Wordless Wednesday (I’m not good at wordless . . .)

Here’s what the meat and cheese departments looked like at Publix last night (remember all that $1.99/lb. chicken breast???  GONE!) 


Our store has been unable to get any trucks in as the warehouse in Atlanta is also snowed in.  They’re hoping things will return to normal by Saturday . . . it’s amazing what 8-10 inches of snow will do!



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  1. I guess, we shouldn’t be in too big a hurry to shop this new ad. Looks like there isn’t much to purchased.

  2. Wow! Leaves me speechless to see that.

  3. I don’t know if I will be able to find enough for $10 to get my penny coffee :-).

    • It really is unbelievable – I went back this morning and they do have some things, but once they’re gone they’re gone. Crazy!

      Wow Rosy – limiting bread? Our store is already totally out of it, and they’re down to very little milk but not limiting anything yet (that makes sense though that yours are). I’m wondering what Kroger looks like as their headquarters are in Ohio (they can probably handle the snow), but I was glad to grab one more gallon of milk last night! It makes me appreciate my stockpile – in the worst case scenario I have lots of stuff to make if I need to. What amazed me today is even all the biscuits (ever single biscuit) was gone – we’re so used to just grabbing what we need!

  4. My hubby went this morning and they were limiting the bread to one per person. There were no eggs but we are ok on those. I am so glad I stocked up last Thursday. People don’t realize that we are not equipped to handle this kind of weather.

  5. I went into Kroger on Hughes this morning, and there was still a fare amount on the shelves. I noticed several people buying milk, so I’m assuming they have or had some today.

    I also stopped in Star Market, and it looks like they had plenty of everything. And while the Publix meat counters maybe empty, Star Market had full shelves of everything.

    I’m thinking we may have to bust our Publix loyalty for a day or two till they can get back up. My sister in Atlanta said it maybe Friday before she can get out of her house. Her road and driveway are a sheet of ice at the moment.

    • Becky – Star Market has their chicken breast on sale $1.59/lb., so I’m definitely planning to head there this week! I love my Publix, but I’ll have to head that way at least once before the sale is over!

  6. I live in Madison also. I never shop at Star Market. I’ve only been there once to check it out when we first moved here. Kroger and Publix are closer and just seemed to have better prices/ deals to me. When does the sale on chicken breast end? I may have to go in there. Thanks.

    • Debbie – I hardly ever shop at Star Market, but they are known for their great meat (and meat prices when they have big sales). Definitely worth stopping in at that price!

  7. I literally chipped my way out of the driveway today so I had to go somewhere. Publix was the place tonight. Really sad, huh? I did manage to get all the things on my list that I wanted from the sale ad. They were not out of anything that was on my sale/ buy list. They told me that they did manage to get a produce truck in. One of the bread companies had restocked, but there were just a few gallons of milk left, but I got my free gallon!

  8. I’m down further south in Phenix City AL and my Publix was pretty empty too.
    Out of the 1.99 chicken thats for sure, and lots of produce. Snow is pretty
    but causing alot of trouble!

  9. I’m originally from New England, so I understand where you are coming from! It is normal for everyone up there to stock up perishables and necessities whenever a big storm is on it’s way. But, it’s usually a lot more than 8″ that will stop the supply trucks and the yankees from shopping. we go out even in blizzards, lol, at least around town. Don’t know how I would feel about driving in it now that I have been away for so long though.

  10. My local Publix looked the same last night. The cashier told me that they had just got milk in and there was only like 20 gals on the shelf when i got mine. She said it came in on a small refridgerated uhal like truck! I’m ready for some warm weather!!!

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