Grocery Budget Check Up Week 5: Spent $51.41



How's your grocery budget looking this week? As I have so much on my plate right now, I haven't been able to shop as much as I'd like (so I'm oh-so-thankful for my little stockpile!)  I did make a quick run to Publix for their best deals earlier in the week, and also stocked up this morning at Dollar General Market on fresh fruit and milk to get us through the weekend.


While I was at Dollar General I thought I need to start making a weekly trip on Saturdays when they offer their $5/$25 coupon, because I could easily find $25 to purchase there in just produce and milk alone (plus I need to check, but I think they have some great deals on paper products and a PPP reader mentioned she loves their prices on coffee!) I also ran to Target for the M&M deal earlier in the week, so now we're stocked up for Valentine's Day. 😉


(I'm still keeping tabs on my grocery expenses with just an envelope each week ~ you might want to do the same thing to hold yourself accountable too!)



Here's where our grocery budget went this week:


  • Publix $38.17 (saved $45.07)
  • Target $2.59 (saved $6.53)
  • Dollar General Market $10.65 (stocked up on produce)
  • Total: $51.41 
I also swung by Bruegger's this morning to score a few free bagels (my kids are going to be so excited.) 😉
Have you stock to your grocery budget this week? Remember that couponing is not a competition, but I do encourage you to do the very best you can do with what you have right now ~ you have the power to save so much on your grocery budget in 2014 if you really determine to do it! Feel free to also share how you've been doing in the comments section, and we'll work on it together. 😉


Share how you've done this week by clicking HERE ~ I love hearing from you!

(You can also download this free printable monthly budget spreadsheet if you're new to budgeting ~ go HERE to get yours.)


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