How Cleaning Out A Closet Saved Me (At Least) $100

This is a re-post of one of my favorite closet cleanouts ever from way back in 2013, as I'm hoping it'll inspire me to tackle a little more cleaning out this week. See more about how Reagan's tiny room became a favorite spot in our home, and what we've done to frugally fluff it up.


Okie dokie folks, if you need some serious motivation to get a closet in your home cleaned, here you go.


I'm determined to get through all the closets in our area before Thanksgiving (because even here in Alabama we need to pull out those winter clothes!), so this weekend I tackled my daughter's closet and bedroom.


I procrastinated for several weeks on this one, and every time I walked into her room I was completely (seriously) overwhelmed.


I even considered buying her new clothes because I had absolutely no idea what she had in hand-me-downs for winter, but the room was in such bad shape I didn't know where to begin.


Now, in my defense, I had pulled down the winter clothing boxes from the attic a few days ago, and of course when Reagan saw those boxes she had to attack. πŸ˜‰ So, her room normally isn't (quite?) so bad? And, a few weeks ago she and her big sister decided they were going to start rooming together so they had moved her mattress. Puh-lease tell me I'm not the only one whose children have a tendency to move furniture without their mother's permission . . .


Before (seriously, hanging my head in shame as I show y'all this stuff ~ eeeeeeek!)



After (ahhhhh, so much better!)




So, how did cleaning out that one closet (you can see the actual closet pics HERE) save me $100?




After doing that cleaning I realized that Reagan had every thing she needed for winter, so I don't need to buy her a single thing. (Unless it's really cute, and in the budget, right?)


The best part is I have so much more peace each day when picking out her clothes for school. . . why on earth didn't I get started sooner?


This is all the stuff that managed to get donated or given to friends ~ whew! My husband just couldn't give up the horse though (reminds him of our kids being little, so it's making it's way to the attic) πŸ™‚


Do you have a closet or two in your home that could use some serious TLC? Join me this month as we get them cleared out . . . I'll post any updates as I do them, and would love to hear any tips that you have on organizing kids clothes too!


Looking for more tips on organizing? Here are a few posts from last year's organizing series that might help get you motivated:


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  1. Double that in terms of clothes and toys, add some Halloween candy in the mix and you have my 8 year old’s room. I told her this morning that she was thisclose to losing her room privileges and would be bunking with her little sis if she didn’t get it cleaned out. TODAY.

  2. Lindsey Babinec says

    Find a kids resale in your area and you could have made another $100 on all that stuff you donated! =)

    • You’re right Lindsey! I consigned my kids clothes for years, but spend too many hours working here on PPP now to keep up with all of them these days. Thankfully I have a wonderful friend that we trade with (her oldest gives to my middle child, and vice versa), so I hardly spend anything at all and have a neighbor to pass it down to. Consigning is such a great way to make money on those clothes too though (I miss those days!) πŸ™‚

  3. Looks fabulous! i NEED to do ALL of our closets..DESPERATELY . I was just discussing a clothing swap between friends mamas and kids clothes (maybe toys , Shoes , jewelry , purses?) Any body done one? Any tips?

    • I think that’s such a good idea Andrea! I just do an even swap with a friend – nothing fancy – her son gets my son’s stuff, and my daughter gets her daughter’s stuff – so easy! Whatever they won’t wear gets handed down to someone else, and it makes life so much easier to have the basics already there. Love the idea of a clothing swap for mommas too… if anyone has any tips please share them! πŸ™‚

  4. Leleah Miser says

    Hang the hangers backwards when you put the clothes away after you clean and flip them back after its been worn. Then you can easily see what hasn't been worn and get rid of it if it's been there too long.

  5. There is a group of ladies that started a mommies clothing swap. They run it twice a year, it’s called Proverbs 31.

  6. I have never seen a young child not be overwhelmed when told to clean a room in total chaos. A great thing to do with a child, but as a mother and a teacher when giving children a big job, it works so much better with adult supervision. We adults are overwhelmed by messes. I can only imagine how children and even teens are at times. They need to be involved in the steps of small jobs, maybe even making a list and breaking the task down.

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