My Goodwill Finds


I hate selfies. Like, HATE selfies. And I even hate the hand on your hip look, but it does make you look skinner. And I like looking skinnier. Just wanted to get all that out there before even starting the post. 😉

I think I have a Goodwill addiction. 


Because my children have afternoon activities several days a week near a local Goodwill store, I happen to sneak it at least once (twice?) each week and am loving finding little treasures occasionally. I don't buy very much when I go (and often leave empty-handed), but I'm loving having another easy way to save!


Here are a few of the fun things I've found the last few months. . . 


1) The orange sweater in the picture above: Lands End, $3.

2) The denim jacket in the pic above: Ann Taylor Loft, $5. (I have a denim jacket that I wear all the time that I paid $49 for at the Gap several years ago but it's a very dark wash. I was thrilled to find this lighter one!)

(Note: I'm so fickle about what I like in clothing and have no sense of style at all – so for me shopping Goodwill for a few clothing items is a great way to change out styles without busting our clothing budget. I've probably only purchased 5 or 6 items at Goodwill so far and brought them home for a good washing before wearing, but I've bring pretty pleased with my finds!)



3) These silver plated dishes, each $1. I'm hoping to fluff up our dining room for Christmas using silver and white along with fresh greenery from our yard, so I thought these would be a few fun additions.


4) Maple ladderback chair, $2.50. It's in pretty rough shape but I think a little wood glue can sturdy it up, and I'm not sure how I'll refinish it. I like the basic color of it as it is (and a few folks have cringed as I've painted furniture recently), so I'm not quite sure how this one will end up. But, for $2.50 I couldn't pass her by. 😉


5) Wash basin stand, $6. This is the one I'm not so sure what I was thinking, and I very well may paint it to see how it fluffs up and then even try to sell it (even in a yard sale!) I thought it might be fun to add to our guest bedroom, and when I saw this almost exact one sold for $165 on Etsy I figured it was worth the chance. (This is definitely a replica piece so I won't feel bad painting it one bit ~ and it may turn out okay in the guest room to hold towels if I can figure it out? We'll see.)

6) File Cabinet, $3. Okay, I really really really don't like this one at all, but when we moved we left behind our office with built in filing cabinets, and my husband said we really needed at least something to get us through until we build new cabinets here. I've hemmed and hawed about how to set up my office and just haven't figured it out yet, and with Christmas season fast approaching I know it's not going to get settled on until next year. So, for $3 I can live with these, and we can at least organize some of our things that have been packed away in boxes. (I'm seriously thinking about painting it blue just so it makes me happier ~ but really, everything in my house can't be covered in blue, right?)


So, there you have it. I promise we've got plenty of room for these items (I don't want to start feeling like a bad episode of Hoarders!), and because I'm not emotionally tied to any of it I'll be okay to donate it right back to Goodwill when they're finished serving their purpose here.


Have you found anything fun at Goodwill or other thrift stores recently? I'd love to hear about it – leave a comment to let me know! You can also see what I fluffed up last week at Goodwill ~ yup, I'm loving that store. 😉



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  1. Eddie Bauer sweater $3.99! I love it.

  2. Amy Linden says

    #5, the washbasin…the bathroom towel holder sounds like a great idea! You could likely find a basket that sits in the hole for holding the towels. If not, there are those metal mixing bowls that could work in a pinch (could maybe spraypaint one white or porcelain color so it goes better).

  3. Patricia Barichivich says

    I shop my local GoodWill store at least once per week. Today I saw a blog Postcards from the Ridge wherein they talked about changing up your bedroom. I read the blog and then went to GW. I found a really nice white quilt to put on my bed. I already had a red, white and blue quilt that I folded and put at the foot of the bed. I checked out my linen closet and found red pillow cases and a set of blue plaid euro-shams for the pillows. While I grudgingly paid $25 for the new white quilt it made a totally new room for me. I love it! Decorating on a shoestring can be done easily if you have some imagination. I bought a “carpenter’s bench” there a while back and tomorrow I’m going to try using some white chalk paint (Amy Howard) and see if I can’t transform it into a treasure. Whatever you want, keep an open mind, and shop GoodWill. Not only do you save money but you also help someone in the process. Don’t rule out the Salvation Army either – their prices are better.

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