How To Find Your Stock Up Toilet Paper Price



There are so many great deals out there using coupons, but sometimes it’s easy to get lost in a “good” deal and a great deal.  Knowing how to figure out your stock up price can really make your coupon trips so much more successful!  Here’s my most important tip on figuring out a “stock up” price . . . are your ready for this? 🙂


Do the Math!


The price of paper products seems to constantly go up (even using coupons!), so knowing how much you’re paying per square foot or item is the only way to know if you’re really getting a deal.  Here’s how to figure out the best price on toilet paper:

 Price divided by total square footage of toilet paper = price per foot


Here’s an example:

Right now you can get Charmin Ultra Soft Bathroom Tissue 9 Family Rolls for $10.49 on Amazon.  Using the square footage, this is what you get:

$10.49/ 211.3 square feet = $.049 per square foot (not a stock up price)




Here’s a slightly better deal on Amazon, but still not a stock up price:  Charmin Ultra Strong 9 Large Rolls, 132 2-Ply Sheets per Roll (Pack of 5)

$26.82/ 704.5 per square foot = $.038 (closer to that stock up price, but still not there!)

My stock up price on toilet paper is $.015/square foot, although I’ll be honest, I haven’t seen that price in quite awhile!  To check out my stock up prices on all of your basic pantry staples, you can check out the Stock Up Price List (and remember you can always access it easily by clicking on the “Stock Up” tab at the top of the page.)

Have you found a great deal on toilet paper lately that hits your stock up price, and do you usually do the math to find out what the best price is?  I’d love to hear your tips! 

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  1. My grocery store has the Charmin 12 double roll for $4.99 this week. With the $1/2 Charmin coupon from the March P&G insert, that makes the price $0.12/ square foot! Unfortunately, I don’t have any math advice! Thanks for sharing this information!

  2. I think .10 would be a good price
    I found toliet paper 1.00/100 sqft at Dollar General

  3. Is my math really bad or is .004 per s. foot the price for this (if I pick subscribe and save)

    • I come up with $.04 per foot…. the price in the scenario above was when it was on sale (it’s definitely higher now!) Prices on TP have definitely gone up, but I think anything under $.02 per square foot is a decent deal these days ~ hope that helps!

  4. Amazon has Angel Soft 48 (300 sheets per roll) Double Rolls for $22.63 (clip the $1.00 q as well to make $21.63)


    I bought 3 because that’s the limit and don’t go by the 3-5wks shipping. I ordered 9/30 got them all today 😉

  5. Right now Walmart has Scott Extra Soft 24 Double roll for $10.98. There are 861.6 SQ. Feet and I found a $1 peelie so I paid $9.98, .011 per Sq FT.
    Happy Shopping!!

  6. I’m wondering how you would figure out the pricing for a square yard? I found Charmin Basic Toiler Paper on Amazon for $0.18 per square yard, and couldn’t find square footing info anywhere to know if it is really a good deal.

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