20 Items You Need To Buy At Aldi (And What You Should Skip At Your Aldi Store Too)



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Do you have an Aldi in your area? If so, there are so many items that you can easily save on, but definitely some things you should never (ever?) purchase while you're there. Watch the video to get an idea, then read through the list and share your comments too.


Here are the 20 items you need to buy at Aldi . . .

1. Produce included in their sale ad each week. Most of Aldi's produce prices are very reasonable, but the items included in their sale ad are where you'll see the best deals. Make sure to check to the quality of the produce before purchasing (it's definitely hit or miss at some stores), but I've been pleased with most of the produce I've found at our local Aldi!

2. Bananas ($.44/lb – will vary by area)

2. Spices and seasonings ($.99)

3. Flour and sugar ($1,99), including whole wheat flour ($2.79), brown sugar ($1.29), and powdered sugar ($1.29)

4. Imitation vanilla ($1.99)


5. Minced garlic (1.99)

6. Semi Sweet Morsels ($1.59)

7. Yeast 3 pack ($.79)

8. Honey ($4.99)

9. Maraschino Cherries ($1.59)

10. Pancake Syrup ($1.59)

11. Milk ($2.29 – will vary by area)

12. Eggs ($1.49 – will vary by store)

14. Cheese (string cheese, shredded cheese – unless your local grocery store has  a great sale)

15. Flour Tortillas ($1.19)

16. Fruit Gel Bowls ($1.79)

17. Chips ($1.69) & Salsa ($1.89)

18. Hazelnut Spread (aka Nutella – tastes just like the real thing, $1.99)

19. Snack Items – pretzels ($1.29), bagged chips ($1.49), Chocolate Cream Cookies (basically Oreos, $1.69)

20. Gluten Free & Organic Foods. Aldi has been adding a ton of gluten free and organic foods to their stores recently, and their prices seem very reasonable on these. If you shop for those items, it's definitely worth swinging by to check them out!



So, curious what I don't think you should buy at Aldi? Here are my top five items . . .

1. Diapers. Pampers were $24.79 for size 3 at my store or 23¢ per diaper. You can easily shop at Amazon where the same size Pampers are 16¢ per diaper when you clip the $3 off coupon in the middle of the page and choose to subscribe and save (see even better prices right now on diapers at Amazon over HERE)

2. K Cups. The Barrisimo Brand K Cups were $4.79 for a 12 pack at my store, which makes them $.39 each. Amazon sells these regularly for $.33 per K Cup, and you may find an even better deal if you wait for a sale at your local grocery store.

3. Pringles. Pringles were $1.45 at my store – you can usually find these on sale for around $1 if you wait for a sale.

4. Coca Cola 12 packs. These were $4.45 for the 12 pack, and I've frequently seen them on sale at CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid for less than $3 per pack, or get the generic store brand at Kroger, Publix or your local grocer to save even more!

5. Meat. Although I've heard so many folks questioning the safety of Aldi meat, I really believe it is just fine. However, we don't buy meat at Aldi because I consistently find better prices at my local grocery store, as well as local specialty stores like Fresh Thyme, Sprouts, and Earth Fare.

For me even the Aldi sales aren't good enough to make me switch over, so I'll keep purchasing meat at other stores. (Make sure you know what a good price is – get my free stock up price list HERE so you never pay too much!)



Okie dokie ~ what would you add to the list? My rule of thumb is to never purchase name brands at Aldi because they consistently seem very high to me, but I'd love to hear your thoughts on that one. Leave a comment to share your thoughts and what I've missed – I love hearing from you!



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  1. Frozen White Castle burgers and cheeseburgers Aldi’s is usually at least $2.00 cheaper than other grocery stores in my area.

  2. I agree with you regarding pampers diapers…however, I decided to try their brand of diapers and they work amazingly well, and you certainly can’t beat the price ($4.99/pack)

  3. Shirley in Nashvile says

    My neighborhood Aldi has better meat quality with much better prices than Walmart. Only, if there’s a special sale at another store, does my Aldi get beat.

    • I agree with you, Shirley. Aldi has far better meat quality than Walmart. Aldi usually has a once a month special on boneless/skinless chicken breast for less than $2/lb and it is very good quality! Watch for mark-downs too, especially if you can freeze/use it right away!

      • I don’t buy meat at Aldis or WalMart. Most of their meat has been treated with a solution to extend its shelf life. The solution is high in sodium sometimes. Fortunately, we have a locally owned grocery store that has great deals on meat, so I stock up when they are on sale.

  4. Sharon Shepherd says

    The canned goods I bought at Aldi’s (for chili) were all around $.29 – $.59 per can and they were yummy. We always buy those jars of salsa there. They’re decent sized jars for $1.69 – $1.89 and we love the taste. Also I like that I’ve found cherry tomatoes several times for under $1.00. Oh btw I don’t buy meat there either. Regardless of the quality of their meat (grass-fed and such) I just can’t afford it.

  5. What a great list, Laurie. I haven’t seen or tried Aldi’s minced garlic but will look for that … definite time saver. My Aldi doesn’t keep the whole wheat flour on the shelves (seasonal?), but I am so thankful they now stock yeast year round. : )

    • I’ve been lucky enough to find whole wheat flour consistently at our store – and goodness the garlic makes life so much easier (and is such a good price!) And LOVE the price on yeast there too. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  6. I’ve been experimenting with Aldi products the last couple years and agree almost spot-on with your list, except for one thing — pancake syrup. I thought it was really thin and runny. We like our syrup thicker! Baking supplies, absolutely! Although my local Aldi has never carried dark brown sugar — just light brown. Kind of strange?

    • The pancake syrup was a big fail for us too! My family wouldn’t eat it at all. I also disagree with the imitation vanilla. Both because I won’t use any imitation flavorings and because you can get the real stuff cheaper at Sams Club, or much cheaper by making your own. Same goes for the fruit gel cups. Just not something I see any point in buying for my kids.
      Most stores in our area only carry light brown sugar now. I don’t know why and I greatly prefer the taste of dark brown in most recipes.
      I love Aldis and do most of my grocery shopping there.

    • My Aldi doesn’t carry dark brown sugar either. I also went on a crazy search last February looking for cocoa powder only to be told that it’s a seasonal item that they carry for the holidays. If you have a little extra storage though, I definitely recommend stocking up on the seasonal baking items at Aldi. They carry pumpkin pie spice, ground ginger and cloves, as well as peppermint, lemon and almond extracts. All for less than half the price of other stores. There are some items that you just can’t find, or aren’t that great of a deal at Aldi. For those items we coupon and shop at Food 4 Less (Kroger).

  7. I am so thankful for this article! I am an Aldi newbie – one was just built in my area and I’m learning the ropes!

    Thanks again!

  8. I love Aldi’s hummus! It is delicious!

  9. I agree on the meat but I buy cheese at Sam’s for a much better price and quality.

  10. I have to add butter and whipping cream to this list. Compared to the astronomical price of both in other stores, Aldi’s prices are quite reasonable.

    I would add breakfast cereal to this list as well. Cheerios and oatmeal are always better priced at Aldi.

  11. Cases of bottled Spring water are a great deal there also. My daughters play sports year round in the hot Florida sun, so we go through a lot of water!

    I marvel at the produce and dairy prices at Aldi! I have absolute sticker shock when I walk into another store and just refuse to pay the higher prices. I love Aldi!

    I used to spend HOURS clipping coupons and shopping all over town. As the kids got older, I have become so busy with their activities, that I just do not have time to do that anymore. Shopping at Aldi, I get great prices and do not feel quite as guilty about not clipping coupons. (Well, except for an occasional deal or two!)

  12. Christine says

    I agree with your lists. I would add peanut butter (approx. $1.50), hot dog/hamburger buns ($0.89), canned beans, and canned tomato products to the list of must buys.

    • Great tips Christine! I think the price on PB that I saw yesterday was a little higher than I’ve found on sale for the Kroger brand during a Mega Sale, but very competitive. And I meant to check the canned tomato prices against other stores as well – they looked to be a great price to me too!

  13. I would also add butter, cheerios, canned products (tomato sauce, diced tomatoes, veggies) and Aldi brand diapers (unless there’s currently a better deal somewhere else – we, thankfully don’t have to brand dependent w/ this child).

    I would say that we don’t like the bananas at Aldi, so we only get them if there’s no time to go somewhere else. It’s the only produce item we haven’t been pleased with the quality.

  14. My teenage boys (athletes) prefer Aldi’s brand of Gatorade. I do but most of our meat elsewhere but there are some things meatwise that are cheaper there. Bacon, frozen ground turkey, and frozen fish (salmon & talpia are what we get). Also as mentioned the Aldi’s brand hummus is a favorite (it’s $1.99 at our store for a container twice the size as name brand)

    • Which type of hummus? Is it comparable to in flavor to Athenos? Or is it more like Sabra…yuck!

  15. Also, don’t forget Aldi’s many organic and natural products–usually half price of other stores. Coconut oil, canned beans, boxed soups, chicken stock, and nitrate/nitrite free bacon are some of our favorites.

  16. My family of 6 loves Aldi’s 16 inch pepperoni pizzas! Just the right amount of sauce and cheese and the pepperoni isn’t too spicy Best part is they are only $5.99 all the time and freeze great!!

  17. I’d like to add crackers of any variety, oats, Lifeway Kefir and %100 whole wheat bread.

  18. there chocolate pudding is much better then jello pudding at 45 cents

  19. Agree on the deli pizza comment! A huge $5 cheese pizza has kept our family from flaking and hitting a drive thru many times. We’ve also had good luck freezing them, and with appesauce or fresh veggies it’s a quick meal.

    • I love the pizzas too – should have picked up one this week! So nice to have on hand when we need them to skip eating out on a busy night 🙂

  20. I love their six packs of applesauce, very convenient and the strawberry flavor is great! Also you can always pick up an empty box to carry your groceries instead of paying for bags or if you forget your own!

  21. Kenya Johnson says

    I always buy their sorbet in the small cartons. They are usually $1.99. Much cheaper than Häagen-Dazs Daas at $4.99 at most stores. Delicious and lactose free

  22. I would add to your list items which DO NOT contain corn syrup, like ketchup, bread, mustard, etc.

  23. Meat is cheap at Aldi… but, when the pink slime came out Aldi was on the list. Not sure if anyone knows about meat quality?

  24. I love Aldi and get about 90% of my groceries there. I pretty much agree with everything you listed, but there are a few things I disagree with. 1) Produce. Maybe it's just the store I shop at, but I rarely find good produce. The price is good, but the quality is just awful, most of the time. 2) Hazelnut spread. Nutella is just better. Sorry. 3) Meat. While I may be able to find a slightly better price elsewhere, it's worth a few extra cents to me to be able to get everything in one place and not have to shop around with 3 kids in tow and I've never had a problem with the quality of the meat I've gotten there.

    Just my 2 cents! Aldi rocks!

    • I had problems with their bananas. They are always crazy green but then rot almost immediately after they begin to turn. 🙁 I price match at Wal-Mart, thought! 🙂

      • I’ve had the same experience with their bananas. It’s really stand cause their the same brand as Costco, but I don’t have the same problem with Costco bananas. I have ever have problems with their other produce though. I buy a lot of avocados, mangos, lemons and limes from Aldi’s.

      • I always had that problem with bananas from Sam’s Club.

  25. One more thing! Aldi has this peach mango salsa that is amazingly good! I swear I could eat a whole jar in one sitting!!

  26. Pamalabam says

    I like their paper products. Their paper towels are great–other stores have comparable sale prices but quality of Aldi brand is much better—makes other store brands seem like newspaper. Same goes for toilet paper–much better stuff than many typical store brands and usually more tp for the same price.

    Their frozen battered fish portions are very good and above average in quality and nutrition for a quick and low cost main dish.

    I have inconsistent luck with produce–bananas seem to go from green to mushy all at once. Lately carrots have started having serious mold probs–yuck–and we eat carrots up pretty quickly.

  27. Agree with most of your list! I would add (real) butter, whipping cream and half and half to the list. I am thankful our Aldi has great produce most of the time, though it can be hit or miss (no grapes last time we were there, but a sale on blueberries!). Our bananas are almost always good. I buy a lot, then freeze the ones we don’t eat for banana bread or make breakfast cookies with them.

    Their desserts are usually a good price too, especially if you like to splurge on ice cream cones or bars. My aldi often has good fresh flowers too, which is my personal splurge!

    The bread is a good price, though I don’t like it as much as name brand stuff. One seasoning I would avoid is chili powder. For whatever reason, it just doesn’t taste good. All the other spices are great! Our milk is also just as expensive there as the grocery store (almost $4).

    • Wow, our Aldi milk is super cheap, but being a lactose free family (3 people that drink it are Lactose Intolerant) and on WIC I get LF milk at Walmart or Kroger (whichever is closer at the time)….. though Aldi is our usual LF milk supplier when WIC is not in play. Usually produce is amazingly priced, and I generally find better blueberries there than anywhere else.
      Here in Texas I have problems w bananas no matter where I get them…. I am pretty convinced its a climate control issue with our poorly insulated house…..

  28. While we prefer silk almond milk, it’s only on sale every so often. We go through tons of almond milk. So, we usually buy Aldi every week, then buy the silk when it is on sale.
    Items I would add: 80% dark chocolate. It’s dairy free and so yummy!! Plus, fairly inexpensive. Half and half is also cheaper week to week at aldi, and something we use too much to be able to stock up at other stores.
    I agree with Coleen about their diapers. They worked great for us! I am a huge fan of their gf items, too! A lot of them are also dairy free which is awesome for allergies in our house.

  29. Butter for sure! It was 1.89 around Easter so I stocked up and froze it. My family loves the lurk wood chicken tenders. They are way better than Tyson and about $1 cheaper. The canned veggies and beans are awesome. The bakery items are great too! We love the Italian bread and the chocolate cream cake is amazing!!!!

  30. I’m curious how many people have tried their milk. I’ve always avoided it because I’m scared of the quality (I usually drink the fat-free kind). When my friend got me started at Aldi, she told me to avoid the milk and creamers there and “get the good stuff” at the regular store.

    • I’ve bought milk there for years and never had any problems with it Melissa – hope that helps!

    • My husband is a picky milk drinker and he says theirs is one of his favorites! I haven’t tried the creamer, but after reading tees comments, we are definitely going to try it! We absolutely love Aldi!

    • We love the Fit and Active vanilla yogurt, we get fresh fruit and add it and have it for desert instead of ice cream, it’s delicious and healthy!

    • Deals4cmo says

      From a family member that packages milk, name brand and generic are exactly the same. They just switch the label.

    • I only buy organic milk, but my dad gets Aldi’s milk and says it is delicious. It is also artificial growth hormone-free, which is a major bonus, in my opinion.

  31. oil, cottage cheese, sour cream hot dogs, their canned veggies and tuna mac and cheese my kidslike it better than kraft chicken tenderloins aregood quality we do most of our shopping there

  32. ChefAbilities says

    I’m a chef and I was asked by my cooking class what I thought about the quality of Aldi’s food. I shop there as often as I can now! There’s nothing wrong with Aldi’s milk! I buy the organic fat-free. I also buy their butter, cream and cheese. Their bronze cut dried pasta is imported from Italy and the pasta sauces are the best tasting I’ve tried straight from the jar. I buy their choice vacuum packed steaks regularly. The choice prime rib is priced well in my area. I buy the canned tomatoes and beans, mayonnaise, ketchup, you name it! There’s been just a couple of things that I didn’t particularly like the taste of, but only because I was used to another brand, not because of lack of quality. I say try it all and judge for yourself! You’re grocery bill will drop 30 to 40%!

  33. I feel that they have a good price on PURE maple syrup. It is better for your body than that fake junk!

  34. Why would anybody buy imitation vanilla anywhere…ever?

    • Judy McKendry says

      Most people use imitation vanilla to avoid the alcohol. Something alcoholic should avoid.

  35. My family LOVES the peanut butter at Aldi’s!! Creamy or crunchy doesn’t matter – it is the best hands down! Also, we love Aldi’s pita chips and the hummus!!

  36. They have a great canned whip cream..exactly like Reddi Whip only cheaper!

  37. susan miller says

    The solid white canned tuna @ $1.15 a can is really, really good. The canned corned beef is really, really good. I always buy dairy and produce at Aldi…consistently good quality. And…walnuts are a bargain. Sugar-free pudding mix is bargain. I enjoy shopping at Aldi…I save money and time.

  38. They carry so much gluten free its great! Live in rural area it hard to find. So far it’s all been good(everyone has their own personal taste).

  39. but you missed the most important one! THEIR EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL! its cheaper than any store brand and the dailymail recently did a study and found that their EVO was the best WORLDWIDE for taste!

  40. Amery Travis says

    Do we have a Fresh Thyme store in the Huntsville/ Madison AL area?

  41. sue spier says

    I buy all my pantry items from Aldi and I have for years. Prices on meat are to high like they say in the article . We use a lot of fit and activity stuff. I love this store.

  42. Linda Hidde says

    I generally buy all of the basics at Aldi, including butter (or margarine spread) cheese, sandwich meat, bread, cereal, sour cream, yogurt, coffee creamer (they have started carrying the seasonal flavors at my store) eggs…clearly I could go on! Aldi is always my first stop on shopping day! The prices are great, and I find the quality of the things I buy to be equal to more expensive brands.

  43. Wow, the Aldi’s in northern Illinois have much lower prices than you mentioned. So many other outstanding products, too! It is getting to be more like a Trader Joe’s every day!

  44. i also buy lots of items at Aldi’s. I buy their cherry pie filling. It’s great! I’m particular about my cherry pie and had always been disappointed when I tried other store brands and it’s half the price!

  45. Mary Ellen says

    I only agree with items 1, 2, 12 and 14. That’s about all the real food there is.
    Where is #13 and how is it 20 items??

  46. While there are a ton of products I love at Aldi’s and your list is spot on, the only thing I would add is cream cheese! My local Aldi’s has cream cheese bars for 99 cents and that price cannot be beat anywhere! I love to bake and frequently use recipes that call for cream cheese so I was delighted to find it so cheap at Aldi’s!

  47. I love shopping at Aldi. Since finally getting one nearby, that is where I do most of my shopping. The prices are much better than our local chain grocery stores.

  48. I buy their frozen chicken breast. Its at least $2 cheaper and delicious. I have been shopping at Aldi for over 15 years and I get the bulk of my groceries there. I know that I have saved a bundle over the years. Great quality and price

  49. Anne Perry says

    Does this store sell organic non gmo items?

    • They have a few organic items at really good prices. Organic coconut oil is $4.99, for instance. If you buy all organic, you certainly can’t do all your shopping there, but there are a few items worth going for.

  50. I found eggs at the one I shop at for $.99 the other day. That was a really good price for my area, in my opinion. However, the eggs are not consistently that inexpensive. So, I don’t always buy eggs there. I have been buying whole coffee beans there as of late. They aren’t the least expensive beans I can find, but they are the least expensive for the kind of quality I am looking for. It is Barissimo and it’s 12 oz for $3.89. That is a decent price for a bag this size, although I realize Sam’s club is probably cheaper. I’m just not interested in Sam’s club coffee anymore. I also buy half and half, and large things of Greek yogurt. Those would be the few things I would add to the list.

  51. Carolyn McCracken says

    I also regularly buy olive oil, yogurt, cream cheese, cheese, and canned goods.

  52. I got into the habit of shopping at Aldi when my children were small. But I have continued that habit after they grew and moved out. I can get such good products for an amazing price. The quality of most of their products is outstanding. There are some things I will not buy there. I normally shop between Aldi and a Fareway store that are both in the same town. I seldom ever go to any huge grocery chain stores like Hy-Vee. I just can't afford them.

  53. Imitation vanilla??

    • Yes, imitation vanilla. It’s what I see most often at most grocery stores. Pure vanilla has alcohol in it, and it’s not worth paying the price.

  54. I buy GF items and can definitely say that some are worth it at Aldi and others are worth paying more for! I buy the ALDI GF chicken nuggets for quick snacks. They also have a good GF banana muffin mix, GF flour, and GF pasta.
    Don’t get: the GF pizzas (eww), the chocolate chip cookie mix (unless you like the taste of cheap store bought ones), the frozen GF microwave sides (macaroni, pastas) (eww), the GF wraps (they are yucky and break easily in the freezer), or their GF bread (it is sticky after microwaving and does not have the same taste or quality of UDI’s)

    I also agree with others about their canned goods which are great deals, their botted water tends to be cheaper, their lemon juice and olive oil are large for the price, their 100% juices, and their wine…not always the best, but some decent cheap stuff.

  55. I buy meat at Aldi’s and have gotten a better price than the grocery store. My husband and I absolutely love the assorted pork chops. They are the thin chops which we prefer but no matter how you cook them they stay moist and tender and are a much better price than the grocery stores. Their fit and active ground turkey is priced less than the grocery stores and I buy their organic beef when it is marked down and freeze it. We recently did a taste test of the Aldi organic beef and regular beef of the same fat ratio and the Aldi organic beef was so much better. I have gotten Tyson chicken on sale their too. I am hooked on Aldi and love all the organic items they are carrying. When their blueberries are on sale for 99 cents I buy lots of them and put them in a freezer bag and freeze them and then use as I need. Great savings. There are only 2 things so far I have not cared for, their cake frosting, not as creamy as the name brand but still good and their cream cheese. Tastes a bit waxy but would be fine in recipes. I used it on a bagel and didn’t care for the waxy texture of it but the taste was fine. Eggs are from a local farm here in Michigan with no hormones or antibiotics. The went up from $1.59 dz to $1.87 dz but that is a whole lot less than I was paying for the hormone and antibiotic free eggs at my grocery store that are currently $3.99 dz. I will pay $1.87 dz all day long. Love, love, love Aldi’s!!!

  56. I agree with most – except honey! Most grocery story honey is imported. Local honey may cost more, but it is infinitely better for you and better tasting! AND you are supporting local beekeeping which is important to not just the beekeeper, but to the entire world!

  57. English muffins $0.99 and bagels $1.69 and bread are good buys too

  58. I believe you left out real butter which tends to be very pricey even at walmart, at aldis is around $1.79 or there about. They also have decently priced specialty breads and sometimes doughnuts and other treats, greek yogurt is always at a good price too. My husband got a big pizza there which ended up better tasting than walmarts ready to bake and price competative

  59. The vanilla is not imitation, it’s pure vanilla extract for $1.99. If it were imitation, $1.99 would not be a good deal.

  60. Aldi admitted they use horse meat in their hamburger!

  61. The packs of 3 “stoplight” bell peppers are always significantly cheaper. Also, their Fit & Active egg substitute — $1.99 as opposed to $3 for brand name. Also, their Fit & Active wraps, $2.29 compared to $2.98 at Walmart and $3.98 at Publix, same basic thing. They always have cheaper strawberries and blueberries in season. Recently their Halo mandarin oranges were $1 cheaper than Walmart.

  62. I tried Aldi vanilla and I do not like it at all!! I will stick with the clear vanilla extract from McCormick or Watkins. Flavor is everything.

  63. I can’t believe no one has mentioned my personal favorite item at Aldi’s, their chocolate mini-bundt cake in the bakery section. I absolutely love these, and they’re only $2.99! Very moist, and not overly-sweet – just right!

  64. I buy their organic meat quite often. They mark down their meats in the morning that they need to get off the shelf. I many times get organic meat for the same price that regular meat is selling for in the store. Ours has great prices on meat quite regularly. I am gluten free and their gluten free corn bread and brownie mixes
    are the best!

  65. I buy their cream cheese for $1.29 regular price but at Christmas they had it for .89 and you just listed cream cheese as something to freeze. I always stock up but have never frozen it before. Another thing I always buy is their mayo $1.89 a quart, Burman’s, I like it as well as Kraft. If you like peanut butter and jelly in the same jar they have it for $1.49 our local store is $4.49 so that is a big savings. I also also buy their frozen whipped topping, regular price $.79 it is never that cheap anywhere else. I am new to your page and I have enjoyed watching and reading all of your great posts here in Arkansas.

  66. B.J. Simmons says

    I also buy the cream cheese, a lot of it too! The eggs and milk are my biggest reason for going into aldi but I always seem to find other things to buy. One week I found dozen eggs for 59cents, and the milk is normally $1.59 to $1.79. I love Aldi’s, just saying!

  67. I scanned through the list and didn’t seem to find anyone mentioning turkeys!! I discovered a few years ago, simply by a chance conversation with a clerk at Walmart, that the prices at Aldi’s are considerably cheaper for Butterball turkeys during the Thanksgiving rush. I normally buy two and keep one in the freezer for later they are such a great price. I personally don’t care for their veggies in the can but that’s my personal taste but chips are great and much lower in price. They have some nice unusual foods to tempt you that other stores don’t carry as well in the frozen food section that are a change of pace from pizza and lasagna, etc.

  68. I buy boneless skinless chicken breasts at Aldi when they are on sale. They have the cheapest sale price in our area. I also always buy cream soup and canned tomato products at Aldi.

  69. Shirley Harris says

    Aldi sodas always taste flat to me, like all the carbonation is gone.

  70. Their frozen veggies! They come in a ready to steam bag and are absolutely delicious!!!!

  71. Debra m Bjugstad says

    Fresh fruit and veggies, fresh mozzarella balls and hummus!

  72. You mentioned the gluten-free foods, but it would be good to let people know that they have wonderful soy and almond milk both sweetened and unsweetened, and chocolate almond milk.I love them all.

  73. .I love the thick cut bacon at Aldi. It is $5.99 – $6.99 while other stores are $8.99 and up. The quality of the bacon at Aldi is much better.

    • I tried the hamburger meat at Aldi and was not happy with it. My husband had no idea it came from Aldi and when I made hamburgers, he mentioned that it did not taste just right. No more meat from Aldi.

  74. Regarding the 12 packs of Coke – In the video you said that Aldi had it for $4.99, but here in the post you said that Aldi had it for $4.45. What is the real price?

  75. Sharon L Shepherd says

    Their version of Hellmans mayo is called Burmanns. We swear it looks, smells and tastes the same! I think it’s about $2. We also buy their graham crackers which are $1.29 I believe.

  76. Joan E Brunhoefer says

    Aldi’s porkchops are the best of anywhere! I’m told even people who don’t care for them will eat these. Their hand, bone-in, .89-99/lb are incredible, very moist. Their scallops, 9.99/1# bag are outstanding. I actually prefer their version of Fiber One bars, except the chocolate and they are 2.19. I do not like their fresh salsa. Even the hot is bland. Don t like their TP. Their breads are good, especially cinnamon raisin at 1.79! I shop there weekly. Don t forget your bafs5and quarter for the cart!

  77. Aldi mayo is the same as Hellmans only have the price

  78. The chocolate bars…mmmm…and our Aldi has sea salt caramels that rival our hometown chocolate shop’s homemade version…but MUCH cheaper!

  79. Their imported cheeses are wonderful,they taste great.

  80. I always buy the frozen sashimi grade ahi tuna. It’s a great price and the best ahi for the price I’ve ever had! I don’t buy meat there either but I do buy scallops salmon and ahi frozen and it’s wonderful

  81. The Aldi meats are deadly. We tried the chicken sad it was disgusting when we opened the package. We got inspired to give then a second chance and bought a ham for my mom’s Christmas guests. She opened it and got another stench… So we returned it. 2 trials, rotten meats both times. I would advise people not to buy meats there for safety reasons. A shame, really… All the waste.

  82. Judie Etheridge says

    Buy the frozen asparagus! Tastes just like fresh when baked, doesn’t go bad as fast as baked and pretty good price! Stuffed ravioli is pretty good too. Their nuts are awesome too and taste good. Not cheap or bland tasting either. Tomato juice is cheap and great for chili. Chilli packets are good and cheap. We use these as a base spice for chilli then add to it for taste.

  83. Bridget Al-Qublan says

    Taco shells, taco seasoning, hot sauce, salsa, canned black beans, chili beans, canned tomatoes, canned vegatables & fruit,ramen noodles, pesto, french toast sticks, frozen waffles, sausage patties, frozen buffalo wings, half&half,yogurt,creamer, cereal, chips,flatbread.

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