7 Items You Should Never Buy At Walmart


So often (SOOOO often) I hear people say they just buy everything at Walmart because it's “so much cheaper.”


But, after years of penny pinching I cringe every time I walk in the store, because my “job” each day is to really watch prices, so I know they're typically priced too high!


The problem is, Walmart doesn't offer much in the way of sales. They do have very reasonable prices every day especially on their store brands, however for many (many) things you're just paying too much.


Curious what I think will just bust your budget at Walmart? Here we go.


1. Tide.

Oh my word, please, please if you love Tide wait for a sale at your local grocery store! Tide Pods are regularly $17.97 for the 72 count at Walmart ~ let's do the math on that.

Tide goes on sale all. the. time. at most grocery stores and even the drug stores, so make sure to get a deal (just type in “tide” over here to see where it's on sale this week!)


2. All Laundry Detergent

All Laundry Detergent is one of my favorites, and you can always find a deal on it if you're willing to wait for a sale! Here's the math:

Use a coupon at either store to save even more, but by far the better deal is at Kroger this week! 


3. Quilted Northern.

Quilted Northern is always on sale at Amazon (always!) and their everyday price just beats the Walmart price. Here's the math:


4. Potato Chips.

Potato chips go on sale so often at your local grocery, and Aldi has a great selection of store brand ones as well. My target price on a bag of chips is $2 – $2.50, so don't pay more than that in a hurry at Walmart.


4. K Cups.

Unless you're super particular about your coffee, skip buying KCups at Walmart. Their Donut Shop Blend costs $19.88 or 55¢ per cup, which is still a little steep.


5. Pasta.

If you're willing to buy Walmart brand pasta, you may get a decent price. But, if you like any national brand, Walmart typically is priced higher than your local grocery store if pasta is on sale.  Just last week I stocked up on Creamette Pasta at Kroger for 49¢ in their Mega Sale, so watch for those stock up prices on sale at your grocery store.

6. Ice Cream.

If you love ice cream, watch for a sale at your local grocery store! While Breyer's at $3.94 isn't the highest price I've seen, I've often stocked up for around $2.49 when waiting for a sale at Kroger or Publix.


Go HERE to find the best price on ice cream each week, and if you're willing to shop a store brand (we've been pleased with both the Publix and Kroger store brands),  you can save even more at your local grocery store. 


7. Produce that's not in season.

Occasionally Walmart will offer great prices on seasonal produce (I've scored grapes for 88¢/lb there and strawberries for $1.25 per pint), but typically I think their produce is high. 

Your best bet for stocking up on produce is to shop Aldi (or even price match the Aldi ad at Walmart), or try out Sprout's or Fresh Thyme if they're in your area. Our local Fresh Thyme regularly drops the price on pineapples to $.99, so be willing to choose what's on sale each week when you shop the produce department.

Now. . .  ALL THAT BEING SAID . . . 🙂 

Walmart does offer the Walmart Savings Catcher, so you can easily use their app to price match other local store ad sales. This won't work if the price is lower at Amazon, Sam's or Costco, but will work if a local grocery has a lower price that they consider a competitor. Definitely worth checking out if you haven't already!


Looking for more tips to help save on your budget? Here you go:




Do you have any other suggestions on what to buy (or not to buy) at Walmart? Leave a comment to share ~ I love hearing from you!

See more penny pinched deals at Walmart this week.

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  1. Thanks for the work you do in helping so many save money. It is invaluable information for the times we in today! I love your website and penny pinching ideas, but I live in Utah and stores like Aldi, Publix and Kroger are not here, unfortunately. Smith’s grocery stores sell the Kroger Brand, but I don’t think the sales, coupons, etc. work at Smith’s. Do you know of comparable stores here in Utah? Or of any blogs/websites that use stores here?
    Thanks again for all you do!


  2. Melinda Roe says

    I have had a problem with Walmart for years. It seems like they started out with low prices and then once people were hooked – went up on them. They did, however build a new one within 2 miles of my house earlier this year so there’s that convenience factor. I use (though am not a fan of) Savings Catcher which allows them to charge whatever and then if it is less expensive somewhere else refund the difference to you so that you can buy other high priced items in their store. Even though price matching was a lot of trouble, your savings was in cash. I visited Bentonville, AR in April and was very impressed with what Sam Walton and his family did for this town. After touring the museum I could only think he would be disappointed if he could see things now.

    • I think the Savings Catcher definitely helps Melinda – but I haven’t gotten much back after submitting a few receipts (and just can’t imagine a few of the items aren’t on sale somewhere nearby?) I think there’s a place for generic brands there (I do feel like I save on those) and I honestly do love curbside pickup, but tend to shop other places for most things. Thanks for sharing Melinda!

  3. I never buy meat from them either! Occasionally I will buy name brand chicken, but I never get red meat from Walmart. Not even a known name. I always go to stores with butchers for my meat.

  4. If you buy the Great Value brand KCups, they are the best price that I have found, even out of sale prices! There are several flavors/roasts and are $14.98 for a 48 pack!

  5. Anonymous says

    We went to the Walmart in Folsom, CA last weekend, and they had fresh cherries for as high as $5.98/lb. That would be another item that should never be bought at Walmart. The grocery stores in that city don’t charge that much for this time of year.

  6. My husband took over the grocery shopping the week my son came out of diapers. He said now it’s my turn for a while. You don’t buy enough of my junk food!!! Wonder why??? So for 9 years y’all he has spent $300 every other week at guess who….Walmart. That was the only store he would go. So finally the kids and I took the control out of his hands again after I made him watch Laurie’s video last summer on the coupon challenge. He said I bet you can’t do it. But do I ever!!! Thanks to PPP our grocery bill is less than a $150 every two weeks!!!! So Walmart is out of the question. Mama is Rocking and Hubby is eating good. Including his junk food!! Love PPP and love the videos!!!!

  7. Kathie from says

    Thank you for the great and time consuming
    Work you do for all of us. I really appreciate you

  8. I figure toilet paper prices, not by the roll as you cannot know how much product you are getting by the roll since they vary in width and length. I figure per square foot. Most toilet paper has the total square feet per package on the label. Much more accurate. Costco’s store brand is consistently cheaper than any name brand. not as soft but you’re just flushing it!!

  9. Walmart no longer offers savings catcher.

  10. I love that you share your hard work and great knowledge of sales, coupons and general saving advice. Thank you! Just want to point out that Walmart is planning on stopping the savings catcher soon, not sure if you were aware of that, or if this post was maybe written a while back before they announced they were stopping that. At any rate I hardly ever shop at Walmart anymore since we have moved we have a lot better options to shop. Again thanks for all your knowledge of saving.

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