10 Secrets You Need To Know Before Shopping Target

Love saving money at Target?  Don't miss these 10 secrets to save even more!


10 Secrets To Saving at Target

Love shopping Target? Me too! There are a ton of ways to save at Target (which can quickly become overwhelming), but with a little patience and determination you can learn all the best ways to save while you're there. Here are my top 10 ways to save every time you shop Target.


1. Get the Target Redcard

The benefits of having a Target Red card include discounts and convenience, among other things.  Plus you do NOT need to sign up for a Target Redcard Credit Card to get these benefits – you will get the SAME benefits with a RedCard Debit Card (it just connects to your bank account like a normal debit card).

5% OFF Every Day

One great benefit of having the Target Redcard is the ability to save 5% OFF anything you buy online or in stores.  Even at Starbucks!

FREE Shipping

Many people's FAVORITE reason to apply for the Target Red Card is the FREE Shipping on any online purchase!

Exclusive Discounts

Target Redcard members will enjoy exclusive discounts on items – check your Target App to see what special discounts are available to you each week in store!   For example – this week Redcard holders can save 20% OFF Men's or Women's Shoes, 20% OFF Books, and 10% OFF Headphones 🙂

Extended Returns

Target Redcard holders get an extra 30 Days to return items

2. Take advantage of Gift Card Deals.

Target offers various gift card deals every week.  Most of the time it will be on certain items like household, personal care, yogurt or health and beauty products.  You will need to download the coupon on your circle app.  You can use manufacturer coupons and circle coupons in addition to getting the gift card.  To make the savings even greater you can roll your gift cards.

For example, if you purchase one item that gives you a gift card at Target, you can use that gift card to score more of the same deals ~ love that!

3. Save even more with Target Circle Coupons & Loyalty Program.

If you currently have a Target.com account, Cartwheel/Target app, or a REDcard, you'll automatically get a Target Circle account. (You can update your info and link your number HERE).

The new program will give everyone 1% back on purchases, and 5% back on your birthday when you order online, enter your phone number in-store at checkout, or scan your wallet app. (REDcard holders will still get 5% off all purchases.)

Target Circle also gives you discounts and special offers, found in your wallet in the Target App.  (see an example above)


4. If you have a Smartphone, screenshot mobile offers.

To make using mobile coupons at Target easier (especially the Circle app), do a quick screen shot of your Circle barcode and mobile coupon offers so that you can just scroll through your pictures easily when checking out.  You can even screenshot Target gift cards if you've had them texted to you after an online order.
Don't have a Smartphone? Print your Target Circle bar code from the Target Circle website and you can scan that in the store. Love that!

5. Watch for Target Clearance Markdowns

While I think Target can be a little pricey at times, they offer some fantastic clearance deals, especially on their endcaps. Watch the ends of the aisles and see what you find! The days they mark things down will vary by store and season, but here's a general idea of when you may find things on sale at Target:
  • Monday – Accessories, Books, Baby & Stationary, Kids Clothing, Electronics
  • Tuesday – Food, Pet Supplies & Women's Clothing
  • Wednesday – Diapers, Furniture, Health & Beauty, Lawn & Garden, Men's Clothing
  • Thursday – Decor & Luggage, Housewares, Lingerie, Shoes, Sporting Goods, Toys
  • Friday – Auto, Cosmetics, Hardware, Home Goods, Jewelry

TIP: Sometimes the clearance items are actually lower than they say.  For instance, if the sticker says 50% OFF it may have gone 70% OFF already but just not been marked down yet.  Use the price checker to confirm the true markdown on any clearance purchases!


5. Use coupon and rebate apps

Usually there are a lot of deals through rebate apps at Target you can use in addition to other discounts!

These are ALL apps that I use and highly recommend!

6. Get 5¢ off your order for each reusable grocery bag

For every reusable bag you provide to take home your Target purchases, you'll get 5¢ off your order.  Or if you don't have your own – snag one at Target for 99¢!



8. Target price matches competitors

If you find something at another store for less than Target, Target will price match that item. (Several rules and restrictions apply)

Target's most current price match policy states that they will:

  • Match the price on Target.com (believe it or not those differ sometimes!)
  • Match Competitor's Online Prices
  • Match Competitor's Local Print Ads
  • The item must be the identical item, brand name, size, weight, color, quantity and model number. It must be in stock at the time of Price Match for approved online competitors.
  • Price Match refunds are given within 14 days of purchase


During the holidays these savings can really add up, because you can price match a sale item on Amazon and use any coupons you might have (they are applied after price match savings).

Target One Spot

9. Don't miss the Target One Spot deals.

My favorite spot in the entire Target store is the One Spot area, located near the front of the store. This is a great area to find party favors, items to donate to your Operation Christmas Child Shoebox, seasonal decor and more
Target One Spot
Occasionally Target also offers an extra 20-30% off the One Spot items making their prices as low as 70¢. Be sure to check your Circle app when you're shopping to see if that offer's included when you go!

10 . Use Coupons!

This is one of my most basic tips to save at just about ANY store – but using coupons can save you a TON of money.  It's basically printing out cash for yourself from your home printer.  You can find out which coupons match up to this week's Target Deals HERE – or check out the newest coupons available to print here.


You can currently earn a $5 Target Giftcard just for walking into a Target store while the Shopkick app is installed on your phone.
Install the Shopkick app here and use code PENNYPINCH5.  Once installed, make sure the app is pulled up as you walk through the Target entrance.  You'll automatically earn 1250 “kicks” which you can cash out for a $5 Target giftcard. (Or Starbucks, Amazon, Walmart, etc)


See all the top deals at Target this week, and create your Target shopping list before you shop.

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  1. There is also a scan feature in the cartwheel app where you can scan the barcode of an item to see if there is a cartwheel coupon for it. I use that all the time. Easier than using the search feature for me.

  2. I am fairly new to this and having a bit of difficulty getting it organized. My biggest concern is that I don’t know when the new deals are posted. Seems whenever I get on line almost all of the deals are expired or say they expire the next day and I don’t have time to pull everything together. Frustrated!!

  3. I know this much about Target that’s not worth a crap… If u don’t love close to a sure it’s useless to get online and order from them because they will not ship it to u. Now how retarded is that. Who doesn’t shop almost anywhere u want…??? TARGET!!!!! NOW THAT’S JUST ABOUT USELESS!!! WHY EVEN HAVE A WEBSITE IF NOT EVERYBODY CAN PURCHASE AND HAVE ITEM DELIVERED TARGET….. SOUNDS LIKE IT BEING STINGY WITG UR STUFF MAKES ME HOPE U NEVER OPEN A STORE IN MY AREA!!!!!

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