25 Days to a More Organized You Day 20: Create a Command Center

This is a re-post from last year on how we set up our family's command center. I'd love to know how you organize your family's schedule each week!

My friend Staci had some great suggestions on creating a “command” center to handle weekly schedules, menu planning and more. I asked her to send over a picture of hers (so I'd know where to start!), and this is what she made using an open frame from Hobby Lobby, piece of cardboard, and plain fabric. She cut the cardboard to fit into the opening of the frame, covered it with tan muslin fabric, and decorated it with wall decals.  

As you can tell, hers is huge which I love, and such a good way to get a large board at a great price! After seeing her idea I created mine using the set of bulletin & dry erase boards that I already have near our kitchen, and added a printed calendar, the kids school lunch schedule (although lately all three of my kids are eating lunches packed at home), and a free printable menu planner. 



Now that my dry erase board is finally clean, I can also use it to keep up with our daily schedule as well as my kid's to do list!

Do you include other items in your family's “command center”? I'd love to hear what helps make your family's schedule easier to manage, so I'd love for you to take a minute to leave a comment to share!

Here are a few specific items to work on today if you don't have a plan in place to organize your family's menus and calendars:



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