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  1. Robyn Hernandez says

    ok so Im new to the couponing and when I try to print it says it printed but nothing is printing through my printer??? HELP PLEASE

  2. same thing here

  3. i love magic eraser

  4. Are these coupons able to be used in Canada?

  5. Heather Underwood says

    I think I am missing something doing this couponing thing. Can you explain how I make money?

  6. Joni barth says

    I selected all of my coupons and hit print and then it said it was printing but nothing printed from my printer ? Help!

  7. Ronnie Lamkin says

    I’d like to down load coupons to go shopping in our Commissary but I need a state side phone number to print them out. Is there anyway around that? By the way I’m at NSA Det Gaeta, Italy.

  8. This page definitely has all the info I needed about this subject and didn’t know who to ask.

  9. i appreciate the coupons. Too bad they do not print

  10. Sharon Weston says

    I hope they print

  11. Harryetta Pennington says

    please tell me how to get to the other coupons without printing all 279 I only saw about 4 or so coupons and alot of comments didn’t see an arrow or anything to bring up rest of coupons. Any info would be appreciated I’m working from my android ph.

    • Hi Harryetta! There should be a place to click “unclip coupon”. Hope that helps!

      You can also directly go here and they’ll all be unclipped so you can pick the ones you’d like. 🙂

    • Harryetta Pennington says

      no the coupons I need saw except 4 or 5 I couldn’t choose which ones I wanted couldn’t go to the next pg to select other coupo 2nd i may have wanted now I’ve got all kinds of things that don’t pertant to what I buy My printer ink is being wasted on coupons I’ll.never use have no pets no children I’m 72 this is sad when you can’t go from pg t o pg and select what you need

  12. Harryetta Pennington says

    I ended up downloading and printing all 279 which half of them I don’t use but I’m able to print just fine on my android ph and kodak WiFi printer

  13. very disappointed cannot print. says they do but they don’t

    • I’m so sorry Shirley! Did you try switching to google chrome as your browser? I typically have the best luck printing in chrome – hope that helps! 🙂

  14. COMPARISON STORE SHEET. It wil not send to my email so that I can print it out. I’ve done it five times. HELP!

  15. OLIVIA TREJO says

    Hello there,
    am new at this and i really want to save money cause i have three kids and one is starting high school this year. how can i get the school list that you put in facebook. so i can get supply for my other two kids. and everything else that can help me save money. thank you so much

  16. When I click on coupons there is nothing here except for all these comments!! I am having to log in under my mom’s name but I am in the Budget Makeover class. HELP Sarah James, and I had to signup under my moms name and I confirmed it as I can’t print from my smart phone, I can most anything else just not the coupons. Thanks Sarah

  17. Susan Privette says

    Do these coupons have to he used the same day they are printed, or do they have an expiration date that is a few weeks away?

    • Hi Susan! Most coupons will last through the end of the month in which they are printed regardless of what day you print them, but always be sure to double check the expiration date before using! 🙂 Hope that helps!


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