Free Pepperidge Farm Goldfish?

UPDATE: I went this morning and Kroger’s computer did NOT allow me to get the $1 off Digital coupon AND $1 off Mega Sale deal at the same time. (I have NO idea why – the Mega Sale price is definitely $.99 and the coupon is still there and valid, but customer service wasn’t at my store at 6AM so I decided to let it go, but if you’re there today it may be worth asking about? 

I WAS able to get Pepperidge Farm Cookies for $1.99 (think Milano, Chessman, etc.) and use the $1 off e coupon making them $.99, and the 7UP/A&W deal did work ~ they were .39 after the e coupon. They also had Tide for $2.99 so I’m adding that to the list below – crossing my fingers some of the deals work for you!

I spend $14.45 for everything in the picture – not too shabby! 🙂 


I LOVE THIS!! If you’re a Kroger shopper, download these Kroger e coupons to your card TODAY, then use them TOMORROW ONLY (8/23/17), to score some incredible deals! The e-coupons expire tomorrow and a new Mega Sale starts then, so you need to shop tomorrow to “double dip” on these savings:

Buy 5 Pepperidge Farm Goldfish $.99 in Kroger Mega Sale starting 8/23/17

Buy 4 7 Up, A&W or Sunkist Soda $.99 in Kroger Mega Sale starting 8/23/17

Buy 5 Pepperidge Farm Cookies $1.99 in Kroger Mega Sale starting 8/23/17

Buy 1 Tide $4.99 in Kroger Mega Sale starting 8/23/17



No Kroger nearby or no time to shop tomorrow? Right now you can EASILY stock up on Goldfish over HERE  at Amazon when you clip the 15% off green button and choose to subscribe and save  ~ snag 30 Packs of Goldfish all set for lunches for $8.05 or 26¢ per pouch. Love that!



See all the deals at Kroger this week, and check out the complete Kroger weekly ad to plan your trip before you go.


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  1. The advertised 99 cent price on the goldfish is including the coupon savings…so they are actually 99 cents a package, not free.
    Same with the Doritos. They add in the digital coupon ($1 off) to get the $1.49 price.

    • My digital coupon did not come off Doritos and they charged me $3.19! Charged $1.79 on the drinks even though I had the e coupon it did not use it. and The Tide digital coupon did not come off. I do my shopping once a month due to living so far away from the store but the last two months I have had to go back due to things not ringing up properly.
      I also wanted to ask…How did you get the lower price on strawberries and blueberries yesterday?? I bought a bunch to eat now and freeze however I was charged $2.50 each package.
      Don’t let the person standing so close behind you that you can smell her breath distract you from you watching everything go through and the prices, e coupons and specials! I did and it cost me!!!

  2. Carolyn Warren says:

    Awesome, thank you!!

  3. Danielle S says:

    My Kroger is only having a digital coupon sale. So it’s $.99 after using the coupon. But not a mega sale, darn. I still did stick up because $.99 isn’t bad.

  4. in the post it says you double dip tomorrow, not today. Just make sure you load the 5X digital coupons today and use them tomorrow and overlap the sales.

  5. There is no digital coupon for the Goldfish in my area in Oakland County, Michigan. There is a Goldfish multipack digital coupon, but not in the single bags.

    • Oh no Melanie – how strange? I definitely have it on mine here in Ohio – I hate that it’s not there for you! 🙁

      • I just received our new Kroger ad in the mail and there is no sale on Doritos or 7-up products here in Michigan. Is the Kroger Mega Sale a different ad? Ours doesn’t say Mega Sale on it.

  6. Would it be the same for pick n save shoppers?

  7. Sue Carmona says:

    I can’t download the coupons isn’t Smith’s and Krueger’s the same we just have a Smith’s here in Utah

  8. Beware when redeeming today!!! The coupons are still there, but they no longer say they can be used 5x since that promotion is over… I have two goldfish coupons, a 7 up coupon off 4 2-liters and a totinos pizza roll and an ore ida coupons so I’m hoping to get those items for 3.20 total, plus a couple filler items to bring my cart to 10 items.

    • Nevermind!! I was checking out the coupons on the app. They are still showing up online as use 5x!!! YAY!! Also, check out Kraft Singles 16 ct. They are part of the Mega sale.. $1.99..and then there is a 5x coupon for $1 off on them as well, making them $0.99 today!! 🙂

  9. The digitals are not coming off automatically at my Kroger. The sales associate had to manually override after I showed her on the Kroger site it could be used 5X. It wasn’t showing up that way on the app though. Weird huh?

  10. Does Fred Meyer take the Kroger coupons when I put in my zip to look for nearest store it says it’s 400miles away am I able to still use the coupons at Freddy’s?

    • Hi Tanya! Fred Meyer is a Kroger affiliate, however your sale starts on Sunday so I’m not quite sure that the deals will work today. Let me know what you find out if you get there (the Goldfish should though be $.99 after the $1 off e coupon for sure I would think!)

  11. All of the Mega Deals and E-Coupons that don’t create overage worked for me today with no problems. The goldfish was the only one that didn’t come off and it’s because with the coupon and the mega deal, it would have made them overage by .01 cent. And they don’t allow overage. Gotta respect their rules. No biggie! .99 cents is still a stock up price for anyone interested.

  12. I was able to get the Mega Deal and use the E-Coupon to get the 5 bags of Goldfish for free. However, it did take a little convincing and a couple of employees for them to finally honor the deal. They ended up over-riding the E-Coupon and gave a .99 credit for each item. I told them I did not want the 5 cent overage, just the deal. I was very nice but persistent that they should honor both deals. Going to donate bags to teachers for snacks – yay!

  13. Just got back from Kroger. They over ride the computer and honored all! 5 goldfish FREE, 5 cookies 99 cents each and 20 2 liters 39 cents each!!!

  14. Daniela Reyes says:

    Well I guess my Kroger don’t let you use double offers. I went today, goldfish were 5 by 5, but the receipt showed 1.99 – 1off from ecoupon so it did not took the deal 5 by 5.
    The 7up was also deal buy 5 each one you get for 0.79(reg 1.79), so 4 of them shows -1off and 1 -20ff from ecoupon.
    Do you think I did something wrong? Or maybe just my Kroger has different policies for coupons? Have you asked how they work to costumer service in the store? I want to ask but I don’t know if that looks weird? It’s my first time trying to get something for free so I was excited and then disappointed for not achieving it.

  15. Neither worked for me. I made a special trip and wouldn’t have bought otherwise

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