Why Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation is my FAVORITE

Why Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation is my FAVORITE


I'm so stinkin' excited today because my favorite makeup (the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation) is available right now and it comes with free gifts

I just wanted to take a second to tell you how much I love this stuff and why I'm willing to drop a little more to get it.

I mean, you know I'm a frugal girl. 🙂 



I have really awful skin.


We're talking, very acne prone, very oily, really uneven awful skin.


Worst of all, my skin literally soaks up any type of makeup. When I've tried any other foundation (and trust me, I've tried it all!), in about 7 minutes everything else is sucked right up and you can't tell I have any amount of foundation coverage at all.


But way back when I was in my late 20s someone recommended Estee Lauder Double Wear, and after a few days testing it out I was totally convinced.


I've  now been wearing Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation for 15 years (seriously, I just did the math!), and it's hands down the most essential part of my makeup routine.


As a penny pincher of course, it's always been hard on my budget (especially in those early days when I had so little moo-lah to spend!) So you know I had to figure out a deal. 🙂 


Once every few months, Estee Lauder offers a free gift with purchase, which means I pay for my Double Wear, but get my mascara and almost everything else for free.


I love that. 

Estee Lauder Free Gift with Purchase Deal

And, sure enough right now at Bloomingdales if you order $37.50 worth of Estee Lauder products you'll get a FREE 7-Pc Gift worth $165 too. (Yay!)


Your gift will be automatically added to your cart at checkout as long as you have the $37.50 minimum purchase already in your cart 🙂 (1 per customer, online only, while supplies last)

Do you have a favorite makeup product you love (even if it's not penny pinched?) I'd love to hear what it is ~ leave a comment to share (I love hearing from you!)

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  1. What is the sale price? All I’m seeing is $42 and I thought that was the regular price?

  2. I don’t see the sale on macy’s website…

  3. is the foundation one color for everyone?

  4. Dana Goodner says

    OMG, Laurie, I discovered Double Wear years ago, and I also wear Fresco! All the other makeups soak into my skin as yours does. I didn’t realize anyone else had this problem. Were you able to order it online and still get the free gifts, or did you go to Macy’s to get it? Thanks for the info, Laurie!!

    • Yes – you still get the free gifts when you order online (which I love because it saves me a trip to the mall… where I might spend extra moo-lah on other stuff!) 🙂

  5. I may need to go grab this deal, …but LOVE your vest! Where, oh, where did you get it? Is it gray? You always look so cute. Thanks for all the great tips and your kind Christian heart!!

  6. Thanks for the heads up! I use double wear too and I LOVE the Advanced Night repair goodies! The serum is the best stuff ever. I’m 42 and people think I’m 30. It really works. Another favorite of mine is IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye. Sometimes QVC has it on a special to save some cash. It covers my extremely dark circles perfectly.

  7. As of right not, they are sold out of the free gifts. While supplies last is their reply. When is the other time of the year you see this? It seems cheaper than my foundation from Sephora!

    • But I must add there was a VIP code to enter to make it $37 just minus the free gift. In case someone REALLY wants new foundation!

  8. Estee Lauder double wear foundation is my #1 foundation also. In fact i will use nothing else! I recommend it constantly. I have felt guilty for spending that kind of money for it, but it lasts forever and I almost always buy it when i can get a free gift as well.

  9. Which shade do you use, Laurie? Thanks, Susan

    • Hi Susan! I wear Fresco – in the summertime I sometimes go to a slightly darker shade if I get much sun, but Fresco is what I wear 10 months out of the year (I can’t remember the darker shade and just threw it away!) 🙂

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