We Tried Shopkick… Here’s Our Verdict.

Interested in the Shopkick app but not sure if it's worth your time?  Here's my review!


Shopkick App Review… We Tried It For You!

I'm always up to try new apps that help me save money or even earn money while doing my grocery shopping.

While ShopKick has actually been around for some time, it was one I'd never gotten around to trying.  To kick off our series on ways to earn money before Christmas, I thought I'd give this popular app a try!

What is ShopKick?

  • Shopkick is a free app that lets you earn points for shopping
  • Use code PENNYPINCH5 to earn a $5 bonus for walking into a store within the first 7 days
  • Earn points (or “kicks”) for scanning and shopping for featured items
  • Redeem points for giftcards (Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks) or get paid via Paypal
  • Many stores give kicks just for walking through the door (i.e. TJ Maxx Walk-in = 50 kicks!)

This is Reagan – she's the baby of my bunch!

My daughter Reagan and I tried out the Shopkick app a few weeks ago (she's 12 and looking for ways to make a little extra moo-lah!), and we were able to earn $25 in gift cards (that you can use at Walmart, Amazon, or even Paylpal credit) without too much effort! We went into the stores, and right off the bat got $5 just for walking in.  We scanned several items, and then bought a few things at Walmart that specifically included Shopkick credits.  Once in the car, I uploaded the receipt and we got our “kicks” back in just a few days.

If you're not willing to purchase specific Shopkick items you'll earn more slowly – but you'll definitely still earn that first $5 doing practically nothing!  Just make sure to use code PENNYPINCH5 to get your $5 for a store walk-in 🙂

My friend Jamie tried it this past week too – here's what she had to say:

Getting kicks for walking into Target!

Jamie here! First of all, I was SUPER SKEPTICAL about ShopKick.  It seemed like one of those apps that was going to waste my time, without any real payout.  But after one week I just cashed in for a $10 Starbucks Giftcard, so I have changed my tune!

Here's how I earned my $10 in one week of barely trying….

  • Monday afternoon Idownloaded the app and used code PENNYPINCH5 so I could get the $5 Bonus
  • I pulled into CVS and made sure the app was on, so it would register that I was indeed “walking in”
  • I walked into CVS and made $5 🙂
  • While there I scanned some candy and magazines to earn Kicks and see how the app worked.
  • Between Friday and Saturday I went to TJMaxx, Target, Walmart and Publix to do some shopping.  I got walk-in bonuses for all those places.  Some I got just for walking by the front door!
  • I scanned maybe 15 items at my Walmart and earned about 300 more kicks.
  • One item I purchased, a box of Frosted Flakes, was an item that earns kicks.  I scanned my receipt, and I think I got 300 kicks for that.  (It only takes 1250 for a $5 giftcard – so I think I'll look out for more of those high-earning items!)

Yesterday I was able to cash in for a $10 Starbucks Giftcard.  That's it!

My verdict:

I will probably not use the app all the time, but anytime I'm heading into Target with my kids I'll turn it on and have them go scan some things for me while I shop.  Same with drugstores like CVS.  I think this is an app that you can either earn quite a bit on if you're highly motivated, or earn passively if you're just a little too busy to fool with it.

If nothing else – the $5 you get on your first walk-in is enough reason to make me recommend this app to everyone.  Whether you decide to keep using it or not!



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