How To Use Coupons at Target


I've received dozens of emails asking for more information on how to use coupons at Target, so I decided it might be helpful for you to have a quick (?) handy tutorial!  Target promotions do vary a bit by area, but they're generally pretty similar nationwide so hopefully the deals and the Target updates you find here on PPP will work at your local store.


Here are the top ways to use coupons at Target:

Mobile coupons. Target offers various coupons when you text a certain word to the number 827438. These are all store coupons, and can be used in conjunction with manufacturer coupons to get great savings. Often Target includes coupons like $1 off vegetables, $1 off fruit or even $1 off meat, so this is a great way to save on items you usually can't find deals on.  A few current offers are when you text the words FRESH or UPUP to the number 827438 (as of 10/15/13.)


using coupons at Target


Target store printable coupons. There are dozens of Target store printable coupons available to print on their website. These are typically store coupons, however occasionally you can find a manufacturer coupon on that site that can be used at any store.  If the coupon says “$1 off when you buy” it will most likely be a manufacturer coupon, however if it says” $1 off (the item)”, it should be a Target store coupon.


If it's a Target store coupon, the coupon normally states “limit one coupon or offer per guest” so you will be limited to using it only once during your trip. However, you can stack it with a manufacturer coupon on the same item to get even more savings.


To make finding those coupons easier, you can type the item you're looking for in the search button at the top of the page and they should pop right up for you.



Target Cartwheel couponsThese are extra little coupons you can use in addition to your manufacturer and Target store coupons. They typically are for a fairly small amount off ~ for example 5-10% off a specific item. You can choose to either have these loaded to your phone or to print them directly at home to take to the store. There's also a place to search for specific coupons at the top of the page, and you just click on the coupon to add it to your cart.



Once it's added, click on “my Cartwheel” at the top of the page and any coupons that you've added will be right there for you.  Then click “redeem in store” to either print the offers or download the Cartwheel App to your phone so you can just scan it in the store!


Other ways to get Target coupons
  • Occasionally you'll find Target coupons in the Sunday paper. This varies alot by area, but be on the lookout as they generally offer some high value coupons.
  • Target sometimes sends out home mailers to specific zip codes. You can also request their free samples when they offer them which might help get you on the mailing list, or register your phone for coupon alerts.
  • Also, if you're expecting or getting married soon, be sure to sign up for their gift registry as that's another way to get targeted coupons mailed out to you!
  • Occasionally Target offers coupons via the Shopkick app as well. You can redeem these directly in the store using the app on your phone.


A few more ways to save at Target
  • If you sign up for a Target Redcard, you'll automatically save 5% off your Target purchases. What I like about this is it's tied directly to your checking account, so it's not used the way a traditional credit card is. Learn more HERE.
  • Get $.05 off your order for each bag when you bring your own bags to carry your groceries home in.
  • Watch for markdowns. While I think Target can be a little pricey at times, they offer some fantastic clearance deals, especially on their endcaps. Watch the ends of the aisles and see what you find!
  • Don't forget that Target offers great gift card deals each week, and you can even roll those gift card deals to do more of a similar deal. For example, if you purchase one item that gives you a gift card at Target, you can use that gift card to score more of the same deals ~ love that!

Love shopping Target? Here are more saving secrets you don't want to miss. 

What other tips do you have for using coupons and saving at Target? Leave a comment to share ~ I'd love to hear your suggestions!

See all the top deals at Target this week, and create your Target shopping list before you shop.

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  1. Wow thank you! I just went to target today and couponed for the first time. This is the best guide to Couponing for me since target is the best place to coupon in my area. Can’t wait to read more about your blog and learn how to organize and get better at this 🙂

  2. Is there a charge for texting to the number to get mobile coupons?

  3. Where do you find the specific words to text?

  4. What kind of printer is everyone using? Ours seems to drink ink. Even if it has some ink left it won’t print.

  5. Cartwheel changes every Sunday with the ads…..Do they do the same with printable coupons by adding some at the start of each week?

  6. My question is I don’t have ave a time target t close to me. So I order online. How do or can I use mag coupons when doing that. I can’t seem to figure it out.

    • Hi Lynn! Sadly, when shopping online you won’t be able to use paper coupons, but they sometimes offer fun online savings, so keep an eye out for those! 🙂 Hope that helps!

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