Why You Need A Realtor

Have you ever wondered why people use a realtor? It'll help you not waste money or time ~ here's our story.


Recently we found out we have a big move looming way too closely in the future. I'll share more details as we wade through them all (if you don't mind saying a prayer for us as we muddle through this I'd sure appreciate it!), but right now finding a realtor is at the top of our priority list.


Before moving to Alabama we were fortunate to have a fantastic realtor (thank you, Betty!) who made our first two home sales and purchases go as smoothly as we could possibly imagine. We gave her a quick call prior to listing each home and she helped us determine what our sale price should be, gave suggestions on what we should do to prepare our house to sell, and helped us navigate through the entire home selling and purchasing process. Both our homes sold within two weeks (such a blessing) ~ and we couldn't have had that kind of success without her.


Having someone who knew what she was doing walk beside us as we sold our homes and purchased new houses was invaluable.


Here are a few facts about realtors and home sales:

  • People who use a realtor sell their home in less time than those who list it themselves, and usually they make a larger profit on their home.
  • According to the National Association of Realtors, those who use a realtor are 16% more likely go sell their than those who try to sell it on their own.
Because we're in the process of finding a realtor again, we researched local realtors through Dave Ramsey's Endorsed Local Provider (ELP) program. Literally within minutes of filling out the ELP form online I received an email back from three different realtors, as well as phone calls to schedule an appointment. I've set up a few meetings with them, and have been very impressed so far with their knowledge and skill level (and I love that there are several in my area to choose from!)


The best part about finding a real estate provider, tax professional, or even investment through Dave Ramsey's ELP program is you'll work with someone who's not only experienced, but is also aware of your personal financial goals. When meeting with a local Real Estate ELP this week, I knew they were aware of our objectives, understood our family's decision to live purposefully on a budget, and I felt we could trust them to help us in this major financial decision.


There are jillions of projects that you can pinch a penny or two on by doing them yourself ~ painting a room, fluffing up your home or tackling a new home project are definitely things worth saving money on and doing yourself if you're able. But there are some things that are simply worth finding a professional for.  If you're like us (and feeling completely overwhelmed by too many decisions ahead of you), being able to find just the right trusted person through the ELP program will give you peace in the midst of what can be some very difficult decisions.  And using an ELP will give you peace of mind knowing that you're using a trusted partner who wants to see you reach your own financial goals too.


Dave Ramsey’s Endorsed Local Provider program is a great place to start looking for a realtor, tax help, or even investing advice.  Find out how you can get in touch with a realtor who's partnered with the Endorsed Local Provider program in your area. And, even if you're not looking for a realtor right now, consider talking to an ELP to help you work on your 2014 taxes ~ go HERE to learn more.


This is a sponsored by Dave Ramsey’s Endorsed Local Providers, however all opinions are (of course!) my own.



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  1. Janice McBride Boone says

    I did not even know that there was a web site for this. I love Dave Ramseys advice but have not taken his course yet, but from what I have heard I already have been doing what he suggests in most areas of my life. Thank you so much, as I hope to hear from someone about tax help. Would prefer someone associated with his recommendaitons. Thank you so much !!!

    • You’re so welcome Janice – so glad it helps! It definitely feels good to know that you’re using someone who’s coming from the same background, especially if you’re already familiar with Dave Ramsey. Hope it helps you find just the right person to help with your taxes!

  2. We found our realtor using Dave’s website when we moved to Alabama! Couldn’t have asked for a better fit for is!

  3. Please tell us that your not moving out of Madison or Alabama. It is so nice knowing that you are soo close. We live out in Madison County!!

    • Hi Melinda! We’re actually moving to Columbus Ohio, BUT my friend Shannon (who really puts together soooo many of the local deals!) will still be right here in Madison so hopefully nothing will change! I’ll work more on Target deals and possibly add a few deals for Giant and Meijer readers (since I may shop those stores too), but most of the items will be just the same. (So thankful to have Shannon here because she really does find so many of the deals!)

      • Hi Laurie! We have lived in Columbus for almost a decade….we live in Powell but are moving so we are selling our home. Multiple offers and it appears we will get over ask. Powell is a good investment as is Dublin. New Albany is nice if your work place is conveniently located to it. Upper Arlington in the past has been a good choice, but they are having major school renovations coming up, and a couple residents I know are antsy about the property taxes going through the roof to pay for them (they are already amongst the highest around Columbus). Taxes and schools are comparable in Dublin, Powell, Upper Arlington, and New Albany. Welcome, you will love it here!

  4. Please be very choosey what neighborhoods you move to. Maybe consider the suburbs. We used to live in Columbus, but so glad we moved out of there. Not knowing where your husbands employment is, but try the outskirts of that area. Good luck, and so excited that I will be able to get the same savings now. Yay.

  5. Welcome to the Buckeye State! You will want to check out Meijer; they beat Kroger on a lot of things. ANd make sure you have warm coats and a good snow shovel! I’m in Monroe, between Cincinnati and Dayton.

    • We used to live in Louisville and had Meijer and I loved shopping there ~ that’s encouraging to know you like it Jaime! Not sure how we’re going to get used to the snow (eek!) but am excited for my kids to at least get to have a snow day or two to remember in their childhood 🙂

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