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I don't know about you, but my inbox holds emails from almost every retailer, manufacturer, and grocery store that I've signed up with for a free coupon or product over the last five years . . . yikes! So, today I finally took fifteen minutes and whittled those emails down to just 48 (from over 400…goodness!) If your inbox overwhelms you like mine does me, here are a few tips to make life easier:



  • Pick five emails that you receive on a regular basis (but don't actually read) and unsubscribe to them right now. (Most companies include a small “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of their email to easily unsubscribe.) Continue to do that every day for the next five days (or until they're all gone!)
  • To easily clear your inbox, check the main square box in the top left hand corner of most email accounts, click on it, and delete in bulk any emails that you  don't need. (I can clean out 100 emails in about a minute using that handy box!)
  • If you have a gmail account (I love mine!), re-confingure it to add the “send and archive” buttonThis is probably my favorite ever tip on handling way too many daily emails, and it's fairly easy to add. Head on over HERE to learn how to get yours created, and with just one click you'll not only send an email, you'll also archive it rather than keeping it in your inbox. (I know that only saves one click, but it always makes me happy to clear those emails off my list!)
  • If you frequently sign up for free coupons and samples, create a “penny pinching only” email account to sign up for those freebies. That way you can still get all the deals, but your regular inbox won't be inundated with emails that you may not be interested in.
What other tips do you have for cleaning out your inbox? I'd love to hear them, so take a minute to comment and share!

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  1. Candace B. says

    When I was “serious” about couponing, I had a separate email account and I could just go to that one to print what I needed and clean out the rest really quickly and that way my regular email didn’t fill with junk.

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