Laurie’s Kroger Trip: Mega Sale Savings Beat Aldi, Costco & Sam’s Club Pricing


I knew I would love this list, but goodness now I love it even more! 


Yesterday I made a quick run into Kroger to pick up milk, but couldn’t help but noticing all the great items in the Mega Sale. I checked my Kroger app, and sure enough many of the items had Kroger ecoupons available, so I ended up re-stocking my pantry after last month’s Once a Month Grocery Shopping Experiment.


You know what? After doing the challenge I am so much more aware of what general grocery items I really need to stock up on, as well as what items we don’t use all that much. I basically stocked up on everything we’d need for the month again, and am thrilled to do it on a penny pinched budget! (I’ll still need to make a trip to Fresh Thyme this week to stock up on produce for the next two weeks, but that should be it.)


But, what I was most excited about was being able to easily really compare the Mega Sale prices agains the regular prices at Aldi, Costco & Sam’s Club using this price comparison sheet. Curious how those sales (even without coupons) stack up? Take a peek . . .

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 10.42.20 AM

Jif Peanut Butter 28 oz $1.99 = 7¢ per ounce compared to 10-11¢ per ounce at Costco and Sam’s or 8¢ per ounce at Aldi for Aldi brand Peanut Delight (I’m going to head back and stock up for winter I think!) 🙂


Organic Baby Spring Mix 16 oz $3.99 = 24¢ per ounce compared to 28¢ per ounce at Costco and Sam’s Club. This has been there special price all summer and I thought it was a pretty good deal, but know I know it is!


Ghirardelli Brownies Mix Boxes 19 oz $1.49 = 7¢ per ounce compared to 8¢ per ounce at Costco or 10¢ per ounce at Sam’s for Betty Crocker


Turkey Hill Ice Cream 48 oz $1.99 (regularly $5.99 – this was a huge sale!) = 4¢ per ounce compared to 8¢ per ounce for Kirkland Ice Cream at Costco or 4¢ per ounce at Sam’s Club for Land O Lakes


Folks, these are prices just using the sale ad with no coupons and they definitely beat the Aldi, Costco & Sam’s Club prices. While I love those stores for some things, I still really feel like you can save even more each week by shopping your favorite grocery store’s sale ad.


I ended up spending $78.50 and saving $63 without a single coupon in hand other than my digital coupons (I love that!) I so wished I’d taken a few minutes to print all the great coupons that match up with the sale before shopping, but this worked for me with a crazy busy week ahead. Here are a few of the best coupon deals I noticed while I shopped:


Nature Valley Granola Bars $1.99

Nature Valley Granola $1.99

Kroger Frozen Vegetables $1

Suave Deodorant $.99

Suave Shampoo $.99

Philadelphia Cream Cheese 2 pack $4

To make your shopping even easier than mine was, head on over HERE to print all the coupons that match up with the Kroger Mega Sale lasting one more week. While you won’t get every deal at Kroger using only these printable coupons, you should get quite a few and save yourself oodles of time. Note that the prices are before the coupon, and also check out the full list of deals in the Kroger ad this week.

All the coupons that match up with this week’s ad pre-clipped for you!

See the full list of current Kroger deals.


Take a minute today to print your free Aldi, Costco & Sam’s Club Price Comparison Sheet so you can always see how things stack up when you’re in the store! I was pretty surprised by the pricing, and loved having this resource when I needed it. Hope it makes shopping and saving easier for you everyday!

See all the deals at Kroger this week, and check out the complete Kroger weekly ad to plan your trip before you go.


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