How to Make PPP An App on Your Phone

Did you know you can make Passionate Penny Pincher an APP on your phone home screen? (Well – it will function like an app at least!)

We're here to help with that.  Below you'll find instructions for iPhone AND Android.

iPhone Instructions:

These instructions are for an iphone.  First you'll want to open a browser and navigate to the homepage.



Once on the home page, you'll notice a box at the bottom with a arrow pointing out the top.  You'll want to select this box.


The next screen will pop up and you'll want to navigate to the box that says, “Add to Home Screen”.


Now select “ADD” and you won't even believe that Passionate Penny Pincher will now be an APP on your home screen!!

See that!  Nothing to it and I can't even believe it works!!  Yay!  Now you won't miss a deal and can browse PPP any time.


Android Instructions:

1. Open a web browser on your phone and go to

2. Click the 3 dots at the top next to the web address to bring up a drop down menu (circled in Orange in picture).

3.  Click the option “Desktop site”.  (You may have the option to add to your homescreen in this step, if so – do that and then skip to step 5!)

4.  Click “Frugal Living & Recipes” to bring up the drop-down menu and click “Home” ~ NOTE: If you do not have this option skip to step 5.

5.  Click the 3 dots at the top next to the web address to bring up a drop down menu.

6. Click “Add to Home screen”.

7.  You can change the name of your “App” to anything you want or just click ADD.

8. Click ADD again.

Viola! You now have a working PPP App!




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