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  1. l love couponing.

  2. LaTrelle Nmyownlane says:

    I still haven't figured how to do the coupons and pay less.

    • Melodie Thomas says:

      Have you tried attending a class in your area? Also, research online. There are lots of Facebook pages too that are helpful. PPP offers many great ways. But you need to follow up with printing coupons, research, and doing what others do.

    • dawn h bryan says:

      so for instance granola bars are 2 for 5.00 so you print 2 coupons for 1.00 off of each and then you pay only 3.00 for 2 boxes

  3. Juan Irby says:

    LaTrelle Nmyownlane it looks like you live in Huntsville, My wife and I would be happy to help you with couponing. It can be a bit intimidating at first.

  4. Tammy Fulmer says:

    I would love to learn to use coupons as well as many of my friends. Is there anyone near Columbia, SC or Augusta, GA area that would be interested in hosting a class about "Learning to Coupon"?

  5. I do not know anything how to do the research and apply coupons correctly and pay little to nothing for my groceries. Can anyone in the Rock Hill, SC area help me out? i would really appreciate it.

  6. Robin Nickles says:

    I was looking for All laundry detergent coupons, it says their is one but when you go the site it says their is not one?

    • They may be gone already Robin 🙁

      • Rhonda Flowerdew says:

        Laurie, I’m sorry I don’t know how to get signed up to have the coupons sent to me. Thanks and I appreciate everything you do

        • Hi Rhonda! To get access to the coupons, click on the link (if it’s underlined) to print the coupon. If it isn’t underlined that means it came out in the newspaper inserts on Sunday recently – for example if it says “3/3/17 RP” that means it came out in the March 3rd Red Plum insert. Hope that helps!

  7. Barbara Sellers says:

    I don't live near you or I could help better. Its hard to explain over the web. The best idea I have for you is to watch the teaching videos. There is a 'Beginners' at the top of this site and you can go to others sites like – also, not to take from this site, because it is a good one. Just watch all the videos you can. The CVS coupons can be combined with Manufactured coupons also. GODD LUCK! I hope that helped a little.

  8. Barbara Sellers says:

    I wished I lived closer to help you!

  9. Barbara Sellers says:

    Always save every weeks coupon inserts also!

  10. Robin, you can purchase the Sunday newspaper and it is filled with coupons. I normally buy four every Sunday. You should find all the coupons your'e looking for.You can also go to coupon, and there is a magazine you can buy at Walmart called ALL YOU, it has coupons too.Good luck!

  11. Does anyone kn

  12. Patricia Gordon says:

    I’m so pumped about saving money. it’s my new gambling game…except I’m a winner 99% of the time. I still need to work on organizing and matching but so far so good on using coupons to at least not pay full price for MOST items I’ve bought.

  13. Tennie Calhoun Stanley says:

    Very interested in the Kroger Carbmaster deal but can't find anything about it. The link is apparently broken or something because there is nothing to click. Can someone advise me on this?

  14. I just had surgery and it's going to be very hard for me to get out for the sales for the holidays but I want to try to find a Wii machine with the board first cheap as I can because I' does anybody know where the best deal is

  15. does anyone know where I can find a Wii Play Station with the board for cheap for the holidays

  16. Kleenex printable B1G1 is no longer available

  17. Melodie Thomas says:

    Laurie and Team, I just searched Goodys and found that printables should be available via SmartSource. When selecting the coupon, it does take me to Smart Source…HOWEVER…there are NO Goodys aspirin powder coupons. Thought you may like to know.

  18. Kleenex printable on 2/5 is saying no longer available

  19. The link for South Beach bars does not provide printable

  20. Melodie says:

    Another error in the database. Community coffee says there are 3 printables. There are NONE. One is for SavingStar and others for RedPlum … RedPlum has NONE.

  21. Latrone Ward says:

    Looking for a couponing class in Birmingham Al

  22. Kathy Ausburn says:

    What does RMN stand for? I know RP means Red Plum insert but I have never heard of this other. Kathy

  23. Christie Fuller says:

    Please add me to your email list! Thank you!

  24. I haven’t figured out to coupon when eating CLEAN and/or organic. It seems that only junk foods provide coupons. So I quite years ago. I buy the bulk of my food from the parameter of the grocery store not the interior. I only purchase frozen veggies and fruits never premade meals. So I don’t know how I can coupon.


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