15 Secrets You Need To Know Before Shopping Publix

publix secrets

Love shopping Publix? 


Oh my.



But, did you know that Publix shopping really isn't as expensive as it seems? 


Yup. You can save big at Publix if you just know how.


So, here are a few secrets that will help you save big every time you shop.


1. Publix doubles manufacturers coupons up to $.50 in Alabama, Tennessee, and parts of Georgia and South Carolina.

(They do not double in Florida and as well as some stores in Georgia and South Carolina – I hate that for those readers! If you're unsure whether or not your store doubles coupons, check with your management before you shop.)

They don't double competitor coupons or Publix store coupons.


2. Publix accepts certain competitor coupons. 

Depending on your area, Publix will accept some competitor coupons.  Each store chooses which locals stores are  store is considered a competitor, so this varies (a lot!) by area.


Typically Publix requires that the stores considered competitors are “traditional grocery stores”, meaning they have a meat and deli department. Some stores accept Target, Kroger, Winn Dixie, Whole Foods, Walmart, Earth Fare and more.


To see an awesome breakdown on this, check out my friend Michelle's post at I Heart Publix. I was so surprised at how they stacked up ~ you can tell they definitely vary quite a bit! When in doubt about coupon acceptance, it’s worth taking a minute to ask the management before going through the check out lane.

3. To get the most bang for your buck, use your “big” coupons first.

When shopping Publix, if you happen to have lucked into a coupon like a $10/$50 coupon (sometimes they have special store coupons like this, and occasionally you'll find a competitor like this one as well), be sure to stack that one ON TOP of your other coupons.


That way, Publix will take that $10 off first before other coupons if they drop your total to below $50, which can make your savings even greater.


4. The Publix pharmacy accepts competitor coupons from competing pharmacies.

For example, if you have a coupon for a CVS Gift Card with new or transferred prescription, you can use that at Publix to get a Publix gift card.


5. Always be on the look out for Publix store coupons. 

Every 2-3 weeks Publix comes out with store coupon booklets that often coincide with the store sales ads. Here's what to watch for:

  • Grocery Advantage Buy Flier comes out every 3 weeks
  • Health & Beauty Flier comes out every 2 weeks

In addition to these fliers AND the weekly store ad, Publix also regularly comes out with store coupons found at the front of the store in a kiosk with other fliers, as well as throughout the store. Keep your eyes peeled for new coupon booklets as they pop up fairly regularly and can really help you save at Publix!


6. Publix allows one manufacturer and one store coupon per item.


If you have a manufacturer coupon for an item, you can “stack” a store coupon (OR a competitor coupon, but not both) to get a greater savings on that same item.


Publix Penny Item - November 1st
7. The Publix Penny item is available Wednesday or Thursday, depending on when your sale ad starts.


Look for the coupon in your local newspaper on the day your ad starts for the penny item, and you must spend $10 pre-coupon to get the penny item.


Note – Publix stores in Florida don't offer the Penny Item. Sorry guys 🙁 


8. Publix’s computers allow one coupon per item.

Most Publix stores will allow you to use as many coupons as you want. However, if the number of coupons exceeds the number of items purchased (for example if you have 20 items and 22 coupons because you have a few competitor coupons), the computer will automatically question it.


Typically your cashier will send for a manager and they will override it, however they have the option not to, so just be aware of this.

9. Publix offers a bajillion BOGO (Buy One Get One Free) sales each week (these are the savings you really want to focus on each week.)

I love this. If you're a Publix shopper, watch for their weekly Buy One Get One Free sales to get the very best savings.

Secret tip?

Unless you're in Florida, you don't have to buy two to get the second one free. 

So, if Cheerios are on sale Buy One Get One Free and you only want 1 box, you'll get them each for half price.


If you're in Florida, you'll get what folks call “TRUE BOGO” meaning you really have to buy one to get a second one free. While some folks don't like this, you'll get two items free if you luck into a Buy One Get One Free coupon for a Buy One Get One Free item at Publix. Because of the coupon, both items will actually be free!


10. Publix offers digital coupons.

In addition to their store coupons, you can check out Publix digital coupons online each week. Go HERE to sign up for Publix digital coupons, and remember these are manufacturer coupons that cannot be stacked with other manufacturer coupons. (However, you can stack them with store coupons.)


11. Save even more at Publix by taking advantage of mobile rebate apps.

There are several rebate apps that you can use at Publix to save even more when you shop, and what I love is that you can “double dip” on savings by purchasing one item and getting a rebate back through several rebate sites (if the offer is available at more than one store.) Here are the rebate sites I use when shopping Publix:


12. The super sweet baggers at Publix bag your groceries and takes them to the car for you – no tipping accepted.


I love that.


13. Publix partners with schools.

If you shop Publix, be sure to pick up a key chain card that they scan at checkout for a local school (you can choose which school to donate to.) For every $37,500 spent in groceries, Publix gives your schools $250. That money really adds up, and you can even see a few totals over HERE (I love this program!)


14. The Publix bakery will give your child a cookie every time they stop and ask for one

And, many Publix floral departments will give your child a free balloon to take home as well. (Our Publix offered coloring books to kids too!)

15. Publix store brand generics are well worth trying.

If you're willing to try Publix store brands, you'll easily save throughout the store. Our family has tried out Publix cleaning supplies, snacks, toiletries and more and always been pleased with them.


If you love shopping Publix but aren't sure how to save big there, we'd love to help you get started! Here are a few that should help:

  • See how to get 19 items for 26¢ each (ends 2/2/16 or 2/3/16, depending on your area – see constantly updated Publix savings HERE)
  • Get Publix store coupon matchups HERE and print your free list
  • Go HERE to see updated Publix deals each day on PPP
  • Also visit my friend Michelle from I Heart Publix to get all Publix deals, all the time 🙂

See all the deals at Publix this week, and check out the complete Publix weekly ad to plan your trip before you go. 




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  1. I love Publix but would like to know why they don’t double coupons inFl. We have so many shopping options now, I am going to check out Aldi next week. Thanks, just curious if there is a good reason.

    • I (think?) it may be because they don’t have competitors in Florida that offer double coupons (although Winn Dixie may double? I’m not sure!) Now that Kroger isn’t doubling I wonder if they’ll change their policy…. I hate it for you (but love having the Publix option – I still think just using their Buy One Get One Free offers and a few coupons you can really save there if you shop purposefully!

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