Crockpot Ham Tip – When Your Ham is TOO Big for Your Slow Cooker!

Crockpot Ham Tip 

I love making our Easter Ham in the slow cooker – it frees up the oven for rolls and pies and casseroles and other yumminess!  But you might run into a slight problem – so let me share with you this crockpot ham tip for when your ham turns out to be TOO big for your slow cooker…

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Crockpot Ham Tip for BIG or AWKWARD Hams

1 . Set your ham down in your slow cooker with the flat side down and pour over any pineapple juices, brown sugar, maple syrups, etc… that you plan to use.  See my Crockpot Maple Glazed Ham here and the old-fashioned Brown Sugar & Pineapple Ham here.

2 . Take heavy duty aluminum foil (if you have it – but regular will work in a pinch) and cover the ham generously to that foil hangs down over the sides some.  Do the same in the other direction – so there are no ares of the surface not covered by foil.

3 . Crimp the foil to the crock pot rim and work your way all the way around, making sure it's as tight a seal as you can manage.


Let it cook the normal amount of time and it works like a charm!  You'd be surprised how long it took me to think of this the first time I bought a turkey or ham that wouldn't fit completely in my slow cooker – sometimes when you are under a weeee bit of stress (like holiday baking!) your brain doesn't work like it should 😉

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