Can You Shop Aldi Only? How To Make Aldi Your One Stop Store


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Could you shop Aldi only? I shop Aldi occasionally for produce, milk, spices and eggs, but have never gone to the store expecting to buy my entire grocery list there.


However, yesterday when I was shopping I noticed that they really do have everything. And the because they don't have so much of everything (for example 101 types of cereal in the cereal aisle like our local Kroger and Meijer do . . . ) I can get in and out without spending hours perusing the aisles.


As a busy mom, spending way too long at the grocery store drives me nuts, and I love that Aldi is small enough that I can quickly get in and out of the store. And, if I forget an item at the checkout lane it doesn't take me too long to run back through the store to get what I missed.


So I started looking closely and questioning if you could buy absolutely everything there? Here are the things I noticed . . .

Aldi has an abundance of snacks, including gluten free options. They also carry Pepperidge Farm Goldfish (priced at $1.85 – I usually only buy them on sale at Kroger for $.99, so that's pretty pricey for me but their store brand is priced at $1.49 per package at least?)


Aldi has tons of baking products. I tried to see if there was anything they were missing, but couldn't find anything  we would need that wasn't there. They have olive oil (for just $2.99!), real vanilla, cooking spray and spices.

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 10.38.50 AM

I tested their Aldi brand semi sweet morsels (for research purposes of course . . . you're welcome.), and honestly they taste almost identical to Nestle Morsels. At $1.79 per bag that's a pretty incredible price (they rarely go below $2 at the grocery store), so I may switch over to buying them completely. (Which is saying something, I'm pretty picky when it comes to chocolate chip cookies!)


Aldi has a  huge selection of bread products. I was shocked at the price of English Muffins there – I've paid as much as $3 for them at the local grocery store, but Aldi had them for just $.99!

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 11.10.33 AM

They also have gluten free items, and be sure to watch for discounts on bread as well. My store had a huge bin of discounted bread for $.25 per loaf (several different types, including whole wheat and low calorie breads, which was all incredibly fresh when I checked it.) I asked the cashier about it and he said their policy is to not let it get closer than 5 days out from their sell by date, so definitely watch for those deals when you're there!


Aldi has a huge selection of dairy products, including eggs, milk, cream cheese, real butter, and even coffee creamer. The best price I noticed was on their store brand cheddar cheese (16 oz. for $3.29), and I'm pretty sure you could find everything your family would need when you're there.

The toughest one for me to buy of course at Aldi is . . . meat. I have never bought meat at Aldi (I'm just funny about that!), but when I asked my cashier he shared that most of their chicken comes from the Tyson distributor, and even looking at the packages they had Butterball Turkeys and Appleton Farms Hams. The prices were decent (although I have seen better prices occasionally on sale at my local grocery store), and Aldi allows you to return items if you're not pleased with them so their meat might just be worth trying out.


(I've had several friends buy meat at Aldi and they've been pleased with their meat ~ I'd love to hear your thoughts if you've purchased meat there!)


Aldi has paper products and cleaning supplies, however you won't find the jillion items you might see at a larger grocery store. We're almost out of toilet paper (gasp!) so I bought some of their store brand TP and while I don't love it quite as much as Quilted Northern, it wasn't too bad. 🙂


They do carry some name brands (like Tide laundry detergent), but the price on that at Aldi is high. If you love name brand items at all I wouldn't recommend shopping Aldi because even though they carry a few of those items they just don't have great prices on them, but if you're willing to try Aldi store brands you can easily save!

Aldi also has pet food, a few pet treats, and kitty litter. I had no idea they carried pet supplies at all, but my dog loved the treats I brought him home yesterday. 🙂
Aldi does carry a very small selection of toiletries, including personal care items, shampoo, and soap. I also noticed sunscreen, razors and even batteries, so you might really be able to make Aldi your one stop shop!


When I asked the cashier about things he's heard people complain about missing at Aldi he mentioned shaving gel and bug spray ~ so you might have to head to another store every once in awhile. But, as I went through the store I realized they really do have just about everything we use (just packaged as Aldi brands), so I'm seriously considering trying a month to see how switching would effect our grocery budget.


I won't try to make the switch until January (the grocery store sales during November and December are too good to miss!), but maybe we'll try out a January-Aldi-Only-Challenge here in 2016. Anyone wanna join me? 🙂


If you shop only Aldi I'd love to hear your thoughts, and I'd love to know how you've saved by shopping there. Leave a comment to share ~ I love hearing from you!


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  1. Stephanie Porter says

    I’ve just started using Aldi and I’m pleasantly surprised with their prices and selection. If you are shopping based on “price per ounce” and willing to experiment a little, I think this is a good place to start. I bought the baking chips (1.79/bag), facial tissues (1.09/184 shts), canned tomatoes (.55/14 oz), GN beans (.59/14 oz), and chicken broth (1.39/32 oz). I’m starting slowly and I’m curious whether I will notice any difference in the quality of my choices. I’d be interested to try the ALDI challenge in January!

  2. I think I’ll try it Stephanie! I do think on some things the quality isn’t the same (my friend Shannon tried their toothbrushes and wasn’t impressed.) But, some of the things probably are just fine, and the convenience of getting in and out so easily is so worth it to me! Definitely would make life easier 🙂

  3. Kayla Snead says

    I shop at Aldi a lot. I am fortunate to be in an area where I also have Publix and Kroger nearby so I shop those, too. A lot of weeks I hit all 3! I buy a lot of produce there and it’s good. The meat is good. They put chicken breasts on sale quite a bit. The prices for spices and baking items are great! I would say most of my shopping is at Aldi unless Publix or Kroger has just a really great sale. And, like you said, you can get in and out so much quicker!

    • I’m amazed at how easy it is to shop there – I was thinking today that it would be nice for other stores to follow their lead and not have so much! I didn’t know they put their chicken on sale so thank you for sharing – one of these days I’m going to get my courage up and try it. 🙂

  4. I think their gluten free line of products tastes better than what I have bought at Walmart and Kroger.

    • They’ve gotten so many more gluten free products Carrie – and the prices are so much better than the health food stores (I bought gluten free products for my mother-in-law last week and was shocked at how expensive those can be!)

  5. Great insights, Laurie. I was a little nervous to shop at Aldi where I live. But after trying it a few times I am hooked. But while I do my main shopping at Aldi, I still go to CVS and Publix for their best deals. We also stock up on Zaycon chicken.

    Since we’ve been shopping at Aldi, I’ve noticed they have expanded their line. For example, yeast is no longer a seasonal item but is on shelves all year. Though I bought whole wheat flour at Aldi once but haven’t seen it back on shelves.

    Their produce deals are my favorite, and for the most part I can’t tell the difference in the Aldi brands. : )

    • Thanks so much for sharing Crystal! The idea of shopping Aldi for most things and then using a company like Zaycon for chicken makes so much sense – I’ve never tried them (they weren’t offered in Alabama and I haven’t looked for them here in Ohio), but that’s a great way to plan your shopping. I still think there are so many good deals at stores like CVS & Publix (or Kroger) that it would be worth shopping them for their big sales, but I’d never thought before about really shopping Aldi primarily – I definitely may try switching over though after Christmas for a little while just because it’s so convenient!

  6. Aldi has been my “one stop shop” for over 10 years! i even used to drive 40 minutes to another town before they opened the one here (in Madison AL). I love the efficiency of the small store, i can get in & out with 2 weeks of groceries for a family of 8 (including bagging my own groceries) in one hour ! & i like to bag my own, no more smashed bread & cracked eggs!! i do watch Kroger, sprouts & Publix “loss leaders” for mostly meat each month. But i buy 90% of our food there. i also think compared “super-centers” you spend much less because of not being tempted by things that aren’t on your list! & the prices on aldi brands are generally 30% less than name brands for the same or better quality! Go-oo-oo Aldi!!! 🙂

    • I think watching the other stores for loss leaders (especially Sprouts or Fresh Thyme on produce and even meat), makes so much sense! I’m like you and just love that I can get in and out so quickly, and it makes shopping so much less stressful than going to larger stores. Thanks for sharing Michelle!

  7. I love Aldi! I have shopped there for about 16 years (since we’ve been married) except for a few short periods when we didn’t live near one. I used to not buy produce or meat there, but in the past 8-10 years, they have really made great efforts and what they carry and the freshness of their products. I do buy their toiler paper, just for the kids’ bathroom. I don’t buy most other health & beauty products (but I did buy fish oil there!). Meat is great. It’s especially great when you can go in and find the 90/10 ground beef with 1/2 off stickers on them! I often get chicken tenderloins or breasts for $1-$2 off/pkg. I’ve also gotten hams and turkeys there, and I pick up a couple of extra for the freezer when they reduce the price after the holidays. I always keep an eye on the clearance bin and sometimes have found awesome deals: 50 cents/box of instant oatmeal or $1/box for organic cheerios. To me, with their standard organic line, GF line, and grass-fed beef, they are trying to please customers all year round. I lovelovelove them!

  8. I really love Kroger, but since having my third child (who will be 1 yr. tomorrow – crazy!}, I just haven’t had as much time to invest in couponing and my trips with kids in tow need to be quick. Aldi has been a huge help because I know where I can save a lot of money (I stick to the generic brands, picks of the week produce items, etc.) and I get in and get out pretty quickly. I hope to get back into shopping weekly at Kroger because I’m a loyalist and can do pretty well with sales and coupons, but I love that Aldi is helping me save when time is really limited. 🙂

  9. RitaCorvelli says

    Their spiral ham at holiday time is the best!!! I have shopped at Aldi for years. You get to know what you like there by trial and error. The prices on some of their stuff just can’t be beat! There are some things I just don’t like and buy elsewhere but for the most part I love Aldi!

  10. I buy boneless skinless chicken breasts at Aldis because its $1.79 a lb which is the cheapest around here. I also buy ground beef there because it’s cheap. Haven’t had any issues and the meat looks fresh.

  11. Hi in England i have done the aldi challenge and completed 6 weeks of not stepping into any of the major English supermarkets i e tesco sainsburys asda or morrisons and 90% of my shopping passed the old man challenge as he didn’t notice any change

  12. I enjoy shopping @ ALDI. I think their produce is fresher than my local Jewel or Wal-Mart. I’m picky about meats too, but have had no issues with ALDI meat or chicken. I love to browse their “other” aisles. (nonfood) I always find something interesting that I just can’t live without. Don’t forget to make someone’s day by leaving a quarter in the cart when you return it. It happened to me once. Since then, I ALWAYS pay it forward. It’s the little things in life!! 🙂
    I’ll take the challenge with you in January too!!

  13. I have been shopping at Aldi for several years and love it, for all the reason you mentioned. I have 4 kids in college but they all used to be at home, so I shopped for a family of 6. I have not had any problems with any of the food at Aldi- and have used most of the household products too. Generally, I start at Aldi and have a list of items they do not carry and pick those up on a monthly trip to Wal-Mart. My kids prefer Aldi cereal to name brands. The produce and dairy prices cannot be beat! And we eat A LOT of both.
    Another advantage is that shopping is just easier- not much price comparison or choosing the best deal. One of the biggest decisions is creamy or crunchy peanut butter. Shopping for the family just takes less time! And it is easy to teach kids to do the shopping.

  14. I love Aldis for most things. Watch for the produce if it isn’t ripe because it doesn’t ripen well. Watch for name brand items that are higher than reg. supermarkets like Miracle Whip. I love their cheese and pizzas. The sour dough bread is great.

  15. I have been shopping at Aldis for about three years now. I love it with my budget. I have purchased cheese puffs and must say will not buy anything with cheese in it such as chips, dips, etc. The taste is awful. It tastes really fake for my liking. Tried the dip and it too was awful so I dont recommended cheese from aldis. I have purchased pork, beef and chicken at aldis many times and seem pleased by them until recently when i purchased pork and grilled it, it tasted really salty. I have learned that chicken goes through a water/salt/broth bath which adds weight and added salt to the product, well I didnt realize that the pork Aldis brings in has a lot of broth/salt in it. I will not purchased again due to people in my household with high blood pressure. I was amazed. I still purchased chicken there but always on look out of the % of water/salt/broth is added. If i recall the pork was pretty high at around 10%. I will not buy any if the % is too high. Also love there produce but the last bag of pears I got never rippened.

  16. I get Aldi’s Country Style Pork Ribs to put in the slow cooker for the best BBQ. Also I read one time that their cheese is made by Sargento. We love the Colby-Jack cheese. Also good are their version of Oreos, the maple syrup, coffee creamer, vanilla extract, sugar, saltines, bananas, sweet onions in the bag, paper products and their ziplock bags. Our cats didn’t care much for the dry cat food though. And I believe that their hand sanitizing gel is like 70% alcohol like the hospitals use. I keep a bottle in each car to use as soon as we get out of a store or school. Their batteries are good too.

  17. Hey, recently when my family was short on money but we needed to get groceries for a day or two before payday, I gave Aldi another try. One opened up in my area, but I was so turned off by the layout of the store, I didn’t go back for a year.

    Well, I spent a lot of time walking around the store noticing the items and prices they had compared to what I would normally pay at Wal-mart (where I usually shop.) So, one week I shopped at Aldi for most of my groceries with the exception of toiletries and such. Wow, what A difference. I have saved as much as $100 by doing most of my shopping at Aldi vs Wal-mart. It is almost a game now to see how little I can spend on groceries by shopping at Aldi.

  18. Hi Laurie,
    I do shop at Aldi for 95% of our things. My daughter and husband are gluten free so occasionally I have to get something somewhere else. I have bought meat there and been very happy with the quality. One thing I do not buy there is the Aldi brand POP Tarts. My son turned his nose up at them…LOL! Overall Aldi had cut my grocery budget by at least a little more than a third. I can stretch the mighty dollar. I’m an Aldi believer!

    • Love that Dawn – thanks for sharing what you’ve thought about the meat there! We didn’t love their crackers (like Ritz) either. Funny because some things are great but some just aren’t! Hope you all are doing well (love hearing from you!) 🙂

  19. Grocery items I can’t get at Aldi are bread flour and all the varieties of dried beans for a 15 bean soup. It seems like about 1/2 the time they are out of buttermilk. I choose to go to another store once or twice a month for the things I can’t get, the toiletries, and the things we just have to have name brand. But Aldi is definitely my weekly grocery stop.

  20. I have been shopping at Aldi for three years. I go there first and get 90% of of what we need. We love the snacks, salsa, baking goods, cereal and dairy. Love their cheese. We often get the fresh pizza and add toppings so we get what we want. A six dollar pizza plus maybe an extra dollar of toppings makes for a cheap, simple, crowd pleasing meal. I don’t get their meat often, I prefer to get it at a small family run grocery. The ham is good though. I think shopping there keeps spending low because the selection is curated, to just the basics. I am not distracted by expensive specialty items. I don’t have the time or the inclination to coupon and the prices at Aldi get me close to what I would pay by couponing. Since the prices are always the same I don’t need to manage a stockpile or organize coupons. I figure I save at least 30-40% by shopping at Aldi. I don’t believe I could get everything there, but there are plenty of weeks where I go to my second store with only three items left on the list so that is good.

  21. This is a really good idea. I’ll be willing to give it a try. I recently bought brownie mix and batteries at Aldi for the first time. I’m pleased with the quality. My husband loves the meat at Aldi, Im not totally sold.

  22. Aldi’s has greatly improved over the past 10 years. I actually purchase most of my groceries there including meat. I have found that their pork seems to be a little tough, but their chicken and ground beef are good quality. Many of their products I think are as good if not better than the name brand.

  23. We buy their hamburger meat and pork tenderloins. They are both very good and well priced! My only complaint with my local Aldi’s is the produce isn’t that great. However, I hear other locations have very good produce. Wish mine would improve!

  24. Carole Drake says

    I love Aldi’s. I’ve never bought anything there that I didn’t like. I save money, and I get in and out quickly. I can easily get everything, check out, and loaded in my car in half an hour. It is the best produce ( and cheapest) in my town. However, in addition to Aldi’s, we only have Wal-Mart, Krogers, and Meijers. Produce is very important to me. Those stores don’t even begin to compare in freshness and price. My only dissatisfaction is that my Aldi’s does not have buttermilk, whole wheat flour, flax seed, or steel cut oats. I see why they don’t have the second two items, but I don’t understand the buttermilk and whole wheat flour. So, I do have to occasionally go somewhere else to purchase those. So glad I have an Aldi’s and can save so much money!

    • Mine has flax seed and steel cut oats and I have also seen whole wheat flour and buttermilk (though not always). I hit about 5 different Aldi stores (depending on which direction I’m heading) and they all carry a few different things that the others don’t. Maybe ask the manager of your store if they would consider carrying the things you really would like?

  25. I don’t shop exclusively at Aldi but have made it my goto store for lots of produce and items that I run out of in my stockpile and need ASAP. When I lived in OH, I had a hard time shopping Aldi because I could usually keep my stock pile up by couponing at other stores for cheaper. WI has been a stockpile and couponing nightmare. ALDI really has been the only thing to slightly save our budget. I haven’t purchased meat there either. Most of their dairy items have been great. Coffee creamer for $2.19 is great (for this state). And we love their hummus. A few things I’ve searched for that they don’t carry: light corn syrup (I was informed they may carry it seasonally…like at Christmas), lasagna noodles, and dark brown sugar. I’m sure there are more but I have specifically looked for those items and have needed to run to a separate store to pick them up.

  26. Kathy Hubred says

    I don’t think you can shop only at Aldis if, you want to make a lot of recipes that don’t use only basic ingredients. I have found there are just too many things I end up having to go to another store for. I buy has much has I can there but, get very irritated when I have to go 2 places. Example is coconut, I even asked the clerk for it and she said we only carry it at Xmas. If, you need a spice they only carry the bare basics. Same on meat too. Excellent for all basic products otherwise. And I realize they can’t keep prices low with stocking more then basics.

  27. I get everything I can at Aldis first, then elsewhere for what they don’t have. There are certain items my husband will only use from Aldis – peanut butter, coffee creamer, and tea bags. I’d be wasting money to get them somewhere else.

  28. I shop exclusively at Aldo.. And with a family of 4 I only spend about $300 a month. I buy 99% aldi organic products. Admittedly I make almost everything from scratch at home so I buy mostly ingredients instead of pre-made but I love Aldi! Prices are great, produce is exceptional and they keep making everything better. Took me a long time to start shopping there because it was off brand but seriously so awesome!

  29. Jennifer Dickerman says

    I actually bought meat at Aldi’s the last time I went. I bought ground beef for $1.79/lb. (80/20) and to me it tasted THE SAME as other grocery stores’ ground beef. I usually buy from Ingles and it is definitely comparable. I also bought a pork loin but haven’t cooked it yet (it’s in my freezer).

  30. My family and i made the switch to just shopping at Aldi’s about 6 months ago. We are extremely happy with what we get. My kids love all the food. There was 1 thing we didn’t like but they have a return policy for your money back. We didn’t do it but was surprised by it. Anything you buy is a risk if its new. I am able to go grocery shopping for our family of 6 every 2 weeks and stay within our budget of $100 a week. We also feel we are doing something good for the environment as we use up the bags we have around the house and never get new ones.

  31. Their kitty litter $3.99 a container my felines do not get snooty, fruit & vegetables always fresh . Quick turnover on bakery dairy , produce , meat never saw bakery Items on sale . I have purchased the seasonal baking sprinkles for $.29 per container takes months for lowest discount . I believe bug spray is a seasonal item . I do about half my purchasing at Aldi’s . Very seldom see loose carts in lot & I like that. I always have a coouple of their reusable bags in my car I keep a paper bag inside each one to separate canned , fresh & dairy.

  32. Love ALDI! Their fresh produce is great and sharper than Publix, Kroger. Their Coke is more expensive. I do have to get a few things at the regular store, however. Like some fresh bakery products and spices. I do buy meat at ALDI and am perfectly satisfied. Spent $98 there this week and it would easily have cost me $150-$175 lsewhere.

  33. Kay Thompson says

    We do a lot of our shopping at Aldi and have found most items to be just fine. The best thing is my husband will go there to pick up a few items. 🙂

  34. I never understand why people won’t shop at Aldi’s. They are a well established German company. Many items are far better than the name brand. The “cheesits” (Aldi’s brand) are far better than name brand. You can’t beat their produce and dairy products.

  35. Love the pain du chocolate, brioche, snacks, produce, cooking sauces, condiments, k cups, will b trying the meat & other items soon.very pleased

  36. I do my weekly grocery shopping there all the time. They truly do have everything. I don’t buy beef there, but that is just because we buy it direct from a local farmer. The chicken is fine. The only things they do not have are things like spaghetti squash.

  37. I buy so much meat at aldi! I do usually buy my chicken breast at wal mart because i can get it cheaper but it is still good from aldi. I have even converted my husband who loves name brands to all the aldi brands!!

  38. I ALWAYS go to Aldi before any other store. Love the fresh produce and good prices! Aldi is the only place I buy my milk. This is a huge savings for a family with a teenager!

  39. I am very funny about my meats and I decided to give the pork chops a try. They were actually really good. They were moist and not at all dry. There were 6 chops in the pack for about $6.50 and they were not the thin ones. I was so pleased I went back and bought more.

  40. maria odeh says

    I love this store. I’ve missed shopping there, for the last 13 years, since we moved to Louisiana. Wish they would open an Aldi’s here. They have really good products and even better prices.

  41. Jill G Roberts says

    Recently unhappy with the Aldi brand of household sponge [Freshine] with non-stick side (so the blue one), as it immediately molded after first use. Same for the second in the pack with careful wringing out. I am in the process of sending corporate a photo complaint. Certainly get what you pay for, so much as I like some o’s offerings, I know that I cannot rely on stock across the entire store.

  42. Kathi Bates says

    During the Christmas holiday they carry Chocolate Truffles that are to die for, Family favorite!!! Their Salmon, while high priced is another Family Favorite. So glad we have an Aldi less than 1/4 mile away!!!

  43. I’ve always been a Publix shopper, but have tried Aldi since I moved to the Orlando area 3 years ago. And, I have done a full week’s grocery list there before. The savings were good, but not next to grabbing a lot of BOGOs at Publix. I was surprised how good the chicken was, I’ve been used to buying Greenwise, but Aldi also has no hormone chicken and it was really good. My dogs love their treats — all natural ingredients. My only con is how fast you have to be at checkout. I don’t mind bagging my own, but the fast checkout makes me anxious. Also, my Aldi doesn’t take any coupons, but since they don’t carry many name brands — this is not a major con. Ibotta has Aldi, but most products on Ibotta are name brand. This is kind of ironic — I never have much to claim on Ibotta when I shop at Aldi.

    • Such great feedback Tania – thanks for sharing! And I agree, the BOGO sales at Publix always make it worth a Publix trip if you have one nearby (I still miss Publix ~ 5 years after moving out of the South!) 🙂 Great info on Ibotta too – thanks for sharing!

  44. Francine says

    I can’t see myself do all my grocery shopping in Aldi’s but I can complete 80% of my shopping there and I live in NYC. I always buy their wings, cutlets, thighs and legs. Everything else I grab at the butcher. Canned fruit and veggies. Fresh produce. Milk and eggs. I also buy my oils olive, vegetable and coconut. Spices of course. And some snacks. My children aren’t very fond of their brand of chips so I avoid those. But cheese, butter and frozen veggies are always on my list. We love their applesauce. I like to but my dried fruit from there too.

    • Thanks so much for sharing Francine! I feel like Aldi meat prices are high so typically I get those at our local Kroger. Thankfully my kids have liked their chips 🙂 (we don’t buy chips often so they probably like them no matter where they come from!) 🙂

  45. I have shopped Aldi ever since they came to Ohio. I have never had anything that I or my family didn’t like. I have had to take advantage of their double back they make it so easy. I always start my shopping 1st with them then if I can’t find what I need Kroger’s next.

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