Valentine White Trash Candy

Valentine White Trash Candy

This is typically a recipe I think about during the Christmas season, but it's really PERFECT for any seasonal holiday. So, Valentine's Day seemed like the perfect holiday to whip some up! 💗

Here's what you'll need to get started . . .

plus, a great use for the almond bark I snagged on clearance at Kroger 👇🏻👇🏻 – WHOOP!


measure out the ingredients – this 8 cup Pyrex measuring cup is awesome!



toss them all together in a ginormous bowl!



melt your almond bark (or use 2 packages of white morsels along with 2 tablespoons vegetable oil instead) – either way is FANTASTIC!



mix it all up….



then spread onto wax paper, add a few sprinkles and let cool 🙂



and try not to nibble, ha!  😜


package it up as fast as you can and give it away!!! 


How to Make Valentine White Trash Candy:



  • 6 cups Rice or Corn Chex Cereal
  • 6 cups small pretzels
  • 16 oz jar dry roasted peanuts
  • 11 oz bag plan M&M's
  • 24 oz almond bark (1 1/2 packages)
  • sprinkles (optional)
  • wax or parchment paper


  1. Combine cereal, pretzels, peanuts and M&M's in a huge bowl.
  2. Line 2 large baking sheets with wax or parchment paper. Or, spread a couple of large pieces on your countertop if they can tolerate a bit of heat.
  3. Place almond bark in a large glass bowl. Microwave in 30 second intervals until the almond bark is melted and very pourable.
  4. Pour melted almond bark over dry ingredients; stirring gently to combine. Once combined, spoon mixture onto the wax paper and spread. Add sprinkles, if desired.
  5. Cool on the countertop or pop in the refrigerator until set. Break into pieces and store in an air-tight container at room temperature.


So yummy and completely addictive…….I warned ya! 🤗

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