My son loves Ralph Lauren clothing so I know $19 for their polos is a good price, and we've been lucky enough to find them for that price or less at TJMaxx, Schoola, and even Goodwill.)




4. Watch TJMaxx for prices on hair care products.

TJMaxx has great prices on hair care products, including hair dryers, flat irons, curling irons and more. Just as an example, I noticed this FHI Heat Go Ceramic Styling Iron for $14.99 at TJMaxx. Head over to Amazon where it's priced at $39.99 (ouch!) – definitely worth watching for at TJmaxx.


5. If you notice an item at TJMaxx is slightly damaged but you still would like it, ask for a discount. They may be able to discount your price, and it never hurts to nicely ask!




6. TJ Maxx has hugely discounted prices on sunglasses (priced as low as $7.99 . . . )

And exercise equipment.

Just like you'll save on clothing because TJMaxx is an off price buyer, you'll get those savings on things like sunglasses, exercise equipment, and all kinds of odds and ends throughout the store. They also have fantastic prices on high end purses, luggage & more!


7. TJMaxx has great prices on fragrances.

Because TJMaxx doesn't pay for the staff and display areas that local department stores do in their fragrance department, you can save a bundle on fragrances and perfumes at TJMaxx. Do a quick search on your Smartphone to guarantee you're getting a better price (also make sure the boxes are still intact), and you can save big on those items.



8. TJMaxx offers great prices on home decor.




If you're looking for furniture and accessories to fluff up your home, don't miss the great deals on home decor at TJMaxx. TJMaxx has a huge selection of housewares, including rugs, tables, lamps and so much more at hugely discounted prices.


Also keep your eye out for their great prices on baskets,


glassware, pet supplies, curtains, bedding and more.


9. Don't miss the savings on party supplies at TJMaxx.

TJMaxx has high end party favors and gift bags for as low as $1.49, which are better quality than the ones you'll find at the Dollar Tree for just a few cents more.


10. Don't expect personalized service at TJMaxx (although the employees are usually very nice!)

One of the reasons TJMaxx sells items at deeply discounted prices (in addition to being an off price buyer) is because their overhead is just less than your local department store. TJMaxx isn't paying employees to man every area of the store like you would expect to see at Macy's or Nordstrom, so you get the benefits of those savings. If you like extra help when shopping TJMaxx may not be the place for you, but if you're looking to easily save big it's a great place to start.


Note – The employees at TJMaxx are VERY nice, there just aren't usually an abundance of them like you might find at a large department store. 


And one final fun fact that I noticed this week at the store ~ Sierra Trading Post is part of the TJMaxx companies. (Did you know that?) In case you're curious, here are the stores that are part of the TJMaxx company:

  • TJMaxx
  • Marshall's
  • Home Goods
  • Sierra Trading Post
  • HomeSense


Anyone else ready to head on out to TJMaxx with me today? 


(And, as a friendly penny pincher's reminder, you might want to keep this one simple question in your mind before you shop TJMaxx. Because, as awesome as those deals are at TJMaxx, they're not worth busting your budget for, got it?) 😉




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  1. These are such awesome tips, thank you! I’ve furnished most of my home with TJ Maxx and Home Goods merchandise 🙂 Do you know, by chance, if Home Goods follows the same markdown schedule?

  2. Great ideas! I would caution, however, to be careful when buying pet food or treats there. I bought some high-end-looking treats for my dogs and when I got them home and unwrapped, I found maggots in the bottoms of the packages!

  3. Thanks for this post, Laurie! I love to shop at TJ Maxx but had missed these helpful tips! I’ve followed your blog for years.

    Thanks! 🙂

  4. I’m sold!

  5. Look for Essie nail polish! I usually pick up the normally $8 to $9 bottle for under $4. It is usually near the check out counter:)

  6. This is all great, but I recently saw a national news story that said that many high-end brands, like Ralph Lauren, manufacture different, lower-quality clothing lines specifically for stores like TJ Maxx and outlets. It gives customers the illusion of the quality of the name brand, but actually uses cheaper materials.

    #5 is absolutely true- I was going to buy my daughter a beautiful crushed green velvet princess dress there for Halloween, but the only one they had in her size was missing a jewel from the front. I took it up to the register- it was $29.99- and asked if I might be able to get a discount since it was the only one in her size. They gave it to me for $8!

    They have great selection and you really can get some great deals there.

    • I’m glad they gave you a discount. I wanted to purchase some Christmas ornaments a few years ago and one in the package was broken. It was the only one they had. I asked for a discount, since the one of 4 ornaments was broken. NOPE. I was told, “No, we can’t discount those any more than what is priced.” Needless to say, they stayed in the store so someone else could buy them. I spent enough money in there that day anyway, without those ornaments! lol

  7. I love TJMAX. It’s closer to my house than the mall & I enjoy getting things there that they have at Target, but better quality (plus the nearest Target is 25 minutes away)! Some of my favorites include Thank you cards, shoes, socks (especially for my teenage son), and other random things throughout the year (like scrapbook supplies, makeup for my teenagers, belts & necklaces). I love the treasure hunting feel of it!

  8. did you know TJ Maxx is online! You can find even find great high end clothes and jewelry without leaving your home! I heard even Marshalls will be online soon!

  9. I love TJMAXX and also Burlington. Id much rather shop there & save money then fight crowds & waste money :)). Awesome tips!

  10. My best victory at tjmaxx recently was their price on the aden and anias swaddle blankets, I was at target where they were $35 and found the exact same ones at tjmaxx for $20!

  11. Just another piece of advice-you can purchase TJ maxx gift cards on Gift Card Grannie and save another 17-18% on your items. Definitely worth buying a discounted gift card before you go.

  12. Hey! I work at TJ Maxx, and I’m actually the markdown captain. We don’t do markdowns on only Wednesdays. There’s WAAY too much stuff to scan to get it all done in one day. We scan different departments different days. And that schedule usually changes. Like yesterday (monday) we marked down kids. Todays we finish kids and do accessories. We did women’s at the beginning of last week. So it doesn’t really matter which day you shop, because markdowns are an everyday thing.

    Another tip: ALWAYS check the clearance section first. Especially in clothing, we can have multiples of a shirt (for example), but we get them in at different times. Come markdown time, we may markdown a shirt that we got a month ago, but the same shirt that was shipped in a couple weeks ago won’t get marked down. So you can either buy the shirt for x price, or go to clearance and see if it’s there and get it for the lower price. 🙂

  13. I had a horrible experience at TJMaxx. Item was priced clearance
    and cashier and floor manager made it feel like I had placed
    ticket on there. I shop there every other week , I will put it to
    you this way I have 50 dollars waiting now on coupons sent
    for charging in the last month. Limited personnel but the few
    need mgmt on duty need training on how to treat your customers.

  14. I love shopping at TJ Maxx. I buy my grandsons clothes, Polo, UA etc. great prices! I found a pair of Juicy Couture sunglasses for under $100.00 and my towels, sheets, floor lamps and other things for my home. Every TJ Maxx i have shopped have gave me discounts!! Great store

  15. Dana Throgmorton says

    I Love TJ Maxx, my husband says we should own stock in it after shopping there for the last 28 years ! When we moved here, Fort Smith, Arkansas where there was one. I also love your blog, I am a mom of three grown kids and now raising 2 grandchildren, a 12 year old girl and a 16 year old that will soon be going off to college. Thanks for sharing ideas, for being so kind to us sometimes tired momma’s and in this case Nana’s too.


  16. TJ Max and Marshalls are also great places to buy coffee pods at much cheaper prices than the grocery. I always make a pit stop in their food section to see what coffee they have available.

  17. I always shop their clearance areas . Sorry I am a deal stalker when I first see the object of my affection I take a picture so I have date / fee & know it’s all the same codes . Then I wait for markdowns and have even asked when the next markdown will occur . Sometimes it’s meant to be sometimes someone else was willing to pay more and they should enjoy their purchase. I do not purchase anything dry food product from them .

  18. And Monday is senior discount day. 55 and up save an extra 10%.


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