Upcoming Cottonelle Catalina At Kroger (& Elsewhere)


Starting tomorrow, there’s a new Cottonelle catalina that will start at Kroger nationally, and it should make for some stock up prices on toilet paper!  When you purchase two Cottonelle Toilet Papers you’ll get $2 back at checkout, and when you purchase 3 Cottonelle Toilet Papers you’ll get $3 back at checkout.  Check out this scenario at Kroger:


After your catalina and Saving Star discounts, you’ll pay just $7.48 for 24 rolls of toilet paper, or $.31 per roll.  And don’t forget if you’re near a Walgreens you may be able to snag an even better deal tomorrow! 


Thanks so much Mary for pointing that out! See all the top deals at Kroger starting in the new ad tomorrow.


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  1. Laurie, just wanted to point out a coupon variation, must be one of those regional things. My Cottonelle coupon that expires tomorrow says 50 cents off two 4 packs or ONE 12 pack or larger. It makes the deal a tad better for those of us with that coupon. Also, I have a question about the catalina. Under the Walgreens post you state a $3 cat wyb 2 packs or $4 cat wyb 3 packs, but the catalina is different in this post ($2 cat wyb 2, $3 cat wyb 3). Is that correct? I am just trying to decide which will be the better deal for me. Thank you so much for your help!

    • I actually noticed the differences in the catalina too Mary! I *think* it’s possible that there’s a “extra” deal at Walgreens which is why it would be $3 instead of $2? The catalina that I saw for Kroger is definitely $2 on two packages…. but remember if your shopping Kroger there will also be that extra $2 catalina when you purchase 10 Daytona Savings products. (I know, they make it really hard to figure it out!) My initial thought is that the Walgreens deal is the best price… but I’m thinking the Kroger packs may be bigger, AND they double that coupon. So, I think I’d go with whichever store you’d rather shop!

      (Did I make that as clear as mud?) 😉

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