Slow Cooker Taco Meat

Slow Cooker Taco Meat


This recipe just might change the way you look at ground beef, my friends.

And, really, give you a whole new reason to love your slow cooker. 

For years I've been convinced that there was no way on earth to cook ground beef in the crockpot (unless I pre-cooked it ahead of time for something like chili), however, I've thankfully been proved wrong.




With the way our afternoon/evening schedules have looked, so often it's hard to get much besides cereal on the table if Mrs. Potts doesn't do the cooking, so this is a great alternative.

And guess what?

It works. 


And, because I've lost my mind . . . my other crockpot is filled up with Crockpot Monkey Bread for dessert tonight too. 🙂

The best part is that dinner is easy and done before I have the chance to head to the drive thru. Soooo worth it for our family!

Easiest Slow Cooker Taco Meat - PINTEREST



If you haven't gotten your copy of Crocktober yet, head on over HERE so I can send the free printable cookbook right out to you. (I promise, you'll love this one and it's not too late to join us!)


And, if you'd like to order a REAL printed copy to have at home (we just got the bound version which is my favorite!) start right over HERE. 

You can watch as I made this today on Facebook Live too as well where you can check out reader's comments  (I love hearing from you there!), and let me know what you're having for dinner tonight!


Here's what Crocktober Week 3 looks like (10/15/18):
  • M – Chicken & Dumplings
  • T – Taco Meat (we'll make taco salads) + Monkey Bread
  • W – Chicken Alfredo
  • T – Cheeseburger Soup
  • F – Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches
Crocktober Week 2 (10/8/18):

Crocktober Week 1 (10/1/18):


Crocktober - I'd Love This!

Happy Crocktober! 

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