New Year: New Coupons!


 My stash of coupons just waiting to be organized this morning. . .

There are a ton of new coupons out this year, and I just took a few minutes to print oodles myself! I *think?* I'm going to try using only printable coupons in 2013 (or coupons that are mailed out to me) at least for the month of January, and will be updating shortly how it's going. The paper clutter in my house is making me crazy, and while I absolutely adore pinching pennies with coupons the value of my sanity is worth a little something . . . right? 


My friend Shannon is joining me in the challenge, by using both printable coupons and newspaper insert coupons.  We'll compare how much we save AND how much time we spend to see how things to! (I'm a little afraid of the challenge – she does such a good job with those coupons so I'm sure she'll win but definitely want to see how our time factors in!) It should be fun to keep up, and hopefully will encourage you too. 🙂


Enough rambling. . . on to the coupons (there are some great ones out today!)

$0.50 off any (1) Pepperidge Farm frozen bread $0.50 off any TWO (2) Pace products (these are just a few. . . there are dozens more over HERE!)

SAVE $0.50 off ANY Quaker® Popped™ or Quaker® Popped™ Chips products
Red Plum


$1.00 off when you buy any THREE NESTLÉ® COFFEE-MATE® Liquid Creamers, 16oz or larger. Excludes Natural Bliss $1.00 off when you buy any TWO COFFEE-MATE® NATURAL BLISS™ coffee creamers

Coupon Network

Save 75¢  off any 1 (ONE) Kikkoman Soy Sauce

Smart Source


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  1. Really curious to see how the challenge turns out! I’m always drowning in paper clutter too, and I don’t do half the couponing that y’all do.

  2. Agree completely about the paper clutter and the time! I have gotten a little burned out on the newspaper coupons and the chore it is to keep up with them. I was getting 4 area papers and 5 each week mailed from a friend in Chicago (awesome coupons up there!!!), but it has gotten too overwhelming to keep with and also frustrating with the local Publix not being great about keeping shelves stocked and not too nice about giving rain checks. I have quit getting the papers from Chicago and have only bought 2 papers the past few weeks I’ve bought. A little less stressful knowing I don’t have a ton of coupon inserts to weed through, but when I look at the items I want to buy and think about the coupon that I could have had for it if I was still getting the Chicago paper, I get a little disappointed. Trying to balance it all is difficult. I hope your experience with only printables goes well Laurie!!!

    • I’m definitely curious to see how it goes – I did like that when I clipped them yesterday everything was the same size and so much more manageable to organize! Not sure if it’ll work or not but keeping my fingers crossed because I love saving but really have got to find some ways to spend less time on it…. crossing my fingers it works! 🙂

  3. I noticed I had a great week a couple of weeks ago with JUST printable coupons (plus my $5/30 Winn DIxie coupons, of course!) and saved the same, if not more, than from inserts.

    I stopped buying papers about a year ago and since then the two coupon clipping sites I used have closed down. I’m now searching for another that’s reliable. It’s hard to get a lot of the deals when you do not have inserts at hand but the price of papers ($2 for a Sunday paper here) was exorbitant. And I was spending way too much time clipping, and taking up to much space storing, them. And some weeks I do not need anything (thank you stockpile) and other weeks I want 10 of one thing. I have noticed almost all of the deals at CVS do need coupons (like the current clearance sale) from the inserts so I miss out on a lot of those – oh, well!

    So I told my husband this year my coupon goal is not to stress out over the deals missed but concentrate on what I can get for a good price.

    Love your site, thanks so much!

  4. Love everyone’s comments and completely agree – I cannot keep up with it all and then I stress over the deals I’ve missed. RIDICULOUS! I, also, will choose to concentrate on the good deals I get and all the help Laurie and others provide. Not even sure I need my old binder with the coupons I have in hand that I just printed and grocery list ready to go. Must resolve not to try to chase down every deal to save 50 cents. Time is worth something too! Good Luck Laurie!
    P.S. I am excited about trying to use my Smart phone more to get deals that I do not have to clip. Hope I don’t start obsessing over that too.

  5. Thanks for sharing new coupons for new year. I get daily new and updated coupons from and save my money.

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