The Ultimate Aldi Grocery List


I'm so excited about this!  If you're not familiar with Aldi, they have fantastic prices on a wide variety of household and grocery staples without the need to clip coupons or wait for big sales, and we thought it would be fun to put together the Ultimate Aldi Grocery List to help you get started.


If you just don't have the time to coupon and stock-up during sales cycles, shopping at Aldi week in and week out can *really* help lower your grocery budget.


And they make it easy.


I love that.


So, because I really do just love Aldi shopping, the PPP team  put together this FREE Aldi Grocery List here. (Yay!)



This list walks you aisle by aisle through the store – starting in snacks and ending in frozen foods (a kinda-crazy setup that's unique to Aldi, so hopefully this will make life easier for you.)


Check the boxes for everything you need in each aisle from baking soda to bananas to bath tissue – with a little extra room for anything extra you think of when you shop.


Easy peasy. 🙂 



Print out a new one each week, grab your quarter and reusable grocery sacks, and you're ready to go.  (New to Aldi?  Besides needing quarters and bags – you'll want to check out the 22 Secrets to Shopping at Aldi before heading out.)


Don't miss this list 20 Items You Need to Get at Aldi  – here are just a few highlights to watch for:

  • Gluten Free & Organic Foods – GREAT prices and great selection
  • Milk – CRAZY Cheap milk, prices vary by region
  • Produce – Avocados for 49¢, Bananas 44¢/lb and I've even seen Fuji Apples for $1.99 for a 3 lb bag
  • Cereal – Around $1.29 a Box (varies by type)
  • Snacks – Around $1 for Tortilla Chips, $1.50 for many others
  • Baking Supplies – Lots of rock bottom deals – Baking Soda is just 49¢
  • Taco Supplies – Tortillas for $1.49, Taco Seasoning 35¢, Beans 49¢, etc…
  • And check that seasonal aisle for fun new items every week!


What are your favorite things to buy at Aldi?  Leave a comment to share, I love hearing from you!



Looking for more info on Aldi? Here you go . . . 


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  1. Kayla Snead says

    This is great! I shop at ALDI all the time and have gotten to where I make my grocery list for there in columns and number them for the different sections of the store. Makes my shopping trip much easier!

  2. As an Aldi employee, I love that you’re sharing this. You are absolutely correct about Aldi. They’re such a great company, not only to work for but the policies for customers are exemplary. Aldi offers the double back gaurantee. If you don’t like the product, Aldi will give you your money back AND replace it with a similar item or the same item- if yours was less than satisfactory but you still like that particular product. (Double back gaurantee does have some restrictions. Read policy for restrictions)

    • I can vouch for that! Yesterday my husband and I went to Aldis and picked up some salami. We ate a couple of pieces in the car and my husband thought they tasted off. We went right back in the store and took them back and picked up some other kind of salami. They gave us our money back and didn’t charge is for the new package. We were not expecting it. It was very impressive!

    • Aldi is my #1 store, but one location in our town just completely rearranged everything. And the new price tags are black and against the floor – very hard to find & read. I won’t be back to that one again! If this was a test-market store, it has failed miserably in my opinion. If I wanted Trader Joe’s, I would go there instead.

  3. I would visit Aldi just for their grape prices! Easily double the price EVERYWHERE else!

  4. This is excellent! Thanks so much! Any chance that you could release a version we could edit? It would be so helpful for those of us who are limited in the carbs we consume/or some other dietary limitation that voids a large percentage of the options.

  5. Paula Lucas says

    Favorite buy at Aldi’s EVERYTHING, it is only place I shop!

  6. Can’t print off my iPad can you send one and I can make copies? Thank you and this is a great idea

  7. Demarie Jones says

    So I pretty much shop Aldi for all my food bill except meat unless it’s an amazing deal, hams and turkeys after the holidays! The meat though I’ve taken to buying from sams club and buying by the case. The case price brings it down to a really good by the pound price point and, for example, I bought pork chops bone in at aldi for $2.65 a pound last weekend and on Monday I picked up pork loins by the case for $1.65 a pound. Yes I had to cut my own chops and portion everything into freezer bags but the loins were boneless and a better cut of meat. Off side is that you defiantly have to have the freezer space for this. We have a small chest freezer and I also use a small scale to help with weight when doing things like boneless skinless chicken pieces. You do need a three day advance but you can order all this online and pickup in store which I love.

  8. Linda Evans says

    Waiting the the Wentzville, MO store to open! Do you know when it will?

  9. I love Aldis…. I stock up on my canned goods, taco shells, seasonings, frozen fruit and so much more! Thank you for this awesome list

  10. Would love to have a copy of both lists but an iPad does not have print mode.But thanks anyway.I love Aldi’s.GREAT IDEA,

  11. I love this idea. i do my meal planning in a simple notebook because we don’t have a printer at home and I just reference the previous plans to see if I’ve forgotten anything. It’s great for meal ideas too. All in one spot and easy to throw in the diaper bag.

  12. They have really great produce prices. My favorite things are the spicy pork rinds from Clanceys. The soft cookies from Bentons. They also carry some amazing spicy hummus and in the freezer section try the shrimp and frozen fish,then stock up on the brussel sprouts. Love my local Aldi’s.

  13. Will there ever be an Aldis near Monroe, La?

  14. How do I get this list?

  15. We LOVE Aldi but the closest store is 45 minutes from where we live near Waynesville, NC. We have to drive to Asheville, NC to shop Aldi so we take an ice chest with us every time we go to Asheville just in case we stop at Aldi. I love the printable shopping list. We buy all our produce there as well as almost everything else. I bought tangerines once that had a very odd taste. Took them back several days later & received a refund as well as free bananas in their place. Can anyone tell me if there’s going to be a store built in Haywood County, NC? OH, I hope so.

  16. Samantha says

    The real cream for my coffee, such a great buy☕️

  17. Tom Lindemayer says

    A new Aldi just opened up in Torrington CT at the same time I was laid off from my engineering job (I’m 56). I was amazed at how cheap the groceries were there. We’ve shopped at Big Y for a number of years and we’re saving more than 50% per week. A great store!

  18. Mary Boger says

    Hi, I’ve heard that a new Aldi store is being built at 13 Mile and
    Mound roads in Warren MI. True or rumor?? Keeping my fingers

  19. Online grocery shopping is really good.I always shop grocery online because it save my time and money.I always shop from and it is good.

  20. PLEASE open an ALDI in Amarillo, TX.
    We have only two other choices for shopping.
    WalMart or United Supermarkets.

  21. Hi Laurie,
    I printed and laminated this when you first put it out. I mark what I needed with wet erase markers and then snap a picture before heading to Aldi. I would love if you could make one just like this but leave room for us to put in the prices, since it varies by area. You are great at remembering the costs and numbers. I know some things change price wise too. I would be a great tool for me and others for when places like Kroger has their 5 for $5 of other type deals to look at our Aldi list and see if it truly a savings for us. Would love you and your crew to consider. Thanks for all you guys do!

  22. We inter in Gulf Shores Al. Sure wish we had Aldibthere we Love th store

  23. Our Aldi store (Galesburg, Illinois) now delivers – cost is $3.99 – used it yesterday for the first time
    and it was just great. Only problem I had with it was that the displayed choice list is not nearly complete but if you enter a search for something like “chicken salad” it will show.


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